Week of July 23-30 2014 Justice at the New Moon in Leo


This week we conclude the lunar cycle of June 27, and begin a new lunar month, with Jupiter on hand for the New Moon. Jupiter will also not be visible in the night-time sky, as it will be combust, or so close of a cojunction with the Sun as to become less powerful, until the Sun moves away from Jupiter’s position. We might momentarily feel that a new era is dawning. Once Jupiter again is independent, its influence will increase in the sign of Leo, maybe trying to out-bid the Sun, and certainly with Mars in a hard aspect from Scorpio, it would be increased in its fire quality- it’s boastful arrogance, to combat aggressive actions or instigate them. Jupiter, however, in its positive mode, demands justice most of all.

Wednesday July 23rd – The Sun has its first full day in Leo. Jupiter stands just one degree ahead. That is the Sun in its home sign and conjunct Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign. The pair go well together. Do they suggest peace? They symbolize power and rulership, they demand adoration and praise. The Moon in Gemini today might say one thing and mean another, so there is still shaky ground for peace. We are still in a flexible, formative stage. A lot of things and relationships can be fixed at this time.

Thursday July 24th Mercury is now in Cancer along with Venus, while Pluto in Capricorn is opposed to their midpoint, bringing the two planets into conjunction in a scissor-like formation. The Sun and Jupiter reach parity and are exact at one deg Leo, while Saturn is trine the inner-healer Chiron, and in the creative quincunx with Uranus in aggressive Aries. The professional is on hand to work a bit of magic. While Saturn holds the line in Scorpio, Uranus seems to be held back, now as it has just turned direction to Retro, while Saturn is stronger in a direct motion. For more on the reversals in direction of Saturn and Uranus, see my home page: A Time of Reversals and Renewal

Friday July 25th – The Moon takes the glorious prize by moving into the midpoint position, opposed to Pluto. Still two days away from the New Moon in Leo, she is already practicing her role. She will be unseen, of course, when she merges with the Sun, but her disappearance will bring about a new day and good news for a new cycle, G-d willing. The Moon in Cancer is strong in her own sign, while the Sun is also in his domicile- Leo. Pluto, the farthest reaching “planet” opposes the psyche, the Moon, which in turn imbibes the deep collective unconscious of humanity, engendering a new awareness, perhaps, or a strengthened grasp of the situation, leading to a new agenda. As the Moon moves swiftly, the moment to settle accounts is at hand.

New Moon in Leo - 27 July 2014

New Moon in Leo – 27 July 2014

Saturday July 26th – At 2:56 pm GMT or UTC, the Moon enters Leo, to prepare for the New Moon on the same day, 10 hours later. The time in the US EDT will be about 10 am with the New Moon at about 4 pm. So this day marks a new beginning, or perhaps an effort to make a peace agreement, to settle scores and arrive at a new point in negotiations. With Mars at zero deg Scorpio, however, there are seeds of discontent. While the opposing groups see benefits in the truce, issues remain, expressed or unexpressed. The new agenda can be derailed quickly with war-like Mars gradually moving to a square to Jupiter.

Sunday July 27thMars in Scorpio is approaching a square (harsh) aspect with Jupiter, and this could bring about increased demands, increased threats and violence. Also, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto today, and this could bring a new voice to the table that would speak for humanity. However a great pride in accomplishments, that glory can be deflated in an instant.

Monday July 28th – The Moon trine Uranus, in fire signs, today, could bring about an escalation in talk and actions. It may be a time of adjustments, to fix things as they arise, however, victims (Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto) should be able to voice their point-of-view- and not be suppressed. Pluto does tend to suppress, and with the opposition, the force can be overbearing. Mars is a ruler in Scorpio, and could act indirectly to destabilize the situation. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, and tends to be indirect secretive or subversive. As the dispositor of Uranus retrograde in Aries, it may act strongly to upset any agreement between two parties, or in the Sun-Moon-Jupiter configuration.

Tuesday July 29th – Some of the radical energy generated by Mars and Pluto could be mitigated by the Moon, which will sextile Mars, bringing active relief, and will also oppose Neptune in Pisces, drawing on the commitments of the Sun in Leo at the New Moon, to re-navigate the terrain.

For each of you individually, my hope is for a glorious week.

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