Week of August 27-Sept 3 2014 Aftershocks and More


On August 25th, the the beginning of a lunar cycle, and the conjunction of two strong planets with opposite energy forces, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. Mars is the planet associated with direct and goal oriented action. Saturn, however, is considered an inhibiting force, indicating barriers to progress. When the two are united the energy is similar to that of a molten mass moving and colliding with solid rock. The exact description of an earthquake. The New Moon is also the strong magnetic force the Moon exerts on the sea tides. Earthquakes are Uranian in nature. Looking at the chart I drew for the quake time and location, Pluto retrograde is in the 6th house, a house where repairs are made. Uranus is trine the mid-point of Venus and Moon in Leo. At the time of the quake, most of the people in the area were fast asleep. Their slumbers were awakened by the jolts and shaking of their homes. Yet, most dangers were quickly addressed by emergency services, the Pluto in Capricorn in the 6th.

Earthquake at Napa, California August 24, 2014 3:20 am PDT

Earthquake at Napa, California August 24, 2014 3:20 am PDT

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An earthquake is also symbolic of a revolution, a motion that turns things upside-down and exposes raw forces, likened to the riots in Ferguson, MO, and calm beginnings at the New Moon. It is as though a new era has dawned. There is also a new enemy of peace on the horizon, that of the extremist Islamic group known as ISIS.

Mars has now gone past the barrier, and is moving forward in the after-shock zone. New ideas are forming, an awakening of sorts to the underlying issues of the decade. It is a time of policy reversals, reconsidering programs and reassessing goals. The Moon was transiting in Leo at the time of the quake, square to the Saturn-Mars conjunction and trine to Uranus. The event itself was traumatic for many in the area, causing hundreds of injuries and wide-spread damage. It was costly and dramatic in the areas hit. Mercury in Virgo opposed Chiron in Pisces, awakening psychological issues, and allowing for healing to occur.

Highlights of the Week

Wednesday August 27th – The Moon advances beyond the Sun in early Virgo, as though it were a scout mapping the distance, spying out the land. It opposes Chiron, and then sextile to Saturn and then Mars in Scorpio before conferring with Mercury in a conjunction. Venus, the charmer in Leo, squares Saturn and Mars, alternating with the chill to Saturn and the warm, combustible emotions expressed as it squares Mars. Romance is unpredictable. Go with the flow.

Thursday August 28th – We’ve broken through the inertia. Time to get moving. The Moon in Libra today may offer issues to be decided, or directions to take. They are carefully considered, put in the balance and regard the merits of each. The importance of a decision is becoming more apparent, and pressure is exerted. It is a gift to see the pros and cons of the decisions. The wisdom of King Solomon is required to make the final choice. Venus trine Mars in fixed signs, leaving taciturn Saturn behind, adds energy and power to the decision that gathers strength and enthusiasm as the fiery Mars energy takes hold. We are advancing on a new agenda. Old considerations are left behind.

Friday August 29th – Today there may be casualties, losses in financial investments or humanitarian tragedies, as the Sun opposition to Neptune diverts the life-giving power to other needs. Criticism detracts from the initial actions, however, the power to progress remains firm. Later, about mid-day, the Moon transits to trigger Uranus in Aries, breaking the stranglehold once again. Awareness of strength and the ultimate victory of stability, assured of might to force dominant collective values of civilization.

Saturday August 30th – The Moon moves into Scorpio, reflecting in depth about the actions, as it stands between the Sun in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, bringing to mind the critical analysis of the situation, applying to the facts on the ground. The mediation is successful if the pain and suffering demand redress.

Sunday August 31st – Analysis, decisions and judgments will be made later in the day, when the Heads of States speak, and the people are informed. With increased glory, sacrifices are made. Healing words are spoken, as the Moon square to Jupiter in Leo and trine to Chiron in Pisces.

Monday September 1st – While victory is yet elusive, the sacrifices power must make to assert the values of peace, order and security are painful to accept. Yet, accept we must, as the tides of time and life on earth continues. The Moon enters Sagittarius as we take our cues from philosophical a and religious leaders.

Tuesday September 2nd – Mercury enters Libra today, as we desire settlement of issues and negotiations over conflict. The impact of the day can shift the direction of affairs, exposing judicial issues, legality of actions and actions or misdeeds are surfacing and may be glorified or enhanced, while individuals are diminished. Personality issues , however, play a role in the outcome. Overblown scenarios are likely to be deflated.

Have a good week, although be aware for unusual circumstances.

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27 August 2014

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