Summer Solstice Lunar Cycle – Week of June 21-27 2017

With Mercury conjunct the Sun at 0 deg Cancer on June 21st, we enter the cardinal water Sign empowered in self-awareness. Venus and the Moon in Taurus further our assessment of a personal value system, as the climate of the time is of cultural change and dissolution of establishment values (Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces).  It is well to remember that the old cycle must be dissolved before a new cycle begins. Yet, remnants of the old are retained. Values should be transformed to a higher, more developed level, not degenerate to outworn, or unworkable and selective profit orientation. Taurus values comfort and wealth, and may dislike radical change, preferring stability. Mars in also in self-protective sign of Cancer, the hard shell of the Crab provides some protection, enabling deflection of attack or perceived harm. It is a good time to get one’s house in order.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

June 21 2017
Summer Solstice

Wednesday June 21st– The Sun enters the sign of Cancer for the solstice and the beginning of summer. The Moon and Venus in Taurus indicate the importance of personal values, acquisition of wealth and property, earth and conservation.  Venus approaches a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, as the value of property itself increases. Ownership equates to power. The dwarf planet Ceres is in a semisextile aspect (30 deg) to the Moon today. Ceres is also in an opposition aspect (180 deg) to Saturn in Gemini. (Ceres is a dwarf planet, although 14 times smaller than the dwarf planet Pluto. First discovered in 1801, Ceres was not identified as a dwarf planet until 2006.) Ceres is the Roman era name for Demeter, mother of Persephone. The symbol of Ceres represents having abundance, and also, losing it all.  Ceres rules food and agriculture, especially grains. The opposition of Ceres to Saturn could bring a limitation on nourishment and agricultural production into focus. There could be fears of drought and inadequate production at this time.  Seasonal adjustments are made in harvest and planting. Mercury is conjunct the Sun today, as more information on improving the quality of produce is published. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, and in Taurus, the Moon is concerned with personal health and profit.

Thursday June 22nd– The Moon in Gemini today, as we move on to discussions that wind up this lunar cycle, looking forward to the New Moon tomorrow. The Moon is trine to Jupiter later today, as we reap some benefits of the past cycle and prepare for a future of added growth. Jupiter is doubly approaching a quincunx aspect with Neptune in Pisces, the bottomless pit of debt and deprivation. Thus we swing from hope to despair, as Jupiter in Libra (media and public opinion) tries to balance all fears. Hope is essential for further progress.

Friday June 23rd– The New Moon in Cancer tonight is the first new lunar cycle of the summer season.  The conjunction of the luminaries in the cardinal- water sign of Cancer tends to growth and fertility of the agricultural season. It is a good time to plan, or to renew commitments. Family life is warm, friendships are abundant.  The summer vacation season is in full swing (for most).  The Moon is at home in this sign of Cancer, as parental love is regenerated. Pluto in the opposing sign of Capricorn makes this a powerful year for not only individual and social reform, but for cultural and universal regeneration. Mars approaches a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Jupiter, as contracts and social commitments are probed.

Saturday June 24th– De facto rule of law is challenged, legal investigations continue, with Mars square aspect to Jupiter and trine (120 deg easy) to Neptune, challenging the legal system’s bias against the disenfranchised, the homeless and mentally ill, the immigrants and have-nots of the world with demands for more equality (Mars square aspect to Jupiter, Jupiter quincunx to Neptune).  The Moon in Cancer moves to oppose Pluto in Capricorn later in the day, as massive demonstrations could be called, certainly as a continuance of unmet demands over the past year, if not on this very day. With Venus sextile to the Moon from Taurus, a spokesperson or person of position and power will be sympathetic to the cause.

Sunday June 25th – The Moon in Cancer forms a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius early today, as we try to adjust to legal issues or status and conformity. A square aspect to Uranus which follows could have further frustrating consequences. Personal identity may conflict with irrational limitations imposed from outside forces. Jupiter in a quincunx aspect to Neptune (slowly moving planets) continues to increase security measures while threats are more nebulous (Neptune) than imminent. Uncertainty seems to permeate the air. Ceres opposition to Saturn is another sign that agricultural production is at a crisis point.  The Moon enters Leo late in the day for a more relaxing evening.

Monday June 26th – A Moon in Leo denotes a time for pleasurable pursuits, or creativity in general. While Jupiter is challenged with a square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Mars, the influence of the sextile aspect from the Moon can offer some comic relief.  Venus in Taurus approaching a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Sag offers a paradoxical view of reality. Escapism (Neptune quincunx Jupiter) by indulging in acceptable pastimes is a health sustaining form of coping with the pressures of the day (or the era). Developing a hobby requiring specialized skill is perfect for utilizing the paradoxical energies of the quincunx aspects.

Tuesday June 27th – The Moon in Leo forms a square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Venus in Taurus before making a trine aspect (120 deg easy) to Saturn. This could get things moving today. Mercury approaches a conjunction with Mars in Cancer, making informed choices will make the difference between a favorable outcome and a failure. A trine to Uranus from the Moon speeds the process. Sporting events are popular now, carrying massive interest and a chance for glory and hero status.  

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June 20, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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