Third Quarter Moon and Political Strife — October 12-19 2022 


The Russian Bear (Taurus) could be relinquishing some of its claim this week. The Moon in Taurus transits the conjunction with Uranus retro with the Sun in Libra quincunx aspect to the pair on Wednesday. Venus in Libra trine aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius, and in a quincunx aspect to Uranus on Thursday, and the Moon ingress to Gemini. A grand-trine in air signs on Friday, with Venus trine to Saturn and to the Moon, and the Moon trine to the Sun. Relationships evolve, either positively or they deteriorate. It is a good time to sort out differences of opinion or attitude as the Sun moves from a trine to Saturn on Sunday to make a trine aspect to Mars in Gemini on Monday, with the Moon in Cancer making several aspects on Monday, square to Sun and Venus in Libra, then trine aspect to Neptune, and finally an opposition aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, at the 3rd quarter Moon phase. The Sun trine aspect to Mars in Gemini energizes the day with more peaceful energy. Disagreements may be worked out overall. The Moon trine aspect to Jupiter retro in Aries on Tuesday could make the is day for of ease, while Venus trine aspect to Mars is favorable for compatible relations.  Contentious issues tend to dissolve after the weekend.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday October 12th — The early morning lunar conjunction aspect with Uranus sets off alarms, activating a square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius and a quincunx aspect to the Sun in Libra. The Sun in Libra makes a trine aspect to Saturn, as attempts are made to calm upsetting events. The Sun and Venus in in Libra activate Putin’s natal stellium in Libra, with Sun, Saturn, Neptune as well as Mercury, indicating his actions to take control of a deteriorating situation. Transiting Mercury in Libra is yet in a separating opposition aspect to Jupiter retro in Aries, all self-serving claims should be checked for truthfulness. “The problem for Xi is that he is steering China on a very dangerous path,” Fareed writes (in WaPo article) “The state is now dominating the economy again and growth has slowed considerably.” This situation describes the Saturn square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, a long-term aspect that is finally separating and will diminish in influence, however the impact could be long-lasting. Too much oppression foments a popular revolution. Putin, on the other hand, has used oppression to direct conflict to an open enemy, Ukraine.

Thursday October 13th — The Moon in Gemini is trine aspect to Mercury in Libra early today, as more information is released regarding corruption or institutional decay with Mars in Gemini (Moon and Mars are disposed of by Mercury) square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Venus in Libra is quincunx aspect to Uranus in Taurus; Venus is also the dispositor of Uranus. Political announcement and strategic moves intended to divert attention and gain territory are likely with Venus’ influence being used corruptly. Venus trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius keeps the pressure on.

Friday October 14th — The Moon in Gemini makes trine aspects to Saturn retro in Aquarius and Venus in Libra for a grand-trine configuration, afternoon in Ukraine but still morning in the US. A flow of information could help defeat oppression and systemic abuse. Limits (Saturn) may be placed on freedom of information (Venus in Libra) when conflicting views are expressed. The Moon trine aspect to the Sun in Libra follows with more clarity.

Saturday October 15th — The Moon in Gemini conjunction aspect to Mars early in the day, activates the Mars square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Destructive forces react. The Moon quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn follows with institutional deflection of criticism. The Moon conjunction aspect to Mars in Gemini overnight in the US, morning on Sunday in the eastern hemisphere, and Europe. Mars in Gemini is associated with disarray, anxieties and perhaps outbursts of rhetoric or even violent actions. The Moon quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn follows shortly after, suggesting revolutionary actions, aimed to thwarting political powers or authorities.  

Sunday October 16th — The Moon ingress to Cancer by mid-morning (US east coast), then forming a square aspect to Jupiter retro in Aries, may indicate fomenting or admonishing dissent. Personal interests are of primary importance, including security measures that may be taken. Later in the day, the Moon is square aspect to Mercury in Libra; thoughts could rapidly devolve, lashing out for revenge. A need for a balanced view is cause for political recriminations, as extremism grips the discourse, the Sun quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces and trine aspect to Mars in Gemini.  

Third Quarter Moon Phase
October 17, 2022

Monday October 17th — The third quarter Moon phase [see image], the Moon in Cancer square aspect to the Sun and Venus conjunction aspect in Libra. Mars in Gemini is trine aspect to the Sun/Venus conjunction aspect. The square aspect of Saturn retro in Aquarius to Uranus retro in Taurus remains within one degree orb of separation, still with significant influence for political discontent. Mercury also in Libra, disposed of by Venus (Venus rules Libra) enhances discourse, especially on the topic of inequality of opportunity.  The Moon transits to the opposition aspect with Pluto, involving a T-square formation with Sun/Venus. Access to polling places for mid-term elections is in issue in the final weeks as campaigns reach a fevered pitch.  On November 1st elections in Israel take place while the mid-term elections for US Congress and local governments on November 8th. Thus campaigning is highlighted as political power struggles continue.

Tuesday October 18th — The Moon ingress to Leo trine aspect to Jupiter retro in Aries overnight in the western hemisphere, early today in Europe and eastern hemisphere indicates buoyance in messaging, as politicians broadcast the assured victories. Venus is combust in a close conjunction aspect with the Sun, as the Sun/Venus square aspect to Pluto reaches partile by Wednesday morning. Recrimination surface again, as political positions are re- affirmed, political power struggles intensify with Mars trine aspect to the combust Venus. The Moon is in opposition aspect to Saturn in Aquarius early on Wednesday, and square aspect to Uranus in Taurus for a volatile T-square formation.  Candidates face reversals in polls.  

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