Regeneration of Status at the New Moon – Week of November 15-21 2017

A gathering of planets in Scorpio starts off this week’s post on Wednesday. The Moon in Libra to start this week enters Scorpio on the 16th leading up to the New Moon on Saturday November 18th. The dispositor of the New Moon is Pluto in Capricorn. This could show us the ultimate diversion, or political maneuver, especially with regards to corruption. One of the standards of Hollywood and actors is the physical beauty (Venus) and charisma (Jupiter-all signs) they represent. We’ve seen a cultural catharsis ongoing since the VenusMars conjunction in Virgo, when the first allegations were rendered to print on October 5th. We can now move from Hollywood to the political figures. The struggle of life or death and regeneration in the sign of Scorpio, and with Pluto the power symbol and ruler of the sign, the New Moon on the 18th may usher in a power struggle in government(s) in nations worldwide. While not every government is affect, some major powers are: USA, Russia, UK, Israel and a few more could also be affected.  The Moon transits to Capricorn on the 21st of November.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday November 15th – Since the Full Moon on November 4, the focus on unwanted advances has switched to gay men, also to elected political figures. Outside investigators are hired in the case of a California state senator accused of unwanted advances made and is raising a furor in Sacramento. This could become a trend to have accusations routinely sent to outside investigators, clearing the way for the legislature to proceed. (Saturn is the dispositor of Pluto and Pluto is the dispositor of the planets in Scorpio).  The Moon in Libra today seeks judicial balance and justice through objective measurements. Transiting Mars early in the day, (the Moon and Mars disposed of by Venus in Scorpio) Moon is taking on extra energy to calm and protect as the Moon is the protector of security and personal dignity. Venus is trine aspect (120 deg, friendly) to Neptune, so that more musical and artistic expression is recognized. Sublimating power and libidinal energy into creative ventures is a social forum for culture, not a perversion. Violent acts are negative manifestations of jealousy and anger, such as the church massacre in Texas, and come from the same source. Mars is the manifestation of this libidinal energy, often corrupted into inappropriate and violent actions.  

Thursday November 16th – The Moon joins Jupiter, Venus and the Sun in the sign of Scorpio, as human activity rallies around the abused, the wounded and the dead. We are trying, in some way to regenerate ourselves and our lives and even humanity for the ideals we wish we had.  The Moon’s transit of Jupiter and Venus today relates to a feeling of glory and success, of freeing from the past, looking to become more for the future. Those who have been publicly rebuked or even with their personal image destroyed will be isolated and forced to change, to regenerate (Scorpio is all ready for this) their lives.  The social norms and expectations for personal interaction will be changed for the better. Positive change is its own reward as the soul becomes freer. Mars in Libra is the only planet in an air sign today and most of the week. Intellectual balance is highlighted.  A goal for equal respect is active in the consciousness of the nations (Mars sextile aspect– 60 deg working trine- to Mercury in Sagittarius).

Friday November 17th – The intermediary steps taken are necessary to reach the goal of transformation. The Moon not only reflects light, it aids in our struggle to understand, to uncover the truth, as it is semisextile (30 deg, slightly favorable) to both Mars and Mercury, gathering information shared or intercepted, possibly through means of espionage, and then the sextile from the Moon to Pluto could be another explosive revelation.  While tapped into underground sources (Neptune in Pisces), Jupiter and Venus conjunction in Scorpio reveals a fascinating scoop. Uranus in Aries at the trine aspect degree to Saturn in Sag, as the Sun is then quincunx (150 deg, complex relationship) to Uranus, the Moon approaches to the conjunction with the Sun for the New Moon.  Some uncomfortable events work to transform the power struggles internal and international.

New Moon Chart
November 18 2017

Saturday November 18th – While media driven Mars in Libra erupts, and covert communications (Neptune in Pisces) and the exposure (Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio) of the network of intrigue made to benefit, and seems to have a focus on Ceres in Leo. Ceres is forming aspects to Mars, Venus, Mercury and Pluto. The collective social initiative at this New Moon is to expose the actual power grid and ultimately recognition of the long-term effect it will have on future generations. While for now a time of chaos is initiated, mandating an indictment with irrefutable evidence is for the good of a transparency in government. Despite potential fallout, the end result is to remedy faults, not to destroy the whole. Pluto power centers can be now linked to the true social benefits inherent in democracy. The Moon ingress to Sagittarius happens later in the day, as we start to unwind from the intensity of the past few days.

Sunday November 19thMars in a strong square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Pluto today is the culmination of the efforts to open secretive power centers to public view. Plans to over-tax, to undermine and thwart the economy are relevant to this expose. Does the plan stand up to the promises made? Pluto may try to suppress the freedoms guaranteed in the social contracts, the Constitution and other documents which are structural and form the backbone of the nations.  There may be a lone voice in this respect, but a gathering audience could also be the start of a social revolution.  The Moon transits Mercury in Sag, sextile (60 deg, friendly) to Mars in Libra.

Monday November 20th – The Moon travels on in Sagittarius, forming a trine aspect (120 deg, friendly) to Uranus, as more join forces with the evolutionary-revolutionary forces that have gained traction. Saturn, also in a trine aspect to Uranus, can reduce and pare down the more flagrant expressions of revolutionary zeal. Saturn is also stability and structure, which may be revolutionized by the Uranus contact, yet retain its form. It may be the government revolutionizing its own structure, purging the stagnant repressive elements that have been lending to corruption. Jupiter in Scorpio doubly approaching a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) with Neptune in Pisces could enhance the subversive elements, and also publicize the secretive nature of the issues of subversion, as Jupiter is the dispositor of Mercury, the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Tuesday November 21st– The Moon enters Capricorn today, as the Sun is in the final degree of Scorpio. This is the opening phase of the soli-lunar cycle when we gather new energy to create growth. We find new opportunity, to create a new vision. The Moon is disposed of by Saturn in Sag, as ideals are applied to actual standards, to reform or even humanize the role of social laws in government priorities. The Sun enters Sagittarius as the Moon approaches the conjunction with Pluto, igniting the square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Mars. The doors open for details on the workings of power to view, and to a legal transformation. The destruction of status of powerful players on the national scene could be based on fact or fiction.

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November 14, 2017   
Jerusalem, Israel


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