Week of January 7- January 13 2015 – Stormy Weather


While there seems to be an air of normalcy, as some conflicts subside, some of the same issues are again stirred up this week. Demonstrations continue, and individuals speak out possibly creating groups of radicals to follow their lead. Saturn holds the point of balance between the outspoken and the silent majority a majority in retreat, although not forgotten. The aspect to Jupiter-Moon and Mars, creating a weak T-square major formation, as the aspects are out-of-sign. However, Saturn has a closer square aspect to Neptune, bringing a diffused or inchoate sense to the struggles and issues of the week. Neptune in Pisces depicts loss and suffering, while Saturn in Sagittarius, defines legal strategies. This can result in legal decisions which have many diverse applications, the exact parameters are left undefined.

You grow closer to a friend this week, sharing ideals and a mutual affinity for goals that are transforming in nature. Office holders promote their own agendas, and to the extent that that is acceptable, they contribute to the national agenda. Stability remains elusive.

Wednesday January 7th– Long-term agreements are sought, however, they require a general consensus that is yet lacking. Bringing two opposing sides to accept a proposal remains outside the realm of possibility. the Moon trine Uranus allows for greater acceptance of the movements for change. each side continues to build its own presentation. While a moderator may be able to see both viewpoints, he or she is unable to weld them into one whole. An individual, with a specific goal in mind, (Uranus)may attempt to bridge the gap. However, the obstacles in his path are almost insurmountable. The ability to communicate with opposing side is low, as the planets seem to be at odds, and not working together. The major aspects are planets separating in time. None-the-less, there is a greater sense of one world, all struggling together. While there are divisions, in opposing camps, the focus on world-wide issues is greater.

Thursday January 8th – A temporary truce (Moon conjunct Jupiter)may be achieved today, as pressure of sanctions may promote good intentions. However, the real issues remain too controversial and unacceptable to one or both sides of the conflict. Revolution (Uranus) seems to be in retreat(retrograde), while authoritative powers are gaining strength(Pluto and Sun in Capricorn) Pluto in Capricorn stands at one degree past the square aspect with Uranus in Aries, a configuration that produces this conflict, is now in temporary remission. The two planets will square off again in March of this year. The Moon joins with Jupiter art the handle of the basket formation, dishing out benefits and good will on occasion. Humanitarian assistance is able to reach people suffering from weather or illness.

Friday January 9th – The Moon in Virgo today, working on details or practical matters. Mercury, Virgo‘s dispositor, is in Aquarius. As Venus in Aquarius is conjunct Mercury, there is no lack of commitment on the part of assisting comrades in the struggle. Both Mercury and Venus are quincunx (150 deg aspect) the Moon in the morning US hours. And Uranus is the dispositor. This could result in a creative solution for our desire to bring about some respect and humanitarian responses. With pressure from unconventional elements (Uranus in Aries), eg, those who are either outside the traditional or de facto administration, there is more inclination to respect humanitarian terms, rather than rush to judgment on individual cases. Human rights issues are pressuring the reform of repressive measures that have formed the core of a systematic processing of stereotypical standards.

Saturday January 10th – The Moon enters the 3rd decant of Virgo today, and is also trine the Sun. Here, in a recovery phase, we can find relief . Jupiter retrograde in Leo is quincunx the Sun in Capricorn, so more effort to more generous control (Saturn), as a kindly expansion of measures taken gets better press. The humanitarian organizations, also animal lovers, get more recognition now. Publicity, fame and fortune await.

Sunday January 11th – The good vibes continue today, as the Moon enters Libra. A long weekend at home with loved ones, in the home sanctuary, as the wind is blowing and bad weather prevails outdoors. Music is the universal soothing medium, so bring out the old-time tunes (Neptune in Pisces).

Monday January 12thMars enters Pisces today, testing our commitment, our deep concerns and stamina. The Moon in Libra opposes Uranus by mid- afternoon. Thus, drawing on unconventional resources, could help balance the energy of the day. Pluto in Capricorn is at the focal point of the T-square configuration, as a transforming event brings better relations, if one can achieve the highest results of the T-square.

January 10, 2015 Third Quarter Lunar Phase

January 10, 2015
Third Quarter Lunar Phase

Tuesday January 13th – The Moon is in square aspect with the Sun today, marking the 3rd quarter phase of the lunar cycle. Dissemination, looking back over time, striving for salvation are key words for the 3rd quarter phase. Directed goals (Mars) become diffused (Pisces) as a more universal solution is sought. We are starting to engage with the whole of humanity, and see value in understanding the opponents viewpoint. The struggle is to find more proponents to advance a just resolution of the conflicts. Pisces is the universal solvent.

The New Moon is next week on the 20th, Strive to keep the mellow vibes happening! Perseverance furthers!

Have a great week!


January 6, 2015

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