Week of April 1-7 2015 Overcoming Fears of Radical Change


A tough week ensues: obstacles to success remain, and possibly a lack of energy, as a psychological drain may affect many. Yet, most efforts are rewarded. Mercury and Mars change signs and modality. The Mars move into Taurus encourages stability and creature comforts, while Mercury in Aries favors mental achievements. More aggressive diplomacy is one possibility here. If talk can open doors, then this is the time to make your position known. With Mercury in Pisces we were hampered by other considerations, by psychological distress, perhaps, or bogged down with fluctuation worries.

Wednesday April 1st – The Moon in Virgo, ruled by Mercury and therefore, the Moon (emotions) is disposed of by Mercury, and thus Mercury is guided by the repair work that we are able to do. As the Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces, some issues are uncovered. The underlying problems may be resolved, and that gives more mental energy to work toward goals. Fears should be identified, and safeguards made. More power now relies on the conscious mind. Identifying issues and working to resolve them now is a greater possibility. Venus in sextile aspect to Chiron also relates to healing sensitive matters. A more delicate approach is taken.

Thursday April 2nd – Enjoyment, pleasurable experiences highlight the day, as we are encouraged to join in entertainment. Individual awards are given for achievement in acting, sports and literature. Mercury trine Saturn in fire signs indicates restraints as well as focus on traditional status, religion or philosophical standards. The theme of the act offered should adhere to the views of the audience.

Friday April 3rd – A measure of balance is called for, as we place limitations on activities. The Moon now in Libra can be out of balance, but we seek to accommodate the other, in opposition. The Sun, represents the power opposed. There can be a difficulty in pleasing parents, but bringing a measure of flexibility into the home can allow for greater acceptance and peace. As individuals we want to be able to express our views, but do not want to upset the scene.

Saturday April 4th – Renegades could spark revolution, as the Moon opposes Sun and Uranus in Aries. However, with Mars in Taurus, concrete plans need to be developed. With the Sun semisetile to Neptune, taking clues from the unconscious level can lead to nuanced discussions. A transformation is at hand. With a firm grasp on tradition, some of the irrational impulses can be contained, bombs defused.

Sunday April 5th – A more enlightened approach is required to maintain tradition, new twists to the old can lighten the way. While nothing is actually new, presentations can be transforming if there is a release of personal attitudes that are themselves limiting. The Moon enters Scorpio in the late afternoon hours. An in depth discussion may follow.

Monday April 6th – Taking up with the younger set, a generation comes of age. A transfer of power, or a radical change in a powerful office can be achieved. Mars in Taurus quincunx Saturn can engage in a creative change of mood. Venus rules Taurus and is more powerful today. We are more inclined to indulge in a creative venture.

April 7, 2015 The Moon opposes Venus

April 7, 2015
The Moon opposes Venus

Tuesday April 7th – A change in direction can influence the outcome. A way opens for further advancement. The Moon opposes Venus in Taurus. Shared love and attraction add to the intimacy of the day.

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March 31, 2015

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