Week of December 3-9 2014 – A Bucket and a Full Moon


Leading up to the Full Moon on the 6th, the Moon will sextile Neptune and then trine Pluto, again bringing in a Universal theme to the events. The Gemini Full Moon can involve details for judicial or politically oriented meetings. The Taurus Moon has a stabilizing effect, while Gemini will then differentiate or show two or more possible outcomes of programs, or activities in the planning stage. Finally, the lunar transit of Taurus will trine Saturn in the final degree of Scorpio. Disclosure and power are issues that surfaced as Saturn transited Scorpio are publicized. Mars will transit into Aquarius on the 5th of December, as more identification with like-minded groups prepares us for a shift in social, political or economic balance.

This is a good cycle to get out your reading list, possibly download some of your favorite authors. Sci-fi movies are also favored. Both Gemini and Sagittarius indicate travel. Armchair travel included.

Wednesday December 3rd Venus in Sagittarius is in orb of a trine to Jupiter in Leo today, giving a cheerful, even joyous feel to the mood in the air especially for natives of air and fire signs. Hope for progress or resolution of difficulties helps to ease the way. Relationships feel right, there is pleasure in creative ventures, achievement in publishing projects are also possible. The good mood is infectious, and sharing will lighten the mood of others. The Moon enters Taurus early in the morning, forming a sexitle to Neptune, which helps to bring stability to issues that were illusory, because of the fixed modality and earth element of Taurus. A firmer basis can be found for elusive mysteries. On the other hand, this aspect might bring about a glutenous binge, especially for natives of the earth and water signs. If you have both air and earth signs predominating you are lost in joy and gluttony! To be more specific, it would be joy for natives in the 3rd decant of their respective signs, and gluttony for natives in the 1st decant of their sign. That would reduce the prospects by two thirds.

December 4, 2012 Bucket Formation

December 4, 2012 Bucket Formation

Thursday December 4thJupiter is the handle of the bucket in the sky. From about 10:00 PM EST, with Jupiter rising on the Eastern horizon, there will be a t-square formation, and the handle of a bucket chart formation, giving the Jupiter more notoriety, as it were, as the creative power balancing the other planets of our solar system in a bucket-like formation. The Prime Time for entertainment across America has its backing. If the native has a planet opposing Jupiter, all the better for telling his own story. It may be broadcast. Venus in Sagittarius is trine Jupiter, and the Sun and Mercury are conjunct, in the same sign, and trine the biggest trickster, Uranus. Transformed shows and actors make a comeback. The Moon in Taurus, opposed to Saturn in Scorpio, give a real-life tone to the events, so we are able to see ourselves in the mix.

Friday December 5th – More surprises and pleasures are in store, as the Uranus trine to Sun and Mercury continues. There is a sharp healing effect (square aspect to Chiron) as comedy and tragedy in theatrical settings have a restorative effect on the collective psyche. The US ruling planet is designated as Uranus, and Uranus in Aries continues to have a strong role in the collective mind. The Moon will trine Mars as it enters the sign Gemini, before moving on to oppose the Sun early Saturday morning.

Saturday December 6th – A Full Moon in Gemini, and Mercury combined with the Sun in Sagittarius give us the gift of ease in expression. Inspired speakers will have charm and attention of his or her audience. Becoming a bit philosophical, finding a role in the Universal scheme of life, we may see ourselves as superheros or tragic figures. This helps to integrate experience into group consciousness, and individual sense of pride, self-worth and possibly find more meaning in existence.

Sunday December 7th – The Moon in Gemini opposes Venus in Sag today, a time to internalize the relationships we have formed and continue both accept and reject elements of the role as partners in our lives. There are often two sides of our nature, and we can bring out the sweetness with a little effort. A switch in roles is possible, taking one side or the other, if only temporarily. Understanding the adversary is a way to gain objectivity. It may also help us defend ourselves in the future. As the Moon enters Cancer in the afternoon, it will trine Neptune in Pisces, for real relaxation and dissipation.

Monday December 8th – The Moon is in Cancer today, the cardinal modality in the water element, we are back to alert and in control, conflict or retreat into our crab-like shell. We seek protection, maybe even retreat in the face of a stronger enemy. Pluto in Capricorn could challenge our instinctive beliefs. A battle rages, and the oppressor (Pluto) engages in a battle that pillages the weak (Moon). The Allied forces (Uranus) with a humanitarian mission, root out the native oppressor. The Moon is traversing the hemisphere of the zodiac inhabited by Jupiter, the handle of the bucket formed by Sun and the other planets. This can assist in publicizing personal stories, insightful views of the current situation. Jupiter trines the midpoint of Mercury and Venus in Sag, getting the facts that emerge, the unbelievable reality, into a digital form (Uranus).

Tuesday December 9th – While there are concerns (Moon in Cancer trine Saturn)about diminishing supplies or restrictive budgetary allotments (Saturn in Scorpio), three planets remain is Sagittarius, reminding us of the philosophical values and legislative interests of democracy, that push us forward. We dig in deeper, maintaining or role and quest to subdue the authors of evil forces. A new episode of Star Wars is over due. Jupiter in Leo trine the midpoint of Mercury and Venus today can lead us to indulge in the pleasures of a multi-media spectacular.

Please do not over-indulge. 😉  Do enjoy your week.


December 2, 2014

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