Retrograde Surge at the New Moon — August 4-11 2021


Four retrograde planets and retrograde Chiron are balanced in opposition to the New Moon in Leo on August 8th.  Mercury in Leo is in a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus this Wednesday, with Sun in Leo and trine aspect to Chiron in Aries. Venus is in an opposition aspect to Neptune at the full Moon on Sunday. A virus surge counters dis-information, a battle of minds.  The Moon is in a square aspect to Uranus and a trine to Chrion as more efforts are made to reach the unvaccinated.  

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday August 4th — The Moon in Gemini, having recently passed the square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, transits to the quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This could be a rejection of powerlessness and a difficult maneuver against power. Hours later, the Moon makes a trine aspect to Jupiter retro at 29 deg Aquarius, for a resurgence of energy with a victorious show for humanity.  The Sun trine aspect to Chiron in Aries gathers forward thinking energy. The athletes at the Olympics continue to show their best performances. The Moon ingress to Cancer 21:18 UT.

Thursday August 5th — The Sun in Leo is square aspect to Uranus in Taurus today, and the Moon in Cancer is quincunx aspect to Saturn in Aquarius by mid-day. Conflicts are not well resolved so discontent remains.

Friday August 6th — The Moon in Cancer is in opposition aspect to Pluto in Cap, a possible trigger for revolutionary events, death threats and political strife. While there are few major aspects this weekend, it does not mean that there is a lack of activity. Transiting planets form personal aspects of individual charts, bringing out various responses, depending on the natal planets affected.

Saturday August 7th — The Moon in Cancer is sextile aspect to Ceres in Gemini early today, encouraging youthful expressions of influence. The Moon is in an opposition aspect to Saturn by mid-day, placing limits that force a focus on the more deviant activities.

New Moon In Leo
August 8, 2021

Sunday August 8th — The new Moon in Leo today, the final day of the Olympic contests, brings a magical moment of hope for world transcendence, an evolutionary response to conflict. Venus in Virgo is in an opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces, for glamour and skill combined drawing attention worldwide. The Moon in a square aspect to Uranus two hours before the new Moon could be a conflict that needed to be resolved. A creative approach is called for. Mercury in Leo is partile the quincunx aspect to Pluto retro in Capricorn, as aggrandized threats are made against ruling powers.    Yet, the new Moon, as a seed moment, can indicate a new phase in the development of human activities.

Monday August 9th —  The Venus opposition aspect to Neptune today reaches partile, as a powerful magnet for attention, the performances of the Olympics continue to enthrall. As the surge of a variant of the covid virus encircles the globe, commercial activities are in retreat. The Moon ingress to Virgo indicates a greater emphasis on health and grooming. The Moon conjunction aspect with Mars late in the day (early morning on Tuesday for the eastern hemisphere) triggers the early expression of the quincunx aspect to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. The aspect is doubly approaching partile, and can be considered strengthening. Mars and Saturn are competing forces and both are considered malefics. The quincunx aspect is difficult to maneuver, although a highly creative effort could be made to use this energy constructively.

Tuesday August 10th — As Venus in Virgo supersedes the opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces, the Moon transits to Venus prolonging the effect of Venus’ aspects. Venus is also trine aspect to Pluto, for favorable reviews, perhaps tolerance between opposing forces, diffusing aggressive charges. Mercury is partile to the opposition aspect with Jupiter retro in Aquarius.  Speech and written communication becomes effusive.  The Moon in a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, indicating that many will receive benefits to reverse a possible financial decline.

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August 3, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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