Spring Aura and Regeneration 2015 April – June


Spring is a reminder of nature’s ability to renew our planet, to bring new growth from the earth and winds that are warm and gentle to the soul.

Since April 1st, Mars has traversed the zodiac from Taurus to enter the sign Gemini on May 12, 2015. This encourages greater diversity, communication and alertness to opportunity. We can get more information now about personal interests and concerns, if effort is applied. With Jupiter now direct in Leo we can expand interests. Personal authority may be increased, and additional gains made.

Pluto turned retrograde on April 17, continuing to hold court in the middle of Capricorn, a kingly sign, not giving up ground to anyone. This stature alone must be admired. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, continues retrograde, and will re-enter Scorpio on June 15th are deliberated, and the system is in a state of decline. This brings it closer in support of the ruling powers in Capricorn (Pluto) as Pluto rules the sign Scorpio, and the two planets Saturn and Pluto are again in mutual reception. Saturn turns direct motion on August 2nd and will re-enter Sag in mid September, in time for the academic year!

We can expect tight controls from government and more police co-ordination, more support and communication between those two forces that are empowered to regulate our lives. While Mars and Jupiter seek more freedom and abundance, Saturn (restrictions) and Pluto (authority and judgments) will re-co-ordinate their lines of power. Limitations that exist naturally, are part of the process. Mars in Gemini is the opportunist, so white-collar crime is on the increase.

Uranus, meanwhile has been foremost in creating havoc in the world, by working against Pluto in a square aspect, awakening sleeping giants (earthquakes). Neptune moves forward from its stationary position in Pisces, ever so slightly, and is touched off by transits of the Moon and Mercury makes for wind and sea-borne typhoons and hurricanes. While this energies are ignited, predicting time and location of the areas affected are at present more guess-work from an astrological viewpoint. As Uranus and Pluto are now doubly separating, moving away from the square aspect, there should be calmer times ahead.

The earthquakes in Nepal are a terrifying example of the power of nature when the earth’s forces are released  The post of April 24th http://shoshananeshri.com/?p=712 gives the astrological aspects that corresponded  to the event.

Mars entering Gemini opposed Saturn in Sagittarius on May 12th, the date of the second earthquake in Nepal and doubly approaching, while the square aspect to Uranus was separating and the strength declining but with a close semi-sextile to Mars, the activator, the power was ignited. Other planets were also in aspect to the powerhouse planets Uranus and Pluto. Venus was quincunx to Pluto and sextile to Uranus, The Sun was quincunx to Saturn and the Moon opposed Pluto. Jupiter was quincunx Pluto and sextile to Venus. The event chart shows us that there was a complex web of activity, and much of it relating to the earth elements and explosive energy.

The chart for second earthquake was equally as ominous, and I felt when studying the chart of May 12 that another  natural disaster was imminent. Mars changing signs and opposing Saturn in a doubly approaching aspect is significant of the strong force, enough to move a mountain or a sea. The Moon is Pisces at 0 degrees, ignited the opposition of a surging force meeting an immovable object. Jupiter doubly approaching a quincunx to Pluto is also significant of a strong force of a powerful magnitude. My posts for May 12 and May 13 2015 reflect the impending disaster.

As with any significant event, there will be at least two or three indications of planetary aspects and sign interaction that mirror the outcome.

Among other astrological events of note for the summer is Neptune turning retrograde on June 13th, ending a six-month progression in Pisces which covered a mere 5 degrees. And we have not yet heard a thing about that missing at sea airliner! Not a trace has been found.

The second half of the month of June brings special joy and pain. It seems the two are closely associated. Uranus is then in a trine aspect to a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Leo. This highlights summer events from June 20-30th. Sporting events will be spectacular. There is high risk as well as high achievement.

Charts of Earthquakes in Nepal April –  May 2015

April 25, 2015 Earthquake in Nepal

April 25, 2015
Earthquake in Nepal


May 12, 2015 Earthquake in Nepal

May 12, 2015
Earthquake in Nepal