Week of January 13-20 2015 Disseminating and Recreating for the Soli-lunar Cycle


Pluto is now advancing in Capricorn, and will make a square (harsh) aspect with Uranus-Mars, becoming exact on March 12, 2015. The Aries rondez-vous of the two most explosive planets in the solar system Mars and Uranus, is timed for a a back-lash of this week’s violent attacks. With Pluto (vulcanic ) adding pressure from Capricorn (established power), the lit fuse is sure to explode its payload. It could change the nature and very fabric of the political/military power structure. There may be extreme measures taken to stymie the affair. This could prove to be a detriment as well.

Last week, I wrote about the widening gap between two world views:

Jan 7 the day of the attack on Paris cartoonists Bringing two opposing sides to accept a proposal remains outside the realm of possibility. Warring factions grow farther apart….None-the-less, there is a greater sense of one world, all struggling together. While there are divisions, in opposing camps, the focus on world-wide issues is greater.

As this is the 3rd meeting of the UranusPluto square aspect. A quick review of the three planets this past year shows Mars was conjunct Pluto on Nov 1st until the11th 2014. News items include a deadly house fire in Maine and the ISIS advancing. Uranus Pluto square aspect repeated on Dec 15, 2014. and on April 22, 2014.and Oct 31, 2013. While those dates are not particularly memorable, the addition of Mars to the equation could bring out more of the radical elements in Uranus. While Mars transits Pisces, there is more confusion, dissemination of progress, but when it reaches Aries, the goal directed energy is assured. Mars in Aries has a directness, and single-mindedness to the attainment of a goal.

Meanwhile, back to to the present, with Mars in Pisces, where more regression and loss of direction is to be expected. Mercury and Venus are enjoying a close conjunction in Aquarius. It is a good time to put your talents to work. Freedom of speech and freedom of press are much valued in democratic nations. Destructive forces are attempting to damage or redirect the will and nature of freedom. The rubric of free society is analyzed by violent jihadists to break open a central communication system, as happened on September 11, 2001 in the U.S. Simply put: what they don’t like, they attack. While a tradition that has a selective world view is threatening a multi-cultural future, we may end up with more limitations as security measures are put in place. The human intelligence we depend on to navigate this world, allows for destructive purposes to gain strength as well.

Please note: The following indications for each day of the week are general in nature. As each individual is unique, a horoscope that is unique with time and place of birth is required to locate the planets and signs in the circular chart of house divisions that would indicate a sphere of activity for signs, planets and aspects, that interact with the transits for the individual chart. Knowing one’s own chart can add great depth to the understanding of the current transits.

January 14, 2015  Moon in Scorpio

January 14, 2015
Moon in Scorpio

Wednesday January 14th – Confusion and disarray, counter measures, corrections of statements occur with Mars in Pisces. Saturn in Sagittarius is in a harsh (square) aspect to Mars (goal directed energy) in Pisces, adding further political interest in every action and reversal. The Moon enters Scorpio, impacting emotions to the issues, such as invoking shame or distrust for political acts or words. Who should have gone to Paris, or who should have stayed home is being hotly disputed around the globe. The Moon will trine Neptune in the morning hours, even further enmeshing those who would be known for their words, not their deeds, with an easy aspect one is more likely to speak before they think. And some have to eat their words. While we are, as a world seem more divided, we are actually more united in opposition to terrorists and murderers.

Thursday January 15th – There are consequences to actions, there are misquotes and misfortunes, as Saturn squares Mars, there in an effort to halt more dissemination. Repairs must be made after a breakdown of communication or machinery before you can get into motion again. Some transformations are a result. As Jupiter and Venus are doubly approaching an opposition aspect, the foreshadowing of future revelation can be felt today, when the Moon is at the focal point of a temporary t-square formation. Good will can overcome negatively charged words.

Friday January 16th – The Moon is in Sagittarius this afternoon, a sign of a philosophical appreciation, although conjunct to Saturn, the limitations are emphasized, and on the other hand, modified. Saturn, in a square aspect with Mars and Neptune is burdened with fragmentation and could be not only festering, but challenged. What are the necessary changes to be made by the establishment that are consistent with the philosophical re religious doctrines of its being? How can one who is fragmented yet survive? It is the nature of courage to overcome such obstacles. A true transformation is never easy or without doubt.

Saturday January 17th – As the Moon transits Sag today, it not only is sextile to Mercury and Venus, trine Uranus and square to Neptune and Mars, but also trine to Jupiter. This can be a greater day of unity, quest for peace and security, as well as a rejection of violence and oppression. While global powers retain a hold on organized law, the people claim the right to speak. Born of the French Revolution of 1789, that right will not be abrogated by middle-eastern based religions. The clash of civilizations was never greater, and never clearer. The power of the press (Sagittarius Moon-Saturn and aspects) has never been greater, or its pages more widely distributed (Jupiter in Leo).

Sunday January 18th – While the Moon ingress of Capricorn occurs today, we may feel hesitant about receiving any generosity offered. Mars is today conjunct Neptune in Pisces, so inconsolable grief or simply lack of motivation may consume your day. Also, a sense of powerlessness against an overwhelming, all -consuming worry. There is little traction to implement goals, or find workable solutions today. Let it be a day of contemplation and spiritual renewal.

Monday January 19th – Participation in group activity creates a successful day. Sharing experiences and heartache with friends and associates eases emotional and physical pain. The opposition of Venus in Aquarius to Jupiter in Leo can bring an abundance of sympathy, with a Mars -Neptune conjunction in Pisces adding deep empathy to experience of a global nature. The location of the planets and transits to an individual natal chart would also include house location, and thereby adding a dimension applicable to each life, so that an interpretation can be made individually. The lunar transit of Pluto occurs, awakening global powers and interests. The boss or the president may be dishing out directives, on this last day of the Sun in Capricorn.


New Moon  January 20, 2015

New Moon
January 20, 2015

Tuesday January 20th – The New Moon is at 13:15 GMT today, as the Moon leaves Capricorn and encounters the Sun at 0 degree Aquarius. While the overall concern is for legal and humanitarian issues, the New Moon brings a change in atmosphere as we enter the Sun Sign of Aquarius, a fixed positive, air sign. Air Signs are conversant with the intellectual media, and enjoys fellowship with a community of like-minded souls. There is a shift in energy to a more positive mood, a progressive dynamic is searching for (Mars in Pisces) targets as well as healing solutions. Medical advances, science and technology are high-lighted. In addition to the Sun and Moon, Mercury and Venus are in Aquarius today. This foreward looking group of planets will come up with innovative answers, possible solutions to the worries of the day.

Thank you for visiting my website. Enjoy your week.


January 14, 2015

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