Romantic Role Play – Week of August 26 – September1 2015


GS_seal.refillThis week the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo is a main feature. At this time, the world financial turbulence dominated the news, escapism or other concerns dominate. For investors, it is a nerve-wracking experience. It is, to put it in common language, a nervous market. As economic health affects everyone, it is a globalized market responding almost immediately to the NYSE sudden and precipitous drop in share prices. Interesting also, it was the hi-tech sector that led the rebound. Hi-tech is increasingly what holds the world economy together, while oil prices are down.

Virgo is an earth sign in a mutable modality. The Virgo characteristics are: analytic, nervous, adaptable and at times neurotic. The market shake-up is an indication of a reassessment of values and investor priority. After a six-year bull market in the US, fortunes can still be made. So it is an opportunity for gain as well as loss.

Grand Trine in Fire Signs August 24, 2015

Grand Trine in Fire Signs
August 24, 2015

With the Moon in Sagittarius, a fire sign, a Grand Trine (see chart image) in fire signs graced the day on Monday. We saw then the rapid-fire spree of sell-offs and then the rebound that was bound to calm some nerves. A nervous market is down then up (recovering part of the losses). Analysts on the scene predict continued volatility.

Another auspicious aspect, is Mercury in Virgo trine the dwarf-planet Ceres in Capricorn. Capricorn is cool and calm. As the Cardinal earth sign, it can remain in control, and offer protection, acting through its ruler Saturn. So Mercury, although in Virgo, tends to analyze and vacillate in Virgo, while it attains some protection form Ceres, and planet of social concern for humanity. We are, as a reminder, all in this together. It is much more a global economy and a global community than it was even 10 years ago.

Wednesday August 26th – As the Sun in Virgo moves closer to Jupiter today, it reaches parity, that is the equivalent degree, and beyond. We should see benefits for a work force (Sun and Jupiter in Virgo), as reassessments of logical priorities (Mercury in Virgo), are accomplished. The Moon in Capricorn today, as it transits Pluto, globalization of the economy is more entrenched. With Mars and Venus in Leo in quincunx aspects to the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn, we may see more unconventional means of gain through creative ventures. The legality of actions can also be called into question in this situation. Here we are in a critical transition phase. The Moon is a harsh square aspect to Uranus, as power centers are challenged, sextile to Chiron in Pisces, may gain wisdom from past experience, semisextile to Saturn, a few words of comfort for rebuilding the structure of government or economy.

Thursday August 27th – The Moon enters Aquarius today, with a touch and go quincunx to the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo. It can be a profitable day, although also a cliff-hanger. Creative ventures are favored, inspiration can pay off. Mercury moves into Libra today, as attempts to find balance in the economy continue. Retrograde Venus in Leo is playing up to Mars, as demands for gender equality move into the recreation area and seek to overpower or change structured standards (Pluto in Capricorn quincunx Venus and Mars in Leo).

Friday August 28th – The Moon in Aquarius opposes Venus and Mars in Leo today, opening up a way to transform gender issues, and relationship conflicts. Uranus is the dispositor of the Moon, and Mars is the dispositor of Uranus. Mars is in turn disposed of by the Sun in Virgo, as Virgo’s ruler Mercury enters Libra, a sign ruled by Venus. Venus in a flirtatious conjunction Mars in Leo. Mercury is a neutral symbol, reflecting the analytical approach to conflicts, and in Libra is weighing the values of the issues on the table. It remains unclear, for this arrangement, as to whether it is the masculine force (Mars) that will determining freedom issues for the female gender, imposing a standard on the life of women, or if an equitable arrangement can be made by both genders.

Saturday August 29th – With the Moon in Pisces, a Full Moon phase, we need to release emotionally, to let go of tensions and relax. Forget the worries of the work-week, although that may be difficult if a fortune is lost or won recently. Care should be taken to avoid inebriated drivers or over-doing in a party mode. Quiet relaxation can help release nervous energy. The Moon will also transit Neptune in Pisces, the energy vortex, and so extra, extra caution should be taken. A day spent is meditation, in nature or relaxing at home, in order to avoid conflicts of an unsolvable nature. The Full Moon in Pisces today is typically a difficult time if one is facing psychiatric issues. However, giving your fantasies a full reign can be relaxing.

Sunday August 30th – Using your excess time and energy to volunteer can help you feel involved in helping to build a better life for others. Connecting to an organization to help the needy is a good way to resolve the PiscesVirgo opposition taking place this week. Jupiter in Virgo will expand a sense of community commitment, and identifying with the underdog in a Pisces reflection. Being achievement oriented, for personal gain, with Mars in Leo, can lead to forming new relationships. It may be a common man’s wedding, but a marriage made in heaven. Many lasting friendships are formed this week. There is still much to say for good luck and personal advancement in the JupiterSun conjunction and Venus with Mars in Leo.

Monday August 31st – The Moon enters Aries, and opposes Mercury in Libra today, as an opportunity to reconsider personal relationships, emotional needs and work activities, to obtain a better balance of the yin (feminine) and yang.(masculine) life forces. Understanding the feminine as well as the masculine aspects of work, and in one’s own individual nature can help resolve conflicts. Letting go of old, worn out role models, and embracing new views can help heal the whole.

Tuesday September 1st – The Moon in Aries trines the planets in Leo, Venus and Mars, and the two love-birds actually seem to switch roles A companionship, a role-reversal, or nostalgic enjoyment pervades while the Moon continues on it’s way to meet with Uranus, which may then trigger a greater expression of future ideals, or a more transformative experience. The Sun opposes Neptune today, another indication that reality is very flexible. Romantic sharing of music or film, a form of escapism through fantasy, and a futuristic portrayal of life on Earth (or among the stars).

Have a wonderful week! Thanks for reading my notes on the planets and luminaries.


August 25, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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