The Poetry of Astrology — April 26-May 3 2023


The Moon in Cancer extolls the virtues of home in a square aspect to Jupiter in Aries and a trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces. It is national poetry month. Writing in fragments through a prism of colors, we share our thoughts, our inner home. Maybe, in fact, this is life. Poetry is humanity, and astrology is poetry. “Despite the laudable achievements of our science, technology and engineering, it’s funny how language, not mathematics, could be the hill humanity dies on.” Writes Jaswinder Bolina in a WaPo opinion article, (How to defend against the rise of ChatGPT? Think like a poet, April 20, 2023) and in reference toa poem by David Berman, Self-Portrait at 28. (2003).  (Btw, David has a natal Saturn in Pisces opposition aspect to Uranus). The Sun in Taurus is sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces. Pisces is a poet’s sign, or perhaps a dreamer, or escapist’s sign. We need to ask the poet, or the escapist for directions to navigate the next two years. We need to focus on the beauty and pain of life, its source, and the infinitude of universality. The Moon then is sextile aspect to Ceres in Virgo, relating to healing the wounds of the earth. The Moon ingress’ to Leo (06:31 UT) on Thursday (pre-dawn US time zones) making an opposition aspect to Pluto in Aquarius, we are more in tuned with the struggle against the science that encapsules knowledge like a giant digital brain. The Moon is square aspect to the Sun in Taurus for the 1st quarter Moon phase, and we get an idea of the conflicting issues of the cycle. Mars in Cancer makes aspects to Chiron, Venus and Uranus on Friday, as personal plans develop, and favored with a fulfilling trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries on Saturday. The Moon ingress’ Virgo on Saturday, an opposition aspect to Saturn in Pisces, trine aspect to the Sun by mid-day Sunday (US time zones), as preparations for a new workweek begin. The Moon’s square aspect to Venus in Gemini followed by the opposition aspect to Neptune represents a softening of sorts, with the attractions that could follow. The Moon ingress’ Libra overnight, and makes a trine aspect to Pluto, inviting regeneration.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday April 26th — The Moon in Cancer makes an abrupt square aspect to Jupiter in Aries and a mild trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Disregard hubris and go for empathy. Mars in Cancer is square aspect to Chiron in Aries, while Venus in Gemini is sextile aspect to Chiron.  Hard lessons are learned, painfully. Gentleness extracts valuable lessons. Poetry expresses both pain and triumph. The Moon ingress’ Leo overnight, with more appreciation of creativity.

First Quarter Moon
April 27, 2023

Thursday April 27th — The first quarter Moon shines today at 21:21 UT/17:21 EST. [see chart display] That is, the Sun in Taurus is square aspect to the Moon in Leo. Demands for extra compensation, and for damages incurred could escalate. Mars in Cancer makes a square aspect to Chiron in Aries, evoking past suffering. Mars in Cancer is sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus, a catharsis that involves healing through painful release of memories. The Moon in Leo makes a square aspect to Mercury retro in Taurus, another indication of creative release. It is almost as though a new age is being born, evolving through painful experiences. Ceres retro in Virgo is quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Aries, as the quest for action on environmental concerns becomes integrated in policies with more urgency.

Friday April 28th —Goal direction (Mars in Cancer) aims to clean house through purges based on evolving values and national consensus (Mars square aspect to Chiron in Aries and sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus). The Moon in Leo makes a square aspect to Mercury retro and Uranus in Taurus. The Moon is disposed of by the Sun in Taurus, while the Sun is disposed of by Venus in Gemini. The power of executive ownership (money) bends to the values of the evolving national consensus. The values of equality and democracy are defended.  

Saturday April 29th — The Moon in Leo makes a trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries, quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces, and semi-sextile aspect to Ceres in Virgo. Mars in Gemini is sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Bluff and false promises are exhibited, in the atmosphere of urgency, with economic and environmental danger approaching. The Moon ingress’ Virgo quincunx aspect to Pluto in Aquarius. Critical elements of the power centers are exposed. The Moon opposition aspect to Saturn in Pisces happens overnight in US time zones, Sunday morning in Europe and the Middle East. Humanitarian efforts seem insufficient.   

Sunday April 30th — The Moon in Virgo makes a trine aspect to the Sun in Taurus. Personal satisfaction can be achieved. The Moon is then trine aspect to Mercury retro in Taurus, as remedial actions or repentance apologies are made as well. The Moon trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus follows. Upsetting decisions are accepted. We did need to clean house and through out the garbage. 

Monday May 1st — The Moon in Virgo makes a square aspect to Venus in Gemini and an opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces. The results in a T-square configuration, although healing, may not have a lasting effect. On the downside, niceness can become cynical. Messages of assistance become confused. Jupiter semi-sextile aspect to Neptune can divert the assistance to self-gratification. The Sun and Mercury retro in Taurus are in a conjunction aspect. Mercury is combust in this close aspect. This could reduce the ability to express your innermost thoughts, while your ability to acquire essentials or to improve health or economic standing might benefit.

Tuesday May 2nd — The Moon ingress’ Libra early morning hours, with a trine aspect to Pluto in Aquarius. Feeling complicit in the cultural trends of the time could further a powerful need to transform, to renegotiate a cultural contract, such as a work or marriage agreement. Several hours later, the Moon makes a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Pisces, a perfect opportunity to re-negotiate a contract. Hours later, the Moon makes quincunx aspects to Mercury retro and the Sun in Taurus. Hopefully, the review and re-set turns out favorably, although your part of the bargain may be challenging.

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