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Week of March 2nd-March 9th Power Flexes Muscle

The crisis in the Crimea unfolds, beginning with the Moon in Pisces. When exactly Putin ordered the troops in is hard to say. They were said to have arrived at 5:00 am on Sunday, the Moon then at 22 deg Pisces. The move is seen as threatening, not only in the Ukraine, but in Washington, if not elsewhere around the world. Secretary of State Kerry is calling the move an act of aggression. If Putin looks to seize the Crimea peninsula, where it has a base, or to influence the outcome of the Ukrainian crisis. It also appears that he is jeopardizing his standing in the world communities, as a peaceful power. Perhaps Russia is like Pluto, a sleeping giant, waiting to show his powerful hand. The Olympics but a stepping stone to greater horizons. On the other hand, we have Saturn in Scorpio, controlled and focused, also wielding great power.


March 4th  10:00AM White House Washington, DC

March 4th 10:00AM White House Washington, DC

Sunday March 2nd – Mercury is now direct in Aquarius, while Mars in Libra has turned retro. Saturn will also turn retrograde on Tuesday. While retrograde motion is sometimes seen as a weakening, it is an indication of inward-turning, or contemplation. Saturn will not use it’s full force in this situation, but will work behind the scenes, bringing to mind a cold war déjà vu. There are other actors on the stage, however. As Saturn’s motion is stationary today, there is little action on its part other than warnings. Mars has it’s warlike energy blunted as well, stationary and turning retrograde, in a square aspect to Venus. This causes friction, but no impulsive actions are taken. Romantic issues may also surface. Couples may engage in a dispute, business partners to harm one anothers strategic position, or simply to get the best of someone who they feel has wronged them. Meanwhile, Jupiter retrograde squares Uranus, igniting an international show, now that the Olympics are over, the real game is on.

Monday March 3rd – the Moon has entered Aries on Sunday night and is conjunct Uranus at about 6:00 am Washington time. This could be the time for action, or simply a rapid fire speech from the President Demands must be met or consequences will follow. The unilateral action by the world power Russia, is worrying, and the need to get the issues out in the open may bring some relief. As the Sun in Pisces moves to form a sextile aspect to Pluto later in the day, more exposure of the motivations involved can be expected.

Tuesday March 4th – The world situation remains tense, Uranus is squared by Pluto and Jupiter, holding the balance of power, as it were, although Venus squared by the Sun shows a lack of patience or understanding. The Ukrainian inner power struggle could actually be modified by this external threat. The new government will want to maintain authority. The deposed ruler may want support from the local boss. The Moon in Aries (impulsive action) opposes Mars in Libra (action for maintaining balance), and nothing is accomplished for now. Later the Moon moves into Taurus, a more secure domicile. While action is deferred, positions are held stubbornly.


Barak Obama natal chart

Barak Obama natal chart


Wednesday March 5th– today Venus moves into Aquarius, and there could in this milieu be a softening of positions, and some progress with Venus despositing Uranus. Overtures towards a peaceful settlement are underfoot. Of course there are many pieces to this picture that we cannot comprehend from this mundane chart. Each individual has his or her own natal chart, and progressive aspects and transits that make up a complete whole. Barak Obama has natal Jupiter on the cusp of Aquarius, and Mercury opposing at 2 deg Leo. It could be at this time that he sets forth his vision or guidance for the situation, with transiting Venus now the degree of his natal Jupiter, he will be inspired to act not only with wisdom but with a balanced view.

Thursday March 6th – The world seeks to digest the conflicts, either to move onwards in the Syrian conflict, the Iranian conflict, and now the Ukrainian conflict, or simply let them be. When and where to raise an objection or lend support, to attempt to ameliorate conflict or to help the innocent victims, are issues the world’s leaders must negotiate. The waters are deep and murky. Piscian to say the least.

Friday March 7th – Jupiter turns direct, and there can be a more unified approach to conflicts, as Jupiter now turns again to speed up to the opposition point to Pluto, humanizing and influencing directly the power that has lurched into the role of untempered control, force alone cannot achieve peace in today’s family of nations. Each must try to balance his role with his neighbor. In the European Union, and in the United Nations and NATO, there mechanisms for group adherence to norms that are determined by group consensus. Jupiter, the planet most favorable for group action, is awakening to oppose the use of force and usurping of power by alien governments.

In Cancer, Jupiter can now work to restore health, or bring wealth to the underprivileged and needy. I hope this will be a good sign for all. With Saturn and Mars in retreat (retrograde), Jupiter can once again lead the way for greater integration of power. The Moon in Gemini squares the Pisces Sun, as the crisis of the 1st quarter Moon is resolved.

Saturday March 8th – a more positive mood is reached as the week comes to a close. The Moon in Gemini trines Mercury, adding to the ease of communication, and then will trine Mars in Libra. Speed of transforming power and communication are again achieved. Restoring security will take some time, and we hope conflicts are winding down.

A whirlwind week.

Take care,