Week of April 28-May 4 2014 Winds of Controversy

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Sunday May 4th 2014  Saturn is opposed by Mercury

Sunday May 4th 2014
Saturn is opposed by Mercury

As the Grand Cross configuration continues to hold, for things continue on the same track. Those that are going well, continue to go well. While matters that are on the decline, continue and will somehow reach bottom. The challenge is to bring those things we want to work well in life out of the decline and into a more positive growth mode.

For many, this has been a time of recognizing our characteristics, and parental and social influences on molding character. The Aries-Libra polarity is the personal and social axis, while the Cancer-Capricorn polarity represents parents and authority vs. home life and intuitive nature. So after many weeks, we can actually feel the confines and contours of that mold, and it may be startling or insightful to come to some understanding or greater acceptance of self, as we try to improve and build a meaningful existence.

Monday April 28th – The Moon in Aries, gives a positive initiative to get things rolling, jump-start recovery. There is still a long haul ahead, but now we can get the right footing once more. The tornadoes in four southern plain States, repeating the tornado devastation of three years ago. With severe weather warnings, there should have been some preparation, but how can one prepare for total devastation? Uranus opposing mars, and the Moon transit of Uranus was not benign. It is a famous axiom that “the stars impel, not compel” meaning that we all have a good portion of free will to choose what actions to take. Heeding the warnings would have been prudent.

Tuesday April 29th – the New Moon in Taurus today. The continuing Crimea crisis, the missing flight MH730 are filled with urgency for search, rescue and recovery operations. Added tornado disaster brings us over the top, I would think. Appreciation is in line for first responders to each crisis, those who saved many lives threatened by the disasters.

Wednesday April 30thSaturn in Scorpio (retro) opposes the Sun and Moon in Taurus today. Late afternoon US time, the Moon moves into Gemini. While Saturn may put a halt to some plans, it can bring a needed sense of control over issues. It is a time for analysis, what went wrong, how can we better prepare for future storms. How can ships be better equipped to deal with disaster.

Thursday May 1stSaturn can be a teacher as well as a task maker. We learn from past mistakes, and may not want to be identified with the past. After all, we have grown and changed the ways, changed our spots and stripes. Yet, who we are as individuals is linked to the inescapable past. Gemini Moon transits square to Neptune in Pisces, we can relate to the pain and sorrow of others, and perhaps make it our own. Universal suffering is shared and confirmed.

Friday May 2nd – One may grapple with inner demons at this time, as retrograde Mars, slowly moves away from the opposition to Uranus. Venus moves from mysterious Pisces into direct Aries, while the Sun trines Pluto, giving ease of movement or expression to power figures. Perhaps some exposure or sought after wealth can ease the struggle within. Mercury opposes Saturn, so the day can be one of serious inner consultation, while flames are raging all around. Enlightenment comes in many forms.

Saturday May 3rd– The Moon enters Cancer today and forms a square aspect to Venus at the very threshold. This can put us on guard, so as not to become too relaxed as dangers lurk around. While hidden, secret or forgotten assets may come to light at this time, as the Moon trines Neptune, there could be loss involved as well. It is well to advise against rash decisions. The tempered mind will learn from past mistakes, and will also accept disgrace if necessary. The blame game gets heated.

Sunday May 4th– A day off could turn tense as underlying issues remain. It could be a time to think things through before the start of a busy week. Expanding the issues can interrupt a relaxing day. Feelings can again turn raw. Best to hold a truce and wait for a better time to bring up controversial items.

Being aware of danger can lessen the impact.

Stay Safe,




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