Terror Strikes the UK – Week of May 24-30 2017

The transit of Uranus in Aries by the Moon as a trigger coincided with an explosion and massive chaos in Manchester, England on Monday night. The Moon was conjunct the mid-point between Venus and Uranus in Aires, as this tragic event so explosively (Uranus) occurred at the concert (Venus) resulting in the loss of life and injury to many. A square aspect to Pluto as well as a sextile to Mars from the Moon in Aries, exactly at the midpoint increased the volume and likelihood of an explosive attack (Mars aspect) affecting large numbers of people (Pluto). As this chart is of astrological interest I have chosen it for today’s post.

This week the Moon in Taurus activates both Pluto and Mars with easy aspects, as some goals are achieved, and deep seated or strongly held positions are somewhat eased. Some behavioral pruning and repair work grants us more favorable prospects. Mars approaches an opposition to Saturn on May 29th, as goals and political or legal issues collide. Mars in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the dispositor, can easily shift to an alternative voice, while Saturn in Sagittarius protects a standard. 

May 22, 2017
Manchester, England
10:33 pm
Suicide Bombing

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday May 24th – The Moon in Taurus is sensitive when not at ease, disposed of by Venus in Aries, and is quincunx to Jupiter, as Jupiter retrograde approaches its station at 13 degrees Libra. Jupiter is also quincunx to Neptune this week, and slowing to station at 14 degrees Pisces. With Uranus in Aries trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, a lot of repair work can be done. Jupiter in the sign of the scales (Libra) can help to make adjustments although the priorities may be mixed. Increase in poverty levels may result as new methods are implemented.  With the Moon in a trine aspect to Pluto retrograde, more repressed issues emerge. We can get in touch with deeper a meaning, a collective consciousness or examine personal inner depth and/or archetypal energy. Ancestral images, cultural and religious symbolism attracts or attention.

Thursday May 25th– The Moon enters Gemini to meet with the Sun in a New Moon phase today. Gemini promotes inconsistency, and vacillation. However, there is also a tendency towards particularization and personalization.  Out of this New Moon, a cycle of experimentation can develop. There is curiosity as we seek new ways to communicate. Mars is also in Gemini, seeking a direct path to obtain goals which may be elusive and complicated. Standing in opposition to Mars is Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn embodies depth and traditional views, while Mars in Gemini, wants change even at a superficial level. Mercury, the dispositor of the planets in Gemini is in Taurus, and so is not eager to comply with change and disruption of the status quo. Talk can achieve only so much. Yet, a new beginning is a sign of renewal.  Mars finds enjoyment, while Saturn limits the field of opportunity, and may hold the keys to freedom.

Friday May 26th –With a square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Neptune in Pisces in the earlier part of the day, the effects of the tragic events are felt with an outpouring of empathy. The Moon trine to Jupiter today works profit for advantage. This time could also be a valuable time for success in legal actions, in publishing and also in more risky ventures. As the Moon transits toward Mars in Aries, however, more explosive issues or actual explosions might occur. The sextile aspect to Venus in Aries continues as the Moon extends the orb through the approach to a conjunction (0 deg, stressful) with Mars and an opposition (180 deg, combative) to Saturn in Sagittarius.  

Saturday May 27th – The Moon is Void-of-Course for 5 hours and 27 min in the morning hours across the globe. This is not a good time for signing contracts or starting new ventures. In Cancer, the Moon is in her own Sign, a good time to reflect and care for personal issues and family. Then the sextile to Mercury in Taurus and a square aspect to Jupiter in Libra occurs as we make efforts in building communication avenues perhaps to thrive in relationships.  The harsh lunar aspect to Jupiter could be mitigated by the sextile to Mercury, as amends are made for harsh words or actions.

Sunday May 28th – The Moon in Cancer forms an aspect of opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (180 deg) today and is also square aspect (90 deg) to Venus in Aries, as there is an impetus  (Venus in Aries) for more universal defense programs to combat terror attacks. Mars in Gemini is then sextile (60 deg, friendly) to Uranus in Aries and could ignite either concern or more aggression, as the Moon reaches the square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Uranus late in the day US times, or morning hours on the 29th European times.  

Monday May 29th – The Moon quincunx (150 deg) Saturn in Sag and Chiron in Pisces with the same aspect, political leadership issues and anxiety among the lower income families combine to create discord. The Moon ingress to Leo is at 12:14 am GMT.  The 4 hour Void-of-Course Moon in Cancer would be approximately midnight to 4 am US times. The morning hours in Europe today would be in the Void-of-Course Moon, so decisions should be delayed.  Go with the flow and kick back for the morning work hours, or do routine work. With the Moon in a sextile aspect (60 deg, favorable) to the Sun in Gemini later in the day, contacts could be congenial and beneficial to both parties involved.

Tuesday May 30th – The Moon in Leo moves on to form a sextile (60 deg, favorable) aspect to Jupiter, to increase material gain and enjoyment (Leo) with partnerships (Libra) while neglecting the universal social issues that are more urgent (Neptune in Pisces) quincunx the Moon. This can lead to later unrest and social upheaval.  The Moon then forms a square aspect to Mercury, as protests begin. Mercury in the earth sign Taurus has values and will not readily ignore the crisis developing as the trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Pluto in Capricorn mounts the  wave of protests. Harsh criticism is bound to erupt.

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May 23, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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