Week of August 20th – 27th 2014 – A Pair of Malific Planets Dominates


Saturn is moving slowly, having recently recovered it’s direct (apparent) motion. In 3 days this week it traveled 08′ (eight seconds ) of a degree. Mars, however, is gaining speed and has moved 2 degrees from the 17th to the 20th. As it increases speed, it will soon converge on Saturn. They are both in the sign Scorpio, and the conjunction coming up will be exact on August 25th and 17 deg Scorpio. Mars loves to explore and act quickly, while Saturn is a stabilizer, and can be associated with blocked energy. Mars will want to break through that barrier that Saturn is limiting us to. Scorpio has depth and secrets to be reveled in time.

Last week we had the fortunate benific planets , Jupiter and Venus conjunct at 7 deg in fun loving Leo. This week’s conjunction of the malific planets can be much more trying. Issues that are pressing forward are going to be limited, reduced or perhaps blocked altogether. When we are optimistic, as with the benific planets in Leo, we are eager to radiate achievements. This pair, Saturn and Mars, will slow down the process, and present problems to be overcome. There is a need and necessity in the process, and with the best in mind, we know to take this week slowly and have much patience.

On the 25th, Venus and Uranus are in a trine aspect in Fire Signs. This is helpful for creative insights, and inspiration in media and all mediums of work or pleasure, enjoyment with family and individual creative adventures.

Because there are so many variations possible when considering a natal chart, a progressed chart and current transits of the planets, we all feel the transits differently. I am not a fatalistic astrologer. We all have the opportunity and the responsibility to choose our paths and to make choices to advance the creative possibility of good in every situation. We need to experience all the signs and the planets as energies that travel through the zodiac and develop ourselves to be more in harmony with creation and G-d’s Will. It is only by evolution of the soul and character of humanity that we can strive to develop the best of all possible worlds.

Wednesday August 20th – The Moon is its sign of Cancer today, allowing for feelings of respect for home, and maternal love, with a semi-sextile to Jupiter and Venus to soften our day as it opposes Pluto, giving a more intense and even harsh experience of universal powers beyond our control. As this can result in unexpected gain as well as unexpected loss, so much depends on individual roles, and evolutionary progress.

Thursday August 21st – The individual soul can try to differentiate from the Universal or become one with the Universal, bringing flashes of intuition, or spiritual experiences. The death of the ego helps to promote oneness, and can be a powerful experience for spiritual awakening. A grand-trine evolves later in the day, as the Moon links to the other water signs, to bring about experiences of enlightenment, or sudden flashes of insight. Saturn and Mars in Scorpio are linked with violence, especially in the harsh aspects. The violence in Ferguson, MO, is an expression of mob action including intense release of feelings that have surfaced in an expression of lawlessness. Actions to control the violence have only intensified the break-down of law and order. This is the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, with Uranus in Aries and a facilitator. Pluto is the dispositor of the planets in Scorpio. It is the hidden reserve of power that is being tapped by the angry crowd. The Moon in Cancer is coming into focus now can serve to draw out some of the anger or modify its expression and bring about calm. Mercury in Virgo will trine Pluto later in the day, as reason and order are brought to bear.

Friday August 22nd – Using both wisdom and knowledge of crowd control, the situation can be calmed as leaders speak to their people, and less violence is applied in attempts to control lawlessness, as it takes psychology and sensitivity to reach the minds and hearts of the population that has been taking part in the demonstrations and street violence. The aspects of the previous day are in force. The Moon travels from Cancer into Leo, from protective to bold.

Saturday August 23rd – A social consensus is finally achieved as the Moon joins Jupiter in Leo, and then moves on to pair with Venus, blending the power of healing and spiritual wealth that was brought to lift the energy of the wounded population. The Sun moves into Virgo, inhibiting and cautions, instead of the power of crowds and mob actions, individuals become motivated to work to restore peace.

Sunday August 24thMars is quincunx Uranus exact today, and closely conjunct to Saturn. Individual and collective energy can be brought to seek a communal goal, as Pluto is connected as the dispositor of Mars and Saturn, and also quincunx the midpoint of Jupiter and Venus, blending the energy of joy and community in a creative fashion. The charismatic figure that arises to a position of leadership through this crisis is likely to rise in influence nationally, as he or she exerts a healing influence on the populace.

New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

Monday August 25th – the New Moon today, at 2 deg. Virgo offers a new starting point in a cycle of community strength. Jupiter and Venus are disposed of by the Sun, bringing glory and power to the leadership and influence that brings peace to the community. A servant of the people is one with them, a common man becomes a hero of the day if not of the era.

Tuesday August 26th – The Moon in Virgo draws healing power from Chiron in Pisces. A sextile to Saturn increases sobriety. Saturn is now superseded by Mars, and the blame is starting to be apportioned to the abuse of police power or abuse of another office. As Venus trines Uranus,we want to express impulses or revolutionary ideas, however tradition (Saturn) has us hemmed in. the square aspect of Venus to Saturn can limit the powerful inner awakening, however, with the Uranus-Saturn quincunx aspect, creative ideas can take unusual form. It is the culminating idiosyncratic formulation that in the end will help to satisfy those who press for radical change.

Thank you for having followed along with me the planets that are ready to guide us.

Have a great week.


19 August 2014

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