Week of April 6-13,2014 A Struggle to Prevent Disasters

April 12, 2014  4:00 PM Jerusalem GMT +2

April 12, 2014
4:00 PM Jerusalem
GMT +2

As the continuing strategies and challenges remain, there is bound to be a breakthrough sooner or later. That being said, the Moon will transit Jupiter on Sunday, afternoon US times but after 11 pm in Israel (CET) that is GMT +3 hours still within a half a degree of Jupiter’s Longitude (astrological location). The latitude is still more than 5 deg off so don’t expect them to be in the same place in the sky.

This would be a trigger for the configuration. The Sun as moved ahead of Uranus on this day, as it moves approximately one degree per day, in the cycle of 365 days a year. The separation of the sun from Uranus in an event chart would still be withing orb of a conjunction 4-5 degrees separating. Mars retrograde in Libra opposes the sun by 2.5 deg doubly approaching. Thus, action would be taken and some success, such as finding the sunken airliner can be expected. Afghanis bravely go to the polls to elect a president, noted as a turn-about for democracy in the nation. It would prove a revolutionary turn toward fair and democratic elections, established in the region where the Taliban has a strong hold

The issues simmering for months now, can expect action in the next days before the total lunar eclipse on the 15th of April (7:45 UT).  An eclipse has historically been a time of earthquakes and political, and assassinations. Here, as mercury joins with Uranus, the actions may be more political than physical. While I don’t have the techniques to identify likely political figures that could be targeted or seismic actions that may erupt, it may be possible to use eclipse maps for this purpose as the eclipse path often coincides with the events. Whether-or-not there is an early morning success in the Indian Ocean, there is also an aftershock, an opposing event created, that of mourning for the victims, and finding out what horror or pain they went through in their last hours.

There can by more collaboration and building of interpersonal relationships with this strong, universal configuration. As the Moon combines with Jupiter in Cancer, the Moon’s home sign, more fulfillment can be achieved. Unexpected or unanticipated joy may result from the union of individuals, intent creating life anew. The planets involved are moving even closer in aspect, reaching parity mid-April.

Sunday April 6th – Events are moving slowly, and with some determination, goals will be reached. There is a preordained method or ceremonial tradition between the interaction on a personal or social level. Finding the norm can lead to success now. Following through to the end, feeling under the power of the times, the appointed hour approaches.

Monday April 7th – The fated events, the will of the individual, the collective consciousness for suffering and healing all combine in this week. Aftershocks, and emotional responses to events are to be expected. Venus moves to combined with Neptune in Pisces and Mars will opposed the Sun, the influence of these aspects are already occurring. Finding personal balance is important. Your focal point will be your own self, your work, and the fruits of your individual efforts. Strive for improvement and balance in relationships and with the powers above.

Tuesday April 8th – Mercury moves into Aries today, as many feel a shift from empathizing to goal oriented thinking, doing and outreach. New areas of investigation are presented, a change in direction, to deal with major issues. Mercury will also meet up with the Aries transits Uranus and the Sun later in the month. For now, we are opening a new chapter on the issues, negotiated settlements and rescue operations. Mars retrograde in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries today, so discussions can get a little heated or argumentative. The Moon will trine Saturn today also, and in that respect there may be a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

Wednesday April 9th – attempts to reach innovative solutions to impasse(s) can also be reflective of universal values to relieve suffering through collective actions. There is an increased trend toward standardizing values, and education worldwide. The Neptune influence can add a sense of humanitarian actions to the tense political and lock-grid situation. Survival of humanity itself is in the forefront

Thursday April 10thLove or Above is sponsoring a collective meditation experience Online. The Maharishi Effect is right in line with the energy flow 6PM PDT. Tap into this chance to experience a group energy raising session. The Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces will be activated by the lunar transit in opposition, this can affect the outcome of the upcoming total Lunar eclipse on the 15th (early morning in the USA).

Friday April 11th – a softening of feelings can draw out collective expressions of sorrow or urgency for humanitarian relief. New details are obtained. The Moon in Virgo helps analyze the situation, as well as expose the hidden neurosis that exists. Suffering and healing are sometimes paired. Here the release can show the extent and depth of the issues and a for healing.

Saturday April 12th – However, the Moon moves on, never pausing for collective minds to catch up. Moving deeper into Virgo, sextile to Saturn, where the information gained can be refined or discarded. Again, the humanitarian efforts to halt the harsh realities that exist under the pervasive Grand Cross in Cardinal signs remain almost totally ineffective.

Have a beautiful week.  It is possible


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