The Ever-changing Yet Remaining Situation – Week of April 13-19 2016


The threats facing our existence, although diffuse in number and less possible to define and objectify, are oppressing, none-the-less. In fact, the fear of a more nebulous, unexpected event is generalized and thus more oppressive than the fear of a known threat. The Moon transverses Cancer, and in doing so, opposes Pluto, the bearer of power and potential oppression.  We can speak out, but not remove the obligation to exist within this era, containing major issues a, b, and c while feeling smaller, less free and more in need of gaining resources, building credit or constructing a secure hide-away.

The limits on freedom of expression do impose upon daily life. If we let fear or anxiety overtake us, the situation deteriorates. Power is externalized, as Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are prominent in celestial patterns. Yet, finding the transitional reality not as wonderful as the unlimited possibility of the past, can be accepted with flexibility enough remaining to achieve most any goal. We can reinvent a path to success, or reinvent (Uranus) and regenerate (Pluto) our health or our social environment. Awareness is expanded beyond the visions of the past (Neptune). Fear that your own place on the rock (or in other words on the map) may be eroding, can also lead to more depression or increased anxiety, as there is little action that can be taken.

April 16, 2016

April 16, 2016

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday April 13th – Personal awareness of the joy of being soars to new levels. We can congratulate the living for having escaped danger, so far. At the same time, we tend to be more ambivalent about the issues of the day in political, economic and world events. With Mars now slowing down in Sagittarius, and turning retrograde next week, trine to Neptune, more aggressive expressions are muted. With Venus trine Mars, women’s rights issues take a leap forward, as more negative campaign news hits the media. The developing lunar cycle meets a crisis late in the day, as the first quarter phase activates underlying issues that are now brought to the surface. Mars and Venus in fire signs with a weakening trine aspect shows that working together can bring good results, for both male and female partners.

Thursday April 14thMercury in Taurus (personal values are measured and accounted for) enjoys an increase in attention to the plight of workers, as the voice of the average citizen is heard again.  The Moon transits into Leo, adding to the electricity in the air, the charged discourse rises, as though challenging the discourse of the majority. However, the voices and the leaders are not on the same track. A grand trine in fire is not challenging the grand trine in the earth element, as they are able to collaborate on some measures. Mercury (in Taurus, fixed earth sign) in a quincunx aspect to Saturn (in Sagittarius, mutable fire sign) moves for a creative alliance.  Much is coming to a head surrounding both forces. With Mercury trine to Jupiter in Virgo, rescue for the greater good, as well as increased abundance, health or profit remains a working paradigm.  

Friday April 15thVenus in Aries trine by the Moon in Leo personifies a kinder, quieter voice, although one with authority, as Saturn in Sagittarius joins in the mix. Outspoken, measured and creative, exemplifies the voices that will not be silenced. The Moon blends with Mars and then Venus, (a grand trine in fire signs) encouraging a continued dialog or unified effort to achieve goals, working toward a greater outcome favorable to the participants.

Saturday April 16th – Practical and material matters motivate cooperation as Mercury, often called the winged messenger, revels in power, and increased influence with the trines to Pluto and Jupiter. Public opinion can be influenced by power centers of wealth. Venus in Aries is now in a close quincunx aspect to Jupiter, as unconventional methods have an outsized effect on group psychology, motivating a possible shift in public opinion. The Moon in Leo quincunx to Chiron in Pisces is another indication of creative expression aimed at healing wounds of a psychological nature. Ceres enters Aries as new ideas are proposed for social development and individual security.  

Sunday April 17th – Uncertainty seems to vanish today, as the strong trine from Mercury to Pluto in Capricorn removes doubt.  The Moon enters Virgo indicating a greater flexibility to improve or improvise conditions as some working assumptions are challenged (the Moon square to Mars in Sagittarius). With Saturn retrograde, status and authority structures are working to transform or reinvent traditional roles. Mars turns retrograde now, as internalizing the role change in tradition is internalized to a greater extent. Ceres, Venus Uranus and Sun in Aries forge a new path ahead, as protocol s are developed for new trends.

Monday April 18th – The Moon transits Jupiter, then, forms a grand trine with Mercury, and Pluto, fixating attention on the path ahead. Venus in Aries trine to Saturn in Sagittarius today, as an independent personality, a political leader is declared. Objections to a change in status are expressed, although the rule of law prevails. The revolution is made, as well as an historical first.  It is clear that the transformation is now assured.

Tuesday April 19th – The Moon enters Libra by midday or afternoon, depending on the time zone of domicile, and opposes Ceres in Aries. This will no doubt be a working opposition, influencing the adjustment in social expectations. The Sun is also changing signs today, transiting into Taurus. The resulting soli-lunar quincunx aspect lends a greater view of the totality of planet earth and the stability as well as the failings of civilization. Jupiter and Neptune remain in a wide opposition aspect (180 deg) with 2 and-a-half degrees of separation.  The complete aspect will not take place, as Jupiter will turn to direct motion avoiding the aspect’s completion all together.  That is averting a greater disaster, but we will never know for sure. However, the two planets remain in a fairly close aspect (182 deg) until May 10th, when Jupiter begins the direct phase of its transit, and beyond, finally putting greater distance between the two on June 14th when Neptune reverses direction.  Uncertainty and deterioration in the atmosphere and in social awareness, or a lack of clarity, pervades in the meanwhile.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading my notes.
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April 12, 2016  

Jerusalem, Israel

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