Week of April 22- 28 2015 Emergency Earth Week

The Sun in Taurus brings promise of regeneration of Earth‘s produce. With the Sun, Mercury and Mars in this fixed earth sign, our attention is brought to earthly values: environment and our need to care for this planet, our home. Taurus natives are sensual, and quite often materially oriented. They are a proud sign and stubborn with their priorities, such that they can gain power and advantage over many others. Mars signifies goal directed action, so gain is likely under this sign. A universal effort is needed to affect the deterioration of environment, and preserve our natural abundance.

Wednesday April 22nd -Re-inventing conservation measures in order to preserve natural resources such as clean air and water are vital to the future of the planet and our civilization. Mercury and Mars are trine to Pluto today. Careful planning, thoughtful actions are favored for best results. The Moon and Venus in Gemini are graceful, backed by the Mercury in practical Taurus and dynamic Mars, well planned projects are implemented. The Sun in Taurus is steadfast, stubbornly pursuing objectives. Venus sextile to Jupiter in Leo, creates ease of communication with flirtation or comic enhancements.

Thursday April 23rd – The Moon in Cancer is in sextile aspect to the Sun in Taurus today, an agreeable arrangement is made; security and comforts are in place. The table is laden with the best cuisine. The Moon trine Neptune later in the day, calls for charity and empathy for the poor and imprisoned, the destitute and the weary. The Sun is quincunx (inconjunct) aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius, favors using creative appeals for legal rights, and human dignity.

Friday April 24th – The Moon in Cancer, its own sign, opposes Pluto in Capricorn today, and then is in square aspect to Uranus in Aries. This could trigger a very large scale disaster, or possibly with the Moon sextile to Mars, implementation of the humanitarian relief, or rescue operation on a massive scale. Quick life-saving actions help bring relief. Outside influences are dominant, as the powerless are at the mercy of large scale power. Finding peace may be just a matter of letting go, following the prevailing winds.

April 25 2015 First Quarter Lunar Phase

April 25 2015
First Quarter Lunar Phase

Saturday April 25th – The Moon in Leo is trine Saturn later today, at mid-day in Europe and the Middle Eastern countries. Following orders can be the means of survival. Maintaining discipline, we are able to escape harsh reality. The 1st quarter phase is reached, with a crisis in the development of the lunar cycle. This could cause disarray, delays or changes in plans.

Sunday April 26th – When all is in order, (Saturn) rescue (Moon quincunx to Neptune) and joy (Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo) will follow. Much like a Passion Play, the show goes on. Perhaps it is simply our inner experience or the comedy of errors we see on TV. We become involved with the human fate through tragic-comic interplay of forces. A trine aspect to Uranus gives depth and could be a spontaneous response to the changing human condition, calling for action. Venus sextile to Uranus, additional call to help the children and women in distress.

Monday April 27th – The Moon is Leo is now forming a square aspect to Mars and Mercury in Taurus, a crisis in developing issues, concepts for mass escape from harsh conditions throughout the nations in conflict. The will power to overcome obstacles in the path to safety and the will to life itself are tested.

Tuesday April 28th – Now in Virgo, the sign of the Virgin, the Moon will square Saturn, calling for responsible actions, and trine aspect to the Sun in Taurus, as solid plans are put into focus. As the Moon opposes Neptune for a few hours this afternoon, a draining of energy and will power is likely. Mental health issues are again in the open, additional resources and human resources are needed to fill the gaps.

Thank you for reading, and have a successful week!

April 21, 2015

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