The Road to Revolution – Week of March 8-14 2017


The days so far of this transit of Pisces the Sun seem to have lead deeper into the prevailing winds. The outer planets of the solar system are very slow to change signs, and with retrogradation may stay in one sign for a generation. Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are the sign posts of the era. They mark the major attitudes, the social movements that are sometimes imposed by conflict or natural phenomenon, such as earthquake, or even electronic inventions- actually discoveries using natural laws. Uranus transits often are those signifying great innovations that affect a generation and often the course of human life (such as internet with the transit of Aries).  Neptune prepares us for a new era by dissolving basic assumptions about nature and our place in the world, the support from institutions or the institutions themselves may be in question. As we reach a stage of inter-cultural development, borders are dissolved. Neptune is the boundless state. Neptune dissolves differences, sometimes as a result of disaster, where we have refugees and mass migrations globally (as now as Neptune transits Pisces).  Pluto represents the power structures as manifested in social behaviors on the unconscious and cultural level. While wielding power in the hands of a few (an oligarchy or plutocracy) may result. This also is a transitory stage. Mercury enters Aries on the 14th, and will turn retro on April 10th, forewarning of a phase of reassessment, deeper analysis, and possible setbacks in policy formation or personal freedoms.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday March 8th – Emotional responses (Moon in Cancer) lead away from goals in problem solving. Explosive issues are driven and obsessively expressed. Failure to meet goals (Saturn in Sag slows and will turn retro on April 7th) in work or economic spheres can lead to setbacks (Venus retro) such as stock market values. Personal goals and values in the Venus retro in Aries phase encourage us to chart a new course for life. We may not be dreaming BIG, but more to the point with Venus and Mars in Aries. More goal-oriented rather than BIG dream oriented. Persons with Leo planets aspected, however, might now be dreaming big. We are at the present time wary of dissolving personal boundaries while social and cultural boundaries are dissolved. It is the era of greater individualized actions (Uranus in Aries). Thus, individuals are impelled to act, sometimes counter to the major flow of history. The Moon in Cancer is about protecting self and home. However, as a Cardinal sign, it directs energy outward. Today there is a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Sag from the Moon in Cancer, as well as a square aspect (harsh 90 deg) to Mars in Aries. The two planets Mars and Saturn are moving away from the exact trine (120 deg easy) aspect, and therefor are working together harmoniously. Yet the individual concerned with personal security may feel negatively affected at this time. Saturn in Sagittarius indicates a greater universalization of standards. The Moon transits into Leo (fixed fire sign) later in the day, as enjoying entertaining media in comfort manifests in the mind if not reality.

Thursday March 9th –As Mars prepares to ingress Taurus, there is a lessening of the aggressive posture, and a greater search for values. Gradually, stability will replace the rapid pace of change. The Moon in Leo is favorable for creative self-expression, enjoyment of life, family and entertainment or sports. With the quincunx (120 deg) aspect to Neptune, however, there is an underlying sense of the erosion of the more flamboyant life-style. There is a general sense of unease, while human suffering at a massive scale afflicts the world’s consciousness.  The Moon also is in a trine aspect (120 deg) an easy flow of feeling to Venus in Aries, as personal expression is creatively expressed, furthering a refurbished interior of life or personal interiors, inspiring (Neptune) physical or emotional regeneration of powers. 

Friday March 10th – While Mars in Taurus brings us down to earth, to practical matters and physical well being, the Moon quincunx aspect (150 deg) to the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, throws a quixotic light of existence. Then as the Moon will be trine the fire signs, with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius coming within the trine aspect to the Moon (120 deg) as we move from innovation (Uranus) to standardization (Saturn).  We could also be encompassing a greater harmony in legal rulings and education policies that can reverse trends, or prove transformational in cultural dispositions.

Saturday March 11th – The Moon moves into Virgo (mutable, earth sign) with a trine aspect to Mars in Taurus early today invigorating our connection with practical goals. Work on the physical plane is productive. Exhaustion comes later in the day with the Moon’s opposition to Neptune. However, with a simultaneous quincunx to Venus, the body’s restorative powers can take over, with a bit of cheery company (Venus in Aries).  The Sun in Pisces is quincunx to Jupiter (150 deg aspect) today, which could be upsetting to the homeostasis of the opposing sides in ongoing conflicts. This could warp the role of justification of social values (Jupiter in Libra) to combat implementation of unconventional methods or controversial policies (Uranus in Aries).  Objections to rapid change put a wrench in the process.

March 12, 2017
Full Moon Eclipse

Sunday March 12th – The Full Moon in Virgo is also an eclipse, today –morning to afternoon US times. The third in this season’s series of eclipse events could reverse some trends or herald the unexpected in employment and humanitarian programs.  The government cannot neglect the average man or woman (Virgo) or the plight of immigrants and disadvantaged persons in society (Pisces). Social programs must be implemented. This sets-off the ongoing conflict between the free press and executive powers. More stress is applied by the recognition of humanitarian injustice.  A trine aspect to Pluto from the Moon could be a sign that the control of government by a few is questioned.  Mercury in Aires in a square aspect (90 deg) to Pluto is an indication that more conflicts of interest are revealed in the crumbling plutocracy. The opposing sides of the T-square formation are square aspect (90 deg) to Pluto in Capricorn.

Monday March 13th – The Moon opposes Mercury in Pisces as it moves into Libra. In Libra we come to meet the not-self or even the enemy within-the open enemy or the opposing side of battle, hopefully with the objective to make peace. Here we are concerned with form and formalities, especially if offering the peace pipe. Libra is concerned with balance, although in this air sign, the view may be clouded by personal values and projection of harm on the role of the partner. Often we have to move outside of the conflict in order to obtain personal freedom. Conflicts chain us to a professed position.

Tuesday March 14thMercury transits into Aries, adding power and directness to the voice of personal opinion.  As the Moon nears to Jupiter’s position in Libra, encountering a square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Pluto, the clamor grows. Pluto represents movements on a massive scale. Collective voices gain a spokesperson or several, as Venus, the ruler of Libra in Aries, can retell the story. Legal battles, with Pluto in Capricorn, are likely the third force in the democratic process. As Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and in Sagittarius is disposed of by Jupiter. Jupiter in Libra requires a just solution with social values at the core. The individual (Venus in Aries) needs to find justice under the system, or the revolution will continue with Uranus in this long-term opposition aspect (180 deg) to Jupiter.

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March 7, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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