The Full Moon and Legal Resolutions – Week of February 28- March 6 2018 


The stellium in Pisces persists. This stellium of Neptune, Chiron, Sun, Venus and Mercury is of an exceptionally long duration.  As the Full Moon in Virgo moves into opposition to the stellium this week, the issues that were raised by the Mueller investigation as well as by the students from the Stoneman Douglas School in Parkland, Florida reach a high point.  At the center of the stellium is Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. While this is signatory of mass hysteria, and it seems founded in reality, it also is a point of decisive cultural transformation. This promotes a ground swell of feelings (water sign of Pisces), a change in attitudes and on a massive universal scale. Other events around the world reach a culminating phase as well. The situation in Syria has reached a level of hellish horror, without an effective ceasefire. The Memos concerning the Russia investigation into collusion interfering with the US 2016 campaign has “poisoned” the US political scene as liars are being forced out. Corruption is being exposed. This is Neptune and Pisces at its most in(or de)structive impact. In the aftermath, the pulling away from the destruction, there may be more positive value seen in this. If the world is drawn together in some way to overcome the negative forces, we could be set on a more acceptable way forward. Pisces is about the dissolution of the past order so that a new beginning can evolve.   

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday February 28thMercury in the Pisces stellium is in a sextile aspect (60 deg, friendly) arrangement with Pluto in Capricorn, as it approaches the conjunction with Venus. Mercury the messenger addresses the power center of Pluto, to request, it seems clemency or other favors. A temporary cease-fire in Syria is controlled, apparently, by Putin. The power center shifts, as the grand trine in fire from the Moon in Leo trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Mars and then trine to Uranus spurs action.  Venus in Pisces approaches a trine aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio (water signs). A reprieve from violence is a moment of grace for the besieged.

Thursday March 1st – The Moon is in Virgo today, and trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Saturn, as a calculated delay brings action to a halt, a turning point in diplomacy, perhaps a humanitarian appeal is implemented. The approaching opposition to the Sun in Pisces, the Full Moon, is in the evening hours (US times).  Mercury and Venus constitute a pair, a combined influence in Pisces, as work to unite thought and attraction to address the suffering of children is now in progress. The Sun approaching Neptune gives the overall aura of humanitarian thought and action.

March 2, 2018
Full Moon

Friday March 2nd – The possibility of gathering forces to address the plight of children seems very real today, with the Moon in Virgo opposing the VenusMercury conjunction and the Sun (see above image) drawing closer to Neptune in Pisces, itself the ruler of Pisces. Mercury and Venus are keeping pace for the next week, transiting from Pisces into Aries, promoting a new more empathetic era. Jupiter in Scorpio and in a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Mercury today, highlights the message. The Moon opposed to Venus in Pisces details the work to be done. Voices are speaking louder and with more compassion and concern. The slow moving Jupiter will change direction on March 10th

Saturday March 3rd – The Moon enters Libra as a more reasoned approach is weighed. What is possible in the existing environment is limited. The Moon forms a sextile aspect 960 deg, friendly) to Ceres in Leo, promising positive action, while a square aspect to Saturn limits the effect of any action proposed.  The existing situation of anxiety and uncertainty lead to increased neurosis. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Venus also rules two signs Taurus and Libra. The two are significators of four signs are thus related to the whole of humanity. The inferior planets (in orbit around the Sun inside the earth’s ecliptic) reflect the soul of humanity, what makes us human is the ability to have self knowledge by introspection. This awareness then promotes us to change and progress in an historical manner.

Sunday March 4th – There is no longer any daylight either between the Sun and Neptune in Pisces, nor between the need for humanitarian intervention in Syrian quarters. Authoritarian forces are called into action, as the Moon in Libra transits to a position square aspect (90 deg, conflict) to Pluto and opposition aspect (180 deg, tense) to Uranus. Sparks will certainly fly. This momentary T-square configuration will ignite, most likely, rather than resolve the situation, as it is embedded into the warring factions.  With the Sun conjunct (0 deg, combining) Neptune in Pisces, with the persistent stellium in Pisces, anxiety and hopelessness, delusions and despair are rampant.  Venus and Mercury combine with Chiron in Pisces in search of working solutions. 

Monday March 5th – The Moon enters Scorpio today, for more intensive work on transformation. While the quagmire persists, efforts to resolve the many impasses that are predominant in the US, Syria and Israel, UK, human trafficking from Nigeria to Europe, no doubt elsewhere around the world are in focus now.  And the problem of addiction. Yes, the secret life of the addict’s world persists in places even unnoticed by most of work-a-day society. Highlighting the issues in the media supports change. The Moon will be in a square aspect (90 deg, conflict) to Ceres in Leo today, as another rift erodes support for the vulnerable victims of abuse. Moon sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) to Saturn in Capricorn could promote change in legal or political attitudes. However, this aspect could also promote shame and neglect.  

Tuesday March 6th – The Moon in Scorpio forms a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Neptune and the Sun in Pisces, providing for an emotional basis for release. This could impact not resolve the situation. Mercury moves into Aries, as an opening for more positive action on solving crises such as debt, addiction, gun measures and migrants. Venus follows Mercury into Aries, lauding the positive moves and actions proposed. Young people and women may now take the lead in proposing changes to laws in order to relieve suffering. The Moon transits Jupiter and then is quincunx (150 deg, complex) to Uranus in Aries. This could be a major shakeup of status quo.  Mars in Sag is trine to Uranus in Aries, ensurs the success of a legal battle.    

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February 27, 2018   
Jerusalem, Israel


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