Shock and Awe Promotes Better Lifestyle – Week of April 19-25 2017

Jupiter in Libra is still retrograde, and with the Moon in Aquarius as the only two air sign planets in the sky now, they carry the obligation to verbalize and make sense of the events. We could feel the obligation to retain contracts despite tensions over the past weeks. Personal contracts and lifestyle issues are included. Venus and Neptune in Pisces are the water signs in the charts this week, until the Moon moves over to join them on the 21st GMT 19:43 – that would be late morning US times. The scales are still weighing in on many issues of legality, social contract and constitutional obligations of the new president. Venus has been in retreat, although now moves forward again, while Mercury is retrograde, returning to the fire sign Aries, just as the Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th of April. This corresponds to the current push forward, despite on-going reviews and investigations. Sun and Mars are in Taurus with Mercury and Uranus in the forward thrusting sign Aries.  It is also the third quarter Lunar Phase, a possible crisis develops over issues that exploded during full Moon phase. The financial markets are under review, as well as income tax returns. We get closer with more involvement in the process with Internet information. The Internet allows for more individuation and at the same time the accumulation of massive responses. Pluto in Capricorn is harmonious with the planets in Taurus, yet could redact as well as replenish coffers.  Meanwhile, Mars skips ahead into Gemini, allowing more freedom of choice and movement.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday April 19th – The crisis today, with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Aquarius, both fixed signs, the sides involved are unlikely to change positions easily, so compromise would be hard. Personal gain is conflicted with longer term gain, idealism and non-personal benefits. Agendas pushing for food assistance, for example, in Africa and Asia, providing for refugees, for example, conflict with those with needs at home. Children’s views differ from parents, so possibly conflicting views on personal hygiene or attire could arise now.

Thursday April 20th – The close conjunction of Mercury and the Sun, as they move in apparent opposite directions, Mercury passing close to the Earth, in retrograde, is often a time of communication disruptions.  Differentiating thought form the ego will is difficult today. Venus in Pisces is square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius, as legal restrictions are questioned or pleads may be made for a more liberal application of law. The Moon trine to Jupiter is another indication the legalities (Libra) may be eased (trine aspect) so that mercy is also relevant in some cases. Make a clean break of it whenever possible. Admitting wrongs can help set the record straight.

Friday April 21stMars ingress to Gemini today could apply the initiative in a more rational manner.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is now retrograde in Aries, so we may see an effort to meet a dual objective. Ceres at 26 deg Taurus extends the hand of plenty to the have-nots, in the sextile aspect to Chiron and Venus in Pisces. The Moon in Aquarius is in a square aspect to Saturn, so that humanitarian relief may be renewed despite barriers. The Moon sextile aspect to both Mercury and the Sun could push forward action then a square aspect (90 deg) to Mars could ignite some controversy.  Pluto turns retrograde with an annual retreat for large numbers of people transforming us into a summer mode.

Saturday April 22ndMercury slowly moves in to form a trine aspect (120 deg) to Saturn, as me allow from our private self-reflection, perhaps as parents or children, reflecting on childhood, on parental restrictions and standards that we now can forgive as we understand more deeply the situations that we each faced. Bringing the past to the surface again takes some courage, and some time to reflect, as we now are changed from who we were in the past. The Moon transits Neptune, as we reflect on what is spoiled. Before we can regenerate, we have to throw out the spoiled food (emotional content).

Sunday April 23rd – The Moon transits Chiron and Venus in Pisces today, for healing and inspiration, then on to a square aspect (90 deg) to Saturn retro in Sagittarius.  The Mercury trine (120 deg) to Saturn is still in effect, refining goals and legal issues, a  possible reversal of legislative roles (Saturn retro with Moon and Mercury aspects) and decisions due to constituents values (Sun in Taurus), or on sensitive matters not only with personal finances, also in marital issues. Mercury will transit Uranus again, with more surprise reversals.

Monday April 24th – The Moon enters Aries with an energetic call, sextile to Mars in Gemini. News releases could energize while and personal resolve to add exercise routine to the daily schedule improves health. While this is always true, now seems to be a good time to initiate new personal programs, work on schedules and include more health promoting options.

April 25 2017

Tuesday April 25th – The release of startling upsets, legislative initiatives that have been in the works now surface. The Moon transits Uranus and Mercury retro, then trine (120 deg) aspect to Saturn retro. Personal news might include health issues revealed. Have you been working on the right diet and exercise programs for your personal fitness? With Venus in Pisces (the dispositor of Jupiter in Libra), your inner wisdom (Chiron conj to Venus– 1 deg orb) the voice of experience should guide you on this path to recovery or self-improvement.

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April 18, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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