Venus Turns to Humanitarian Work – Week of July 15-22 2015


The week opens with the New Moon in Cancer. Also, water signs predominate. With a proposed agreement reached, the diplomatic achievement is now up for debate in the US Congress. Jupiter and Venus remain in Leo, as expectations of joy continue, while those in favor of the agreement celebrate. Iranians take to the streets to welcome a lifting of economic sanctions, as they see their leaders as being successful. Increased trade and a greater flow of goods is expected.

Wednesday July 15th – As the Moon transits Cancer, debates on the measure are both aggressive and vocal, as the Moon is conjunct Mercury and Mars in Cancer, opposes Pluto (drawing in an international audience) and will also be square aspect to Uranus today. News travels quickly, electronically (Uranus) around the world. The world becomes more united. The Moon prepares to meet the Sun, for the cyclical moment, symbolized as a union of the luminaries, and a renewal of life, the New Moon.

July 16, 2015

July 16, 2015

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Thursday July 16th – Reason prevails, as Mercury transcends Mars in Cancer, preceding the New Moon, and also opposes Pluto to the exact degree. The intense debate will finally be settled, and a shift in awareness, in international relations, and acceptance of a process for resolution of conflicts is made. The Moon trine (120 deg) to Saturn in Scorpio, indicates that the marriage was performed, specific and focused agreements are made and the operation is successful. Saturn can delay a process by its more negative associations, however, the trine is an easy aspect and can facilitate, especially with the overwhelming support of the Sun, Mars and Mercury alongside of the Moon. Late in the day, the Moon moves into Leo, as more initiatives are taken for increased trade and economic advantage.

Friday July 17th – The Leo Moon increases pleasures. While we can feel empowered in this sign, the sign of the Sun’s rulership, it is a fixed sign, more stabilized and less likely to initiate change or to actually be free of addictions or what we perceive as pleasures. Pleasure and pain are paired and associated in many psychological analysis. The greater the pleasure the more debilitating is the pain that follows in its wake. As Uranus is now in a harsh aspect (90 deg) to the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, while the Sun and Moon are in mutual reception, similar to a conjunction in effect, and could make us feeling overwhelmed. If your vacation week led to too much sun, you may have a serious sunburn. If you indulge in too much drinking, you have a hang-over, etc. An emotional falling out can be avoided, as Mercury (communication) is very likely to enhance the occasion. The Sun and Moon can relate as we share the occasion with marriage partners and friends. Celebrations are in order, but moderation is advised, as the unexpected (Uranus) can also enter the scene, creating disturbances and fomenting chaos.

Saturday July 18th – The tendency for radical disagreement continues. This can alert us to situations or problems that have been dismissed or kept in the unconscious or imaginary part of the brain. As the Moon is in an easy aspect with Uranus early in the day, some inclusive measures may be taken to nullify the radical elements. The Moon joins with Jupiter and Venus in Leo, making this a truly pleasurable day, such as a gathering of family and friends. Pressures of the week are quickly forgotten, as the opposition to Pluto now represent challenges overcome. Mars and Pluto are doubly separating (both moving away from each other, as Pluto is in retrograde phase) from the opposition aspect. The Sun, Mars and Mercury in Cancer, are faithful reminders of home and hearth. A trine to Chiron in Pisces allows for acceptance of lessons learned through past experience. Experience is the best teacher, and while he or she may not be regarded as perfect, lessons learned personally are more authentic. Meanwhile, the Moon (ruler of Cancer and dispositor of the three planets in Cancer) has moved into Leo to celebrate, or so it seems, as the lesser luminary joins with Jupiter and Venus.

Sunday July 19th – The Moon and Venus move into Virgo today, encouraging a more cautious approach, analysis of details, and routine items on the agenda. By afternoon we are reminded that the work of improving the plight of the world’s refugees, (opposition to Neptune in Pisces) and the sufferings of individuals in all nations needs greater attention, and is a cause for concern. Sleeping dogs will again awaken in time.

Monday July 20th – With more resources provided, we can get more humanitarian work done. The dedicated worker is now given more resources, Pluto trine the Moon in earth signs, and Mercury and Mars in a sextile aspect to the Moon may insure an increase in benefits. The Sun in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio, illuminates and brings into conscious awareness the compassion necessary to promote human welfare. With Saturn in a square aspect to the midpoint of the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, energy can be channeled into areas of need to help define and/or heal with professional services, the victims of violence, hunger and disease.

Tuesday July 21st – As we move towards including more of the needy into our basket of services, it becomes clearer that eliminating poverty is done by providing necessary services, medical, educational, health and nutritional services to the needy. The Moon enters Libra today, disposed of by Venus in Virgo (providing services). A well run organization (Saturn) can accomplish more by addressing the basic survival needs and helping improve education and job opportunities. With five planets in water signs, in trine aspect to one another, the services are being brought to those in greater need. A wider distribution of goods continues and helps the humanitarian goals. Humanitarian Neptune in Pisces is opposed by Venus in Virgo – two planets that can respond to need – also trine by sign to the Sun and two planets in Cancer – the sign of parental concern. Greater humanitarian concern, empathy and compassion help untie the world.

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July 15, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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