The Rise and Fall of Power Candidates Week of August 5-11 2015


Saturn‘s direct motion will now begin to retrace its path through the final two degrees of Scorpio, and return to Sagittarius in mid-September. During the retrograde phase, issues simmering in the social stew were found to be endemic, such as the problems with police (Saturn) arrests and a shared concern of treatment of minorities, often with a result of a questionable death (Scorpio). As Saturn represents but one aspect of the social issues of the year, or current time span, we can also look to the planets in Leo. Venus has turned retrograde and continues in fixed fire sign ( Leo) for another few weeks. Jupiter’s long presence in Leo, and transit into the analytical sign (mutable earth) of Virgo will end next Tuesday, while Mercury will go into the sign of the Virgin on August 7th. This will undoubtedly lend an analytical stage to the legal and political issues of the season. Also, we note that Mars will transit into Leo on the 5th making it the fourth planet to change signs and polarities this week (including Ceres as discussed on Wednesday’s post this week). The Moon, of course, changes sign every 2 and 1/2 days. Also of note, Saturn and Pluto are still in mutual reception until Saturn leaves Scorpio on September 18th. We are in the final stage of this mutually reinforcing aspect that began in October 2012.

Wednesday August 5th Ceres, the dwarf planet, a significant orb in the solar system beyond Mars, moves in retrograde motion (apparent motion) back into the astrological sign of Capricorn. This brings Ceres into a 180 deg opposition to Mars in Cancer. As Mars represents our personal initiative, goal directed to personal satisfaction in Cancer, the sign of the Moon’s domicile and Ceres, a planet in the asteroid belt, about the size of Pluto, another dwarf planet, represents a legacy of values, an imprint of the social surroundings. In Capricorn, Ceres helps us seek perfection through matters related to parenting, food and hard work. Gardening, is therefore an occupation of Ceres, as is fertility a concern. Work problems and negative outcomes for the matters involved are also under Ceres care. In Capricorn, opposed to Mars in Cancer, Ceres can call forth the initiative to provide, to perfect the home and family. The Moon in Aries today, meets up with Uranus, and this can develop into issues around initiative, aggressiveness, latent energy triggered by the Moon’s contact. Before the day’s end, The Moon will transit 26-28 deg Aries, in square aspect to Mars and Ceres. This coincides with problems brought to awareness by the Mars and Moon in mutual reception and the aspect with Ceres. This could give an initiative needed to answer problems of a cultural nature that influence home and security, food security and parenting concerns.

Thursday August 6th Mercury, Venus retro and Jupiter in close conjunction combine in a close square aspect to Saturn in Scorpio today. The resulting friction could be a display with entertainment value (Leo) and deeper implication for future transformation (Scorpio) of a nation, sending waves of influence world-wide (in mutual reception with Pluto). A harsh square aspect implies conflict, and the release of energy, incidents of harm and tragedy, are to be expected. Personal magnetism (Jupiter and Venus in conjunction) will draw a critical eye (Saturn) and analysis (Mercury), so sparks will fly! Before the Moon moves into Taurus, a more stable sign, it will square the opposition points of Mars and Ceres (see Wednesday’s post for more details). The Moon will then make a trine aspect to the three warm, colorful planets in Leo, helping to encourage pleasurable hours, enjoyment and possibly mirth at it’s height. The Sun in a quincunx aspect to Pluto, gives a quixotic effect, combining matters that are generally antithetical.

Friday August 7th Mercury breaks rank with the Leo comrades and moves into Virgo, where practical, workable solutions are sought. Rationality, analysis and picking through the abundant materials developed on future goals. We are reminded that charisma is less practical, and does not outweigh ability and serviceability in office. The 1st quarter lunar phase, the Moon in in Taurus and in square aspect to the Sun in Leo, contrasts the fixed earth sign with fixed fire sign , flamboyance with hard-headed reality. A crisis develops between our dreams and our basic need for material support. Late in the day, the Moon opposes Saturn, as Mars opposes Ceres. Lines are drawn, Venus and Jupiter are square to Saturn, giving standard and reliable respect room to form. Expectations are deflated. The Moon trine to Ceres and sextile to Mars complete the configuration, as we come back to basics and recognize the individual efforts and global concerns that contribute to stability in the world.

August 8, 2015 Jupiter into VirgoMars Opposes Ceres

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Saturday August 8th – The Moon enters Gemini today, with a square aspect to Mercury in Virgo, the two mercurial signs contrast elements in talk and analysis, dissecting arguments and choices that are presented fore the electorate. A clarity of vision is sought, as Mercury holds the balance point of the Saturn-Moon opposition. The MarsSaturn trine gives a sense of urgency, even as indecision (aspects of opposition) remain endemic. Mars opposes Ceres, as matters of concern for status and stability rate higher on the scale of priorities.

Sunday August 9th Mars enters Leo giving renewed support for the aggressive campaigns, and perhaps a more desperate thrust of energy for those who have fallen behind recently. New ideas presented are received favorably as the Moon is now sextile to the Sun, and there is more openness in relationships as workable solutions can be found now.

Monday August 10th – Indulging in fantasy or extremism in views helps release the overly burdened psyche for the day, as the routine of the week gets underway (Moon Gemini in sextile aspect to Jupiter in Leo). An information age, a space age and a platform for rich display comes into focus. Alternatives (Gemini) are expanded (Jupiter). As motion pictures created icons of the silver screen, rising powers in the information-space age creates new icons. The gods and goddesses of the screen are now the candidates for the White House, the commander-in-chief of the US armed forces. That is a position of power and authority. In the end, the bottom line is ability and a firm grasp of the situation at any given time.

Tuesday August 11th Jupiter moves into Virgo, as the importance of the common man, the proletarian, the electorate comes into view. The Moon now in it’s own sign of Cancer, opposes Pluto. Concern for the working classes, the everyman on the street now is in focus. Candidate Trump represents a counterpoint, a combination of qualities that are antithetical to those of the current office holder. He is opposite in personal traits, in origin and political affiliation. He fills a comic gap, and thus has a role to play in the democratic process of the day, and in a full range of iconography, as eventually, we need oppositions to balance the universe, the Moon trine Neptune, the universal solvent, today and sextile to Mercury, the process of dissolving points of non-views, and elimination of candidates for office is begins.

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August 5, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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