Week of January 28-February 3 2015 A Divided World


Most of us are aware that we have an inner and and outer psyche. In other words, a personality that we use to face the world, and in inner life, of emotions, past experience, memories of childhood, etc. For some, that inner life is richer than the outer life. Sometimes we allow close friends to enter out inner life circle.

The outer personality may be a thin veneer, or a thick protective armor. Some individuals are hardly aware of their inner life, as it operates on a sub-conscious level. We have built-in defense systems that prevent some memories from surfacing, and help to shape the outer personality.

In Astrology, the mature ego system, the adult conscious personality is represented by the Sun, it’s sign and house placement, and modified by aspects from the Moon and planets. The Moon is a collector of energy, an indication of health and also childhood conditions, and signifies the mother of the native. It is our past experience that filters how we view today’s reality. The Sun and Moon, as the two luminaries, are two aspects of the psyche of the individual. Sometimes they are in harmony, sometimes in conflict.

The major conflicting forces in current events, especially forces between nations, affect us as individuals, however, we have little direct control or choice in the matter. The outer planets of our solar system, especially Pluto and Uranus, represent forces that operate without personal choice such political or economic situations. And they affect large groups of people. They can be generational in time, as they are often found contribute to the life of a generation in one sign, before moving into a new sign some 12 or 15 years later.

Uranus is the planet most associated with radical and extremist movements. It is, as a higher manifestation of direct action, significator of direct action of a group, and often of an innovation or extremist nature, and thus a higher octave of Mercury. The square aspect between Pluto and Uranus has been operating over the past two years, becomes once again a close aspect of less than one degree until the end of March this year. As it is the 4th occurrence, we may see a repeat of previous situations, and as such, can witness how much has been learned about the conflicts it has mirrored.

Wednesday January 28thPluto and Mars remain in a working situation, beneficial to many citizens and individuals who comply (Mars in Pisces) with the rule of order (Pluto in Capricorn). Venus and Neptune in Pisces showcase suffering. With a square aspect to Saturn, a situation of religious intolerance exists. Chiron in Pisces also indicates the wounded healer, the individuals who have experienced discrimination are able to offer ways to overcome or prevent future suffering. Jupiter and the Moon are relating to the other planets from outside one hemisphere, outside of the wide Saturn (in Sagittarius)-Uranus ( in Aries) trine in fire signs. The Moon elicits by recall the emotional memories, while Jupiter (in Leo and retrograde) expands and dramatizes experience. The Moon moves to oppose Saturn as it transits into Gemini, where it find structure and limitation, also legal positions for us to add more structure to experience. Documentation, as well as teaching for future generations.

Thursday January 29th – The situation can be modified, as the Moon now transits into Gemini, opposes Saturn in Sag and square to the planets in Pisces. Neptune and Venus in Pisces represent a will to resolve an impasse, to reduce legal issues and making allowances for possible acceptance of a compromise. The mutable T-square structure is very adaptable, in order to reduce stress or expense incurred. Emergency situations can be handled with advance warning and precautions. The Moon in Gemini trines the Sun in Aquarius today, an aspect in air signs, thus helping to improve communication.

Friday January 30th – There is a flow of energy from immediate experience (the Moon) to a trans-formative change (Sun in Aquarius). Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Aquarius, allowing for announcements or press release of agreements that were achieved in secret. As the Moon will also be sextile Jupiter, more celebration is in order. Opponents congratulate one another (Venus square to Saturn). Difficulties are overcome.

Saturday January 31st Pluto in Capricorn is sextile to Mars and Chiron (in Pisces) today, allowing for relief and assistance to those who suffer and have suffered from an intractable situation. Long term efforts have resulted in success in overcoming suffering and powerlessness. The Moon in Cancer trines Venus in Pisces today, water signs allow for emotional acceptance of resulting judgments.

Sunday February 1st – With a resolution of some problems, new challenges await. While progress has been blocked, suffering was widespread, and now reforms can be undertaken. Symbolic cases arise to particularize the detains of unresolved issues. The Moon will be in square aspect to Uranus and soon after in opposition to Pluto, again bringing out the need for reforms. Individual freedoms have been curtailed in favor of a high level of security. Elements of police over-reacting or violating personal rights and freedoms need to be reviewed. Policy changes are needed.

Monday. February 2nd – The Moon moves into Leo today, where it will make a trine aspect to Saturn, perhaps a willingness to learn as well as participate in a creative project with specific goals. The inner self, the Moon, is approaching the Full Moon phase, where the ego self becomes face to face with the inner emotional self, and opposing the array of planets in the opposing hemisphere.

Full Moon with Jupiter February 3, 2015

Full Moon with Jupiter
February 3, 2015

Tuesday February 3rd – The Full Moon tonight is a part of a special formation, with a conjunction with Jupiter, also a quincunx (150 deg )aspect with Pluto in Sag, and Mars-Chiron in Pisces, leads to a resolution, and some insights for future developments. This is called a G-d’s Eye formation, as the repeated pattern through the sectors of a chart form a symbolic eye in the zodiac. A startling contrast can be made, as night turns to day in the light of the Full Moon (especially where snow is reflecting the light).. Each person will have to find his or her own meaning in the contrasts of the progress of the inner self to be reflected in full consciousness, a journey of a life time.

Enjoy in peace.


January 27, 2015

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