The Super Power Moon – Week of November 16-22 2016


The people, in a democratic society, have a right to protest a potentially destructive leadership. The blame rests on the leaders themselves, but also on the people who follow an ideology or lack of, by believing in empty promises. Office seekers then prey on their discontent. This has given rise to fascist governments in the past, and we should be wary of falling into the grips of an unworkable government, as well as a country that would be at its mercy. The recent election was a contest between compassion (evolved Pisces) and greed (unevolved Sagittarius) or exploitation at the source. Greed won.

As human being we all share in the same inborn tendencies: the need for security, for survival, and recognition, as well as a community to strive for self-betterment. When those innate needs are corrupted, the focus and will of the individual is diverted to self empowerment and aggrandizement. Meaningful contributions are more likely to be born of compassion than of the need for power. There is not one planet in our solar system or one sign of the zodiac that signifies greed and corruption.  Rather, it is a combination of the innate tendencies and the environmental experiences or social forces that bring it to a degree of elevation and power. This can be seen reflected in the natal charts of individuals, although free will is a significant factor as well.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Natal Chart D. Trump (inner chart ) Nov 15, 2016 (Outer chart)

Natal Chart D. Trump (inner chart ) Nov 15, 2016 (Outer chart)

Wednesday November 16th – Today’s configuration of planets shows one hemisphere containing all planets and located between Libra and Aries. The Moon roams the sky in the empty hemisphere, and is today at 8 am EST at 21 deg Gemini, exactly opposed to the Moon in the President Elect’s natal chart where the Moon is at 21 deg Sagittarius (see above image). Today’s Moon at 21 deg Gemini is conjunct the natal Uranus and natal Sun in Trump’s chart. A Full Moon eclipse occurred on the day Donald Trump was born. Today, with Ceres conjunct Uranus opposed by Jupiter, a wide doubly approaching aspect of opposition, the other planets are in the sector from the water sign Scorpio to the water sign Pisces. The sky-scope pattern suggests a similarity between today’s chart and D. Trump’s natal chart. However the Moons are in opposition (see image). From his viewpoint it seems the world is his oyster. He is called upon to implement a plan, a policy, to conform to his view of how America can be great again.

Thursday November 17thTransiting Saturn opposes Donald Trump’s natal Uranus, indicating that there are some restrictions on free movement, narrowing his impulsive tendencies. This is not something he will like. With his natal Moon in Sagittarius opposed to the Sun and Uranus, he is a non-conformist. Complying  with the rules of the role of President will require some remolding of his character. Saturn requires a standardized approach and taking responsibility. In Sagittarius it relates to a political and philosophical reality. The Moon in Cancer will oppose Venus and Pluto in Capricorn today, as more interest is displayed in the power arrangement and personal responsibilities. Relationships can be more attractive (Venus) but also more exacting (Capricorn). Analysis of power (Mercury in Sag) while competition for power and official positions are some of the ways the opposition may manifest. Parental roles, as well as legal responsibilities are tested, as Saturn and Mercury in Sag also relate to the opposition with quincunx and semisextile aspects.

Friday November 18th – As the Moon moves into a trine aspect to the Sun in Scorpio, we are reminded that Hillary’s Moon is in Pisces. As her natal Moon will be making a grand trine with the transiting luminaries in water signs, Cancer Moon and Scorpio Sun, she may have some input at this point.  Jupiter also closes in on a square aspect to Pluto, increasing the expansion of political and governmental powers. The balance of power is shifting for everyone, in all relationships. Also, for a time, that is 2-4 hours, the Moon opposes Pluto in the 29.5 day cycle around the Earth. At this time, there is the possibility that oppression or dissemination of power affects the individual, the home life (Cancer Moon) and concern is with identity and protection of home. As this also is the Sign of the US official birth time, the nation is at a critical testing point. Thus a transfer of power could be the most intense today, also with the concomitant result of blocking power (opposition), perhaps secret power (Pluto in Capricorn).  Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries are in mutual reception. Power (Aries) and advancement (Aquarius ) are indicated. The Sun in Scorpio is disposited by Pluto, giving power to the centralized entity the final dispositor. Mercury in Sag is doubly approaching the square aspect (90 deg harsh) with Neptune retrograde, promoting mental aberrations, psychosis as well as imagined power and neurosis.

Saturday November 19th – As the Moon completes its transit of Cancer, the trine with the Sun could help ease the way. Once in Leo, cares seem to dissipate. Mars in Aquarius helps to set goals (Mars) for like-minded (Aquarius), perhaps elite powers get their way after all. Jupiter in Libra is the dispositor of Mercury and Saturn in Sag, loading the Jupiter with extra politically correct or incorrect power, as it conflicts with Pluto in Capricorn. The allocating of power to political friends is underway.   The Moon in Leo is disposed of by the Sun, so good feelings increase a sense of power, indeed royal power. The opposition with Mars could potentially unbalance that sense of mandated power, as the will (Mars) organized group (Aquarius) opponents or would-be advisors usurp power as well. Individuals feel the all-important force of group energy. The best approach is to internalize the group dynamics.

Sunday November 20th – Conformity with group consensus (Jupiter), as well as legal obligations (Libra) is a working necessity, for the mantel of power. A lack of legal requirements could jettison a plan (Moon in Leo trine Uranus in Aries) setting a new direction, as Uranus is disposited by Mars in Aquarius) a direction or set of goals that is determined by the power elite (Mars in Aquarius). The Moon quincunx aspect (150 deg) Venus and then Pluto, as creative or inventive actions divert attention.

Monday November 21st – Look for results and decisions today, as the final quarter of the lunar cycle coincides with the Jupiter in Libra harsh aspect (80 deg square) to Pluto in Capricorn. Also, I suspect there is political bias indicated by Saturn and Mercury in Sag, to influence the outcome, as well as a cover-up.  As Mercury approaches a conjunction with Saturn in the coming days, a more definitive expose through the media, of political and corruption and court actions on the principles involved would follow.  As Venus will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday, either a release or indictment would follow, as Jupiter in Libra is in a harsh square aspect (90 deg) to PlutoVenus.

Tuesday November 22nd – With the Sun now in Sagittarius and the Moon in Virgo, detailed work is sprinting forward, winding up appeals and readjusting contracts.  The Moon opposing Neptune gives rise to dreams, images of disintegration and confusion. The Moon in a trine aspect (120 deg ) to Venus and Pluto opens us to the exposure (trine =ease) of intimate secrets (Pluto) today.  Power (Pluto) can be modified (Venus) by careful application of details (Virgo).

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November 15, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel

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