Integrating the Post-Truth Era – Week of February 22-28 2017

This week’s chart looks very difficult and possibly explosive. I think there will be a lot of revelations, a lot of exposure of previously unreleased documents, such as hidden agreements, as issues come to a head.  The Moon’s transit of Pluto on Wednesday is one trigger and Mars approaching Uranus in Aries more slowly, and more ardently subversive is another strong trigger. We demand truth from obscurity and honesty from illusion, as the Post-Truth Era dawns. At the end of February, Mars transit of Uranus and opposition to Jupiter becomes exact. While Jupiter in Libra offers balance and coping ability, the retrograde phase of Jupiter could be a more invasive effect, as conflicts are internalized by the opposing sides. Pluto’s significant stand at the focal point of the opposing sides of the conflict has the potential to undermine, judge or disallow the progressive conflicts. Laying down the law or showing superior force it could be seen in the role of peacemaker or subversive insider.  The significant role of the outermost planets beyond the orbit of Saturn, influence the major shifts in the fate of major events affecting large groups, thus total populations of nations and continents.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday February 22nd – The Moon’s transit of Pluto in Capricorn is significant as matters that were brewing under the surface come to a head. As a festering boil is lanced to reveal the extent of the infection, hidden matters are now exposed. This transit is close to the degree square (90 deg aspect) to the opposition of UranusMars in Aries and to transiting Jupiter in Libra.  Pluto is exactly in a square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Mars, opening the wounds with open warfare and harsh words spoken.  As the Moon moves on to transit the midpoint of the opposition exactly, there is an attempt to moderate and calm the situation. The wounded are attended, professional analysis is given as the situation unravels.

Thursday February 23rd – International communications become pivotal in political focus, as Mercury in Aquarius is sextile (60 deg favorable action) to Saturn in Sag, as efforts to influence progress of the nation’s direction are overt, with advice offered from abroad. This may be the advice of friends who are concerned. Mars in Aries, with single-minded focus, approaches the danger point of revolution and overt action to overthrow or unseat a power. While the current US administration builds a solid power structure, the conflict against ISIS in Iraq continues. As vocal opposition build (Jupiter in Libra opposes MarsUranus in Aries), the Moon enters the air sign of Aquarius. Here the Moon is disposed of by Uranus, and could modify the Uranus effect through more global resources, and the perspective of the big picture. Electronic communication is essential for speed of delivery, and the assessment of options open to view.

Friday February 24th – Opposing forces gather for a show of strength, as we approach the New Moon this week, a solar eclipse on Feb 26th – a phase of disarray, confusion and recovery takes place. With the prevailing distrust and uncertainty, the opposition and tension grow. World-wide scams could be revealed, earthquakes in power and actuality may occur. The Moon in Aquarius trine (120 deg aspect) Jupiter later in the day, and sextile  (60 deg aspect) to MarsUranus, brings hope for the weary and the wounded, as rescue efforts are launched.  We can pull back from the conflict now, assessing the situation.  

Saturday February 25th – Lawmakers have their say today, as the Moon is in a working trine – the sextile– (60 deg) to Saturn in Sag. While legislation is likely to be  limited and serve the opposition forces, thus engaging in the conflict while resolution was sought. The voices for personal advantage are stronger (Mars in Aries), and could break apart existing alliances. Personal charm draws attention (Venus in Aries, dispositor of Jupiter in Libra), and could overcome the disadvantages of the moment. Mercury the messenger enters Pisces later in the day, to combine with the New Moon and Neptune to bring an aura of a new vision for the future.

February 26, 2017
New Moon Eclipse

Sunday February 26th – The New Moon eclipse today, at 2:59 GMT is a New Moon that could carry extra importance for the prevailing power structures, a break from previous patterns and forging a new path, in the era of Fake News or the Post-Truth era.  We may reach beyond existing definitions to incorporate a larger scheme or view of reality.  The exact MarUranus conjunction at the New Moon incorporates a larger vision for the future. Barriers are transcended, with an unbelievable unity.

Monday February 27th – While a hypnotic effect may mesmerize many at this time, other may be disillusioned (Sun conj Neptune in Pisces).  More direct action can now be taken, as Mars moves beyond Uranus, and goal-directions become clearer. The Moon combines with Chiron in Pisces to form a quincunx aspect (120 deg) to Jupiter to help motivate the integrative forces (Jupiter in Libra) that hold the social contract in place.  

Tuesday February 28th – The Moon enters the cardinal fire sign of Aries, as we seek to turn loss into advantage.  The UranusJupiter opposition reaches a climax, as even Uranus loses some of its power to disrupt the ongoing forces for implementing a new vision.  Revolutionary ideas are incorporated into the larger values and goals of the social contract. With Mercury and the Sun in Pisces, sextile to Ceres in Taurus, more socially oriented goals are set, yet to achieve in the future.

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February 21, 2017   
Jerusalem, Israel

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