Week of December 10-16 2014 – Decline of Power in the Waning Moon

GS_seal.refillNeptune in it’s sign of rulership, Pisces, is moving onward. It is strong it it’s own sign, and ignore it at your own peril. In general it is a good time to do repair work, to do inner cleansing, physically, mentally and spiritually. Restoring health, finding avenues for forgiveness and for repairing past difficulties brings us through this cycle of Neptune, preparing for a new cycle in the fire sign Aries.

Jupiter, the planet of social cohesiveness, and expanded influence, particularly dynamic and effective in Leo, has turned retrograde, thus, more strongly felt as an inner source, a magnetic force with healing and attractive properties.

The two planets, Neptune and Jupiter are prone to expansion and gathering influence. A universal empathy develops with pride and change of status qua. On Wednesday, Venus transits into Capricorn. There could be a softening of the hard stance of authority. A planetary convergence in Capricorn is underway, a symbolic climbing to the highest point of authority. Legal power rests in the head of state, or the world representative of power, the UN, or just who has more power, Putin or Obama? And so on.

The report on the interrogation practices by the CIA to be released this week comes at the conclusion of Saturn’s transit of Scorpio. This report on the use of torture would lay bare the practices that have come under criticism since the 2001 attacks on US targets. Saturn would represent the severity of the practices which were used to simulate drowning ( Scorpio) in order to elicit information on the terror suspects. This would effect future legal issues, and Saturn will ingress Sagittarius, where interrogation would be legally restricted.

This is not the end of the world or the end of the USA. Rather, it is a conflict that must result in more inclusive roles of agencies with a greater awareness of cultural difference in a democracy that attracts immigrants from third world counties, or have a multi-cultural heritage. Israel’s current government self-destructs, mandating new elections. Perfect for the Saturn entering the next sign as a timing for the end of an era.

Wednesday December 10th – With six planets in fire signs today, and for as long as Venus remains in Sagittarius, giving a variety of energy signals to more radical movements and organizations based of an extremist philosophy.. Stock markets and other financial institutions could also be affected. Radicals and firearms, especially, are indicated, with Uranus being ignited by the Moon and Sun trine in fire signs. The Moon in Leo will be in trine aspect to the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius. Venus enters Capricorn in the late afternoon hours. This may coincide with a lessening of martial force, a retreat or regrouping, especially citing legal limitations. The quincunx between the Moon and Neptune can bring about an emotional adjustment.

Thursday December 11th – The Moon in Leo meets up with Jupiter retrograde, adorning the handle of the basket that was in last weeks Gimelstar report, once again, with strong emotional appeal for peace and harmony, as it trines the Sun and Mercury in Sag. Mars in Aquarius signals motivation for change, and such that protest groups need to regather forces for a combined strategy. As the dispositor of Uranus in Aries, Mars in Aquarius can lead the way to change and transformation. Independent actions can been seen as too radical, but often it is the only way to make a statement, to affect change. A brief grand-trine in fire signs, with Uranus, Sun-Mercury and Moon can be in effect during the morning hours. While this is good for innovation and progress, publications are indicated, it can also have a negative side, increasing more radical successful operations.

Friday December 12th – The square aspect of Uranus in fiery Aries and Pluto in the control center of Capricorn continues to tighten its grip on conflicts, emitting explosive bursts and crack-downs by security forces. The Moon is square Saturn today, promoting efforts to have a modifying affect on the use of force. Then, moving into Virgo, we can find a role in working on details for more equality and less brutality, the legal implementation of the dream of democracy. Jupiter in Leo retrograde is trine Mercury in Sag today, as the voices from the lectern or pulpit resound, calming fears and nerves, as social elements react, attempting to give direction and meaning to the struggles at hand. The Moon opposes Neptune later in the day, brings about the possibility of a mediation agreement, with Venus as midwife, a trine to the Moon and sextile to Neptune.

Saturday December 13th – The Moon is trine Pluto today, and quincunx Uranus, lending some relief as the aspect closes to exact. What results, the crafting of a world view or explicit truce, perhaps helping to reduce future issues of conflict. Uranus turns direct at the New Moon of December 22nd. Virgo Moon opposes Chiron, in a listen only mode, and then works to implement details.

Third Quarter Moon Dec 14 2014

Third Quarter Moon Dec 14 2014

Sunday December 14th – Enter the 3rd quarter lunar phase, Here we want to resolve outstanding issues from this cycle. Of course, long term issues will continue to develop and cause concern. Venus sextile Neptune can get us more in touch with our unconscious desires, and can also be a mild mood elevator. Use music or chanting to change the atmosphere if something brings you down. We can’t expect a lot of progress with the tight square between Uranus and Pluto, Saturn the dispositor of Pluto and Mars of Uranus. However, modifications in the short term can be effective.

Monday December 15th – If you are prepared for action to start the work week, with the Moon in Libra, be prepared for upsets. The square aspect to Venus might get us off on the wrong foot. Expect to be sent back to go, to start again, and keep your attitude pleasant. For all that, the opposite, the unexpected benefits may arrive. Graciousness is favored today, while unreasonable or unexpected problems can be encountered. Mars in Aquarius may facilitate innovation, while the opposition to Uranus demands that the quality of work be original and exceptionally good. Reversals and upsets are likely to occur from unexpected sources. Consistently good work cannot go unnoticed.

Tuesday December 16th – Independent thought (Mars in Aquarius) can add to the volume of research and analysis, although it may be unnoticed for the time. Power lies with the collective. Innovation is the small fish in the great sea. The programing is done, the status is determined, and the legal-security apparatus will process all petitions accordingly. It is small wonder that so many claims to fairness are denied. The odd man out is out of luck unless he can summon the appropriate backing. Saturn and Mercury are both in the 29th degree of their respective signs and semi-sextile from one another (30 deg). The influence on one another is very slight, there can be an obsessive need to press forward with the program, despite change underfoot, as the new page is not yet writ.

Have a great week!


December 8, 2014


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