Week of July 2-9 2014 – Trial by Limitations


The week is bound to bring out the best and the worst in us as a species on earth. The ideals of a better nation or better world are based on the ideals of equality and survival for the many, not just the few. For the individual, his or her struggle is to better him/herself, to find security in the environment and to provide of his or her young, as the biological imperative of life.

Social laws are not only the ideal of democracy, rather than the king’s autocracy, but to provide for a just social mechanism that ensures the ideals of the democratic state.

An individual can be so focused on what he/she wants, that compulsively he/she over-rides the rights of another. Still blind, he may not notice that she has a right to her own being and property. Awakening to this sense of equality, or lack of equality, as the moon in Libra on July 4th- July 6th, can startle the Mars in Libra into compliance. Mars, a goal directed energy, has opposed Uranus in Aries for a few weeks, and now may seem only recently liberated. As the drama is played out in many scenarios, each would question the right of the victim, in the case of Pistorius in SA, or a child accidentally left in a hot car. Why did the death occur, and should someone be punished to maintain the rule of law? Being able to afford legal counsel after one has departed is another aspect of the equation of justice. An airlines disappearing , presumably, lost into the ocean for causes unknown is a perplexing question of legal responsibility.

Saturn in Scorpio, still retrograde, limits and deepens out our portion of pain and sorrow.


Highlights of the Week

Wednesday July 2nd – the Moon in Virgo turns to more practical matters, until the opposition with Neptune in Pisces subverts efforts to be constructive. Sorrow can consume or elevate, uniting as well as dispersing. Venus semi-sextile (30 deg)to the Sun shows commonality and friendships, working together, although not a really constructive relationship, as this is a minor aspect, not a strong as the sextile (60 deg), yet the continuation for several days makes it’s importance and strength in continuity significant. To have a good friend to share sorrow or joy is one of the blessings of life.

Thursday July 3rd – As the Sun‘s (individual) opposition to Pluto (collective) strengthens, we are drawn to communal interests and gatherings. Transformation of cultural or regional grouping highlight the day. Caution is advisable, as Saturn‘s quincunx (inconjunct-150 deg aspect) with Uranus can bring out artistry or accidental explosive issues and materials. Combining structure with ingenuity can bring about amazing results. Scientific breakthroughs are announced and chronic conditions are advanced for treatment. Responsibility and judgment are the essence of caution.

July 4th 2014  Sunrise San Francisco, CA

July 4th 2014 Sunrise San Francisco, CA


Friday July 4th – The Moon enters Libra this morning, seeking to balance ideals with reality. The collective again challenges the individual to adjust to meet the requirements of the time. Both the Sun and the Moon are opposed by the outer planets- the Moon by Uranus and the Sun by Pluto– the collective encompasses the individual. We can work in harmony or pull against one another, the collective rejecting the individual, or the collective is rejected by the individual. The push and pull of society is never more evident in its expression.

Saturday July 5th – If you are hung-over, it may be a bad one. Take it easy and chill out in a hot tub or just listening to mellow faves. Creative caution is still in vogue. Too quick of a rebound could lead to harm and could damage relationships. The Moon transits Mars in Libra today, a possible trigger for rebound from emotional distress. We have a new app here in Israel for SOS situations. The site has been so popular I haven’t been able to access it yet: sos.nowforce.com Emergency calls are tracked by GPS so that more abductions can be averted. This is good wiring. The Moon reaches a square (90 deg aspect)  to the Sun, the first quarter of the cycle, where conflicts will be openly expressed.

Sunday July 6th – The Moon trines Mercury in Air signs, allowing air sign people (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) to feel really in the flow. Enjoy, but remember your fellow creatures who are more earth bound. You can give comfort and entertainment to help alleviate the pain. Venus is sextile to Uranus, so wit and cleverness can also be enjoyable.

Monday July 7th – While it’s back to the rat race as it was called decades ago, although in the digital world it could be less of a race and more of carpal tunnel and bleary-eyed grind – the Moon is trine Neptune in the morning hours – yet with a greater emotional bond to our neighbors and co-workers. The Sun in Cancer is trined by the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio later in the day, and more strength and determination to succeed, or at least get through day one.

Tuesday July 8th – A good after-glow reflects the time spent well with family and friends. Finding a middle path, a balance of and understanding of roles, as the Sun trines (120 deg aspect) with Saturn. An ease in relating could lead to better understanding of issues of power, repression and responsibility. The need to recover always involves more openness and less oppression, supportive roles are more understood as vital in the scheme of life.

Enjoy the week-end, although advisable to stay within safe limits.







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