Week of January 20-27 2014 Benefics Align

 Venus and Jupiter, the planets of luck and prosperity, oppose one another.  We are given opportunities to find joy, pleasure and perhaps an increase in social contacts. This can help us shine our best, and may increase popularity. Although the opposition is a hard aspect, between the two benefics, it can bring good fortune.  However, on the down side, Pluto stands ominously at the side of Venus. The question seems to be how to take the wealth out of the hands of the few.

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On this occasion, Pluto (blocks, regeneration, potential crisis) is obstructing the view. Venus (beauty, love, relationships) is the nearest while Pluto the farthest from our planet earth. The transits of Venus over the shared latitude with Pluto is normally a one or two day affair. It consists of Pluto (a subversive or transformer) and Venus ( the touch of beauty, ephemeral but memorable in form), and with this prolonged transit of the three weeks, can be exposing to ways of transforming the matters at hand. Secrets are exposed, and tables turned on informers. In Capricorn, a contest over wealth or honor.

There could be a reversal of plans, due to a sudden revelation, or realization. There could be transformation or unfortunately, further denial and secretiveness (Pluto). Finances may be lacking and the need to reach social goals may overwhelm caution. Social considerations can bring destruction closer or transformation on a personal level. Celebrities are able to repackage themselves and move on to another incarnation.

Unconsciously(Pluto), you may have been holding some plans, ideas or concepts of self that are now necessary to release. To maneuver through this aspect ( assuming you are not called upon to act as a benevolent power), sort out your views, while doing something fun, like baking some delicious nut -date bars, or relaxing with your children and grandchildren (as long as they are playing and not bothering), washing up the kitchen or doing something you have put off for a while. See how fast you can accomplish these dreary tasks. Not so dreary after all! Moving forward is a priority. Clearing the past first is essential.

The WEF in Davos, Switzerland, the 44th annual conference, is due to begin this week. This is an international think tank of the world’s political and business leaders :

The 44th annual meeting is bringing together more than 2,500 leaders, thinkers and public figures representing more than 100 countries. It is strictly invitation only.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been invited. I would have loved the mountain air and view!

The theme of the changing economic scene around the world, the affect of violent conflicts, and reshaping the rules of the world economy will be addressed here from Jan 22-25 in over 250 sessions and workshops.

This focus on the world economy, and government’s role in economic policy is, under this astrological signature of Jupiter (enhancing and especially political philosophy of engagement in business policies), effects us back home (Cancer), as each delegate represents a nation or a major business organization. This is where government and business interact to try to form strategies for the economic future. Pluto (power and group actions) in opposition to Jupiter this week, and conjunct with Venus retro, will seek to pinpoint the issues with a magnifier (Jupiter), and present on the global stage, a strategy for an economy that impacts us all.


Monday January 20 – The Moon in Virgo today is looking for practical solutions, if able to put aside unsuitable or neurotic views and emotional upsets. A helping hand may be needed, a service performed for those in your care, or endangered by accident or fire.

As an example, a gas explosion caused a house fire and resulted in three deaths and many injuries in the early this morning in Jerusalem. The cause was a gas leak which had been reported. After the assigned worker had visited the site, the explosion occurred. There was a fault in the system and it was not adequately addressed.

Also, a possible pipe bomb was located on a bus in LA, CA at 10:PM prompting a freeway closure, and an earthquake struck in New Zealand.

I have not received news from other localities, although it would not be surprising if other such incidents took place around the globe.

Curbing violence everywhere is top agenda for world organizations. Outbreaks of violence in S. Sudan, continuing conflict in Syria, and rockets launched at Israeli civilian populations are topics to top the agenda of the Geneva II Conference next week.

As the Sun enters Aquarius today, we see efforts toward ending conflict. Despite the ongoing war in Afghanistan, Syria and S. Sudan, peace initiatives are seeking solutions. Mercury in Aquarius is another indication of groups of like-minded individuals conferring.

Uranus (flare-ups of violence and sudden explosions) is still very active in Aries. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and has been seen as a significator of change and transformation in society.

Tuesday January 21 – the Moon transits into Libra today, a sign that balance or is needed, or judgment is underway. It will oppose Uranus in later and this opposition could bring about a connection with  Jupiter opposing Venus-Pluto, so there is some struggle or effort to resolve issues. The world will benefit from peace and from an economy that serves the people and addresses the needs of the 3rd world populations. A major configuration is thus in place for the opening of Davos WEF. It is a good omen, although temporary.

Wednesday January 22 – The Moon moves on to meet with Mars, forming a trine aspect with Mercury in transit. At Davos, conflicts and differences in goals among the world leaders will take shape. Mars has moved outside the limits of an opposition to tempestuous Uranus, for the time being. This leaves an opening for resolution of conflict. An open window of opportunity.

Thursday January 23 – As Jupiter is retrograde until March 7, and forming a square aspect to Uranus at the end of February, there could be increased violence or an eruption of revolutionary spirit in February. Addressing the issues today, can defuse violence and promote peace. Today we see the value in holding conflict at bay. The disadvantaged of the world, are waiting in the wings. Neptune is not activated by transits now, but is likely to play a role in the near future.

Friday January 24 – Today, as Mars and Mercury trine one another in air signs, thoughts and ideas are put into action. Success for global agreements are even more important now, as the WEF winds up. The economic gap in the US has, according to reports, exploded. Households are no longer able to rely on credit, a wages have failed to keep up with rising prices. I can say that the same has happened in Israel.

Saturday January 25- the weekend brings the final day of the economic conference, and interchange of ideas and understanding about the world economy. Switching to European time zones, we see that the Moon transits Saturn that afternoon. This seems an indication that some agreements were made, some guidelines for the economic future of the planet are to be laid out. If this has any lasting impact, yet remains to be seen. Jupiter retrograde is on this day, less than a degree from exact opposition to Pluto. This would be a landmark conference with unusual level of agreement between nations. The statements may be harsh and limiting in some quarters, as Mercury squares the Saturn-Moon. conjunction. We may feel the bite as well, as an attempt to save the world economy is made.

But then, we are not dollars and cents. We are energy, only energy, and removing blocks to understanding and ability to perceive income as a tool is all important.

Blessing to all,








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