Transformation in crisis — June 7-14 2023


Newfound strength encourages transformation. Reserve resources are mobilized to meet the need augmented by a square aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. At the third-quarter Moon phase on June 10th, Pluto retro ingress to Capricorn, while Mercury ingress to Gemini, with a trine aspect to Pluto in passing. Venus in Leo is in an opposition aspect to Pluto retro, as the Moon transits Pluto at 0 deg Capricorn on Wednesday (June 7th). While easily applying the transits and aspects to the candidates who emerge on the scene preparing to contest for office, the transits will apply to everyone, primarily affecting those who have natal planets and aspects that are “triggered” by current transits. Pluto at 0 deg Aquarius, now retrograde, for example, triggers natal planets on or near the 0 deg point of any sign. Thus, it gathers a lot of influence, as it maintains this position over several months (March -June 2023), indicating an ongoing situation, bringing out into the open hidden resources, forgotten memories, and suppressed psychological pain. Pluto returns by retrograde transit to the sign of Capricorn, renewing a more active phase. Capricorn finds structure, initiates, ruled by Saturn, and defines. In Aquarius, the fixed-air sign, we pushed forward for a new era, of more freedom and comradery. Those dreams face more scrutiny now with Pluto retrograde, and a return to Capricorn. We are likely to need a re-organization and a re-focus before proceeding. While the goals themselves may not change, the plan to achieve a goal becomes multi-dimensional. Old indictments are reviewed; pending investigations of crimes are noticeably initiated. Pluto returns to Aquarius, for a second try, a renewed effort, January 21, 2024.

Summary of major aspects of the week

Wednesday June 7thVenus in Leo is in opposition aspect to Pluto and the Moon in Aquarius early today, drawing out subconscious issues for greater observation. Then, the Moon transits to a square aspect with Jupiter in Taurus conflicting financial issues with universal principles. Is the policy for everyone to pay a fair share or is it exploitation? The possibilities are open to either outcome. The Moon in an opposition aspect to Mars in Leo represents those suppressed by aggressive powers. Ceres in Virgo approaches the partile opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces, with a generational divide, and a search for opportunity often leads to dreams ending in tragic disappointments.

Thursday June 8th — The Moon in Aquarius makes the trine aspect to the Sun in Gemini early today (US time zones) afternoon hours in Europe and points eastward, fostering benefits for technology and employment. The Moon then makes square aspects to Uranus and Mercury in Taurus. The result is unsettling to say the least, although truth may emerge as a result. Unexpected gain could be one of the more positive readings. With Ceres opposition aspect to Neptune, we might also see suppression and those injured seeking restitution (an ongoing theme with Neptune in Pisces), and Mercury approaching the sextile aspect to Neptune and trine aspect to Ceres, more publicity could be expected.

Friday June 9thMercury in Taurus and sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces blends into today. Money is offered for free (actually free?). The recession that wasn’t quietly recedes, with the Moon in Pisces quincunx aspect to Venus in Leo and sextile aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. The Moon is quincunx aspect to Venus in Leo, maybe a tease, then sextile aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. Gifts may have a string attached, understand the motivation. The Moon is then in a conjunction aspect to Saturn, as Saturn slows to stationary and turns retro by the 18th of June. The basic situation does not change, free gift or not. Ceres in an opposition aspect to Neptune offers paranoia to dissolution.

Third-quarter Moon
June 10, 2023
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Saturday June 10th — The Moon in Pisces makes a quincunx aspect to Mars in Leo early today, US time zones, deflecting aggressive moves. The Moon and Sun are in a square aspect — the 3rd quarter Moon phase 3:31 PM EDT (see chart insert).  At the same hour, the Moon makes a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus. A crisis is created resulting in a need for humanitarian aid. Ceres opposition aspect to Neptune seems to indicate that the resulting events erupt from an on-going situation. Certainly, the dam that was destroyed in Ukraine is an example of a situation the configurations indicate. Chiron in Aries is in a sextile aspect to the Sun in Gemini, as requests for assistance are empowered.

Sunday June 11th — The Moon in Pisces transits Neptune before dawn US in the western half of the globe, mid-day in Europe and points eastward. The Moon is in a trine aspect to Pluto and then makes an ingress to Aries as resources are energized. Mercury ingress to Gemini, trine aspect to Pluto, as universal condemnation is sure to follow the destruction. The Moon makes a sextile aspect to Mercury, semi-sextile aspect to Jupiter in Taurus and trine aspect to Venus in Leo as condemnation grows. Jupiter in Taurus approaches the sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces, as conflicting interests need to be adjusted to accommodate the situation.

Monday June 12th — The Moon in Aries makes a trine aspect to Mars in Leo, blending will with action. Impulsiveness can be moderated with charisma. Venus in Leo in a square aspect to Jupiter in Taurus may result in joyful giving, energized by need. The Moon makes a conjunction aspect with Chiron in Aries, followed by a sextile aspect to the Sun in Gemini. Opportunities are now envisioned.

Tuesday June 13thVenus in Leo reaches the partile quincunx aspect to Saturn in Pisces, as pivotal issues (Saturn) are scrutinized. The Moon ingress to Taurus and makes a conjunction aspect with Rahu (North lunar node). Negative reviews scrutinize financial claims. The Moon in a conjunction aspect with Jupiter magnifies difficult situations. More resources may be found to meet demands, with Venus square aspect to Jupiter.    

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