Week of August 6-13 2014- Full Moon and Venus Bring Rewards


By the week-end, the full Moon phase will have begun. The Saturn trine to Chiron continues, seemingly to draw out the most difficult lessons for healing. Then there is the Ebola plague or “outbreak”. Opening with a possible grand trine, although the trine to Venus is weak, it is may be operating in many instances – say where a natal or progressed planet is within the orb of Venus, or in aspect to it, and also to Saturn and Chiron. With Venus in the configuration, it is a grand trine in water signs and therefore a healer of infectious diseases. It may also help eliminate some overly inflated ideas, and could also, of course affect the economy. We are meant to get down to basics here, find root causes and begin to locate solutions. Venus adds motivation, focus on care for home life and security.

Wednesday August 6th – The Moon in Sagittarius Aug 5-7th, a good time to pause and reflect. The Sun is trine the Moon in the morning US times, in fire signs, and therefore lots of energy is easily applied. An enjoyable day as well. A few hours later Uranus is trine the Moon, so the grand-trine concept is in motion. Politics and International issues headlined. Creativeness, hope for advancement, and enjoyment are favored, though maybe too much for some folks. The Uranian double-edge can take a toll. Creative personalities, and/or demonic actions may also surface now. Big time. Too much speed, spending and sports has a down side.

Thursday August 7th – The Moon enters Capricorn today, sextile aspect to Mars in Scorpio. Less aggressiveness, as emotions are more muted today, although probably vocal. The Sun and Uranus are doubly approaching ( moving towards one another) in a trine aspect. You can benefit here with ingenuity. Pleasurable activities are favored. Productivity can build on inspiration from the grand-trine of yesterday, viewing every motion as a part of the whole. The Sun-Mercury conjunction in Leo allows for big dreams. The Sun-Mercury pair is beginning its aspect with the 16 deg Saturn in Scorpio and the 16 deg Uranus in Aries. It approaches a square to Saturn and a trine to Uranus. While difficulties are limiting, your dream is too great a thing to let go. Successful navigation of the difficult terrain now enables you to move toward the desired goal.

Friday August 8th – Our inner psyche, the Moon, is conjunct Pluto early today, initiating a day of conflict or measured steps. A cautious approach is best at this time. Rejection is likely as the Moon is then square to Uranus in Aries, although keep your goal in mind. A sextile to Saturn from the Moon adds courage and strength, giving you support. The irrational powers must respect the law. Mercury and Sun ask as a mediating force. Stakes are high. Aggression is under control.

Saturday August 9thMercury moves ahead of the Sun in Leo, as the attorney or spokesperson pushes for your rights. The Moon moves into Aquarius, and will oppose Jupiter in Leo today. You feel more at ease and sociable. You can accept conditions as they are, for now. Healing and change goes on beneath the surface. Transformation is underway.

Full Moon  - August 5, 2014

Full Moon – August 5, 2014

Sunday August 10th – The full Moon is reached today, a time of progress and change within limits. Negotiations may be completed and soon the documents will be signed. Be grateful for the new situation that is dawning (G-d willing). Try to deal with suppressed emotions that are coming to the surface at this time.

Monday August 11th – Imagined and suppressed feeling may surge forth as the Moon enters Pisces and transits Neptune, giving voiced to the oppressed. It is liberating. Later in the day, there is increased power through shared emotions, meeting with others in your dreams or in reality.

Tuesday August 12thVenus moves into Leo, more flamboyant and dramatic actions are expressed . The Moon in Pisces transits Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer. Visions of salvation, fantasy and laughter with Venus moves toward a meeting with the grater benefic, Jupiter. Laughter is the best medicine as we enjoy comedy and satire.

I hope your week is a fulfilling one.


August 5, 2014




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