Venus and Mercury Change Direction – Week of February 2nd – 9th 2014

Venus turns direct at the start of February, releasing some of the intense feelings, power struggles or mysteries that have surrounded us days recently. At the close of the week, Mercury turns retrograde until March 1st , giving more time to internalize recent events and the issues that have arisen in the process.

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On Sunday, February 2nd, we have Venus moving (apparent movement as seen from our vantage point on Earth) once again in the direction of the planets orbiting, having completed it’s retrograde phase. It was an unusually lengthy retrograde phase from Dec 22nd until February !st. The conjunction with Pluto is still exerting a strong influence, and Venus’ action is slow. The two planets did not reach a complete conjunction, as Venus turned away at the last moment. New revelations, are made during this exceptional time. Secrets are exposed, and for some it is a recharging of energy, with Jupiter opposing, things brought to light have a magnified impact, for better or worse. A critical moment for power and secrets to surface, such as that of Woody Allen’s abuse of his adopted daughter, in time for his award ceremony. This can bring things out in the open, such as Gov Christie’s bridge closure allegations. Will they finally get to the bottom of this? Christie seems to have been staging a cover-up. My guess is that he did know. He has political ambitions. That would be reason enough to want to appear innocent.


The Moon in Pisces facilitates the Neptune conjunct Mercury in Pisces, Neptune as the ruler of the Sign of the Fishes moving in opposite directions. Neptune with Mercury can also be a moment of truth, either bringing more sorrow, or elevating passions, while Mercury communicates or in this sign can obscure relationships. Trying to pin down the truth on this slippery pair, may be less than desirable for some. Illusions can be strong, and distortions easy to make now. However, intuitive hunches may prove correct in the long run. Hopes are raised, but may fade later in the day as the Moon moves from a trine to Jupiter to a trine to Saturn as focus on substance and financial success may be in jeopardy. Mars in Libra, the sign of the scales, could represent a strong energy seeking balance, although more likely to upset the status quo. Mars is in fact in it’s detriment in Libra. Mars will bring focus and goal orientation so that balance in a wider sense is sacrificed. The search for peace is a process of seeking balance, and only when a satisfactory agreement is reached, with two parties agreeing, will there be a peaceful solution.

On Monday, February 3rd, the Moon in Aries makes a conjunction aspect with Uranus. This may lead to unexpected shifts, revelations and volatility on the stock exchange. Depending on individual fortunes, only seen by examining the natal charts of those persons, a turning point is reached. As the ruler of Aries is in Libra, and not very well situated here, not really accomplishing goals in a straightforward manner, wishy-washy as it were, upsets may occur, especially where justice is concerned. The nine degree Aries conjunction (Uranus and the Moon) is also just 2 degrees from the exact focal point of the Jupiter opposition to Pluto-Venus conjunction. This is a wide aspect a transit for most individuals, although for some it may strike home exactly, especially as the Moon transits Uranus and makes the exact square to the three planets in the opposition configuration just mentioned. It may be evening hours before the events triggered actually manifest and begin to create urgency. There will be emergency calls, maybe explosive events, and, unfortunately, some victims. On the other hand, this awakening may benefit others. Quick responses will save lives, and alert citizens can contribute to the safety of others. Realizations and breakthroughs might also manifest at this time. There are extremes to the work of Uranus.

On Tuesday, February 4th, As the Moon moves away from the fateful Uranus conjunction, it moves toward an opposition aspect with Mars. This could draw out some of the problems Mars has encountered in the Libra transit. This may give a sense of back to the drawing board as Mars is slowing in its motion and will turn retrograde in early March, remaining in the sign of balance until the end of July. It certainly looks as though decisions are to be reviewed, judgments reversed, and agreements rehashed. Any new insights under the Uranus-Moon aspect yesterday could lead to revisions and prolonged discussions. If Amanda Knox is found guilty, she may have to return to face arraignment. New evidence may even be brought forth, so that a mistrial could be declared.

On Wednesday, February 5th, Uranus is less of a factor as the Moon enters the earthy sign of Taurus. We are now looking for grounding, stability and financial successes. We adore eating and feeling good. Maybe it is turning away from the media, less exposure to news of the day, and digging in at home for more relaxation. A sense of a transformation is underway, and for many, security is very important as they are raising children and concerned with community well-being. Preparing for a new era requires foresight and planning.

On Thursday February 6th, as Mercury continues in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, old modes of thinking and decision making are dissolving. We are actually deleting and un-creating our mental structures. Old habits must be discarded as we face the prospects of a changing economy and the demands of a new work-force with new skills required. Mercury turns retrograde today in a phase where internalizing events and processing new ideas and changes becomes a need as we are in a year of ongoing change and transformation. We need as much openness as possible in attitudes. The requirements of a by-gone era may not apply now. Later in the day, we find some stability is returning as we process out the old and search for new standards.

On Friday February 7th, at the end of the week there is a sense of putting into practice new modes of behavior, maybe the implementation of decisions made earlier in the week. Talking about and sharing experience, we seek common ground as Mars is still indecisive in the Libra balance, out of balance and seeking balance. The Moon enters Gemini, a sign that Mercury rules, and Mercury retrograde is in square aspect to the Moon. This indicates that a gestation of thought processes is underway, and it will ready us for future actions.

On Saturday February 8th, there is an easing of pressure, as Venus moves forward, away from the month’s long pairing with Pluto, while Mercury turns retrograde retreating from the conjunction with Neptune. We may discuss our experiences as local gatherings are likely now, enjoying a day off, or taking a short trip with family. Making the most of leisure time is important, providing a sense of togetherness, despite the trials and tasks that lay ahead. We will always need to pick up the pieces and move ahead, what ever difficulties may try to disassemble the a sense of unity or wholeness.


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