Promoting Integration for Global Deterrence – Week of July 6-12 2016


A strong quincunx aspect between the planets Mars and Uranus persists from June 15-July 20. Although known as a minor aspect, the quincunx gained increased attention by many astrologers in the 1980’s.  The astrologer Richard Idemon proposed an orb of 5-6 deg for this aspect.  The past few weeks with a quincunx aspect between the activator planet Mars and the combustive planet Uranus, there is abundant reason to accept the quincunx as a major contact of increased importance. Venus acts as a saving grace this week, with a trine aspect to Mars and then also to Uranus, which can help mitigate and negotiate a truce between warring parties.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, promotes integrated experience. Jupiter has also been prominent in the past few weeks, as Earth’s sibling planet transits Virgo, retrograde since January, turned direct in May, and is retracing its path in Virgo, reaching the point of the retrograde degree on Aug 10th, as Saturn seems synchronized to turn direct on the 14th of August. Then we should be able to act on the lessons learned. By mid-August a new agenda is put in place.

Summary of major aspects of the week


July 6, 2016 Developing Lunar Cycle

July 6, 2016
Developing Lunar Cycle

Wednesday July 6thMercury and the Sun conjunct in Cancer today, during the developing phase of the lunar cycle, opposed by Pluto, advises caution when under stress. Action is sometimes delayed, as we feel overwhelmed. While we are coalescing in a greater community, the transformation is unavoidable, for many on an unconscious level. Awareness transcends previous limitations, new laws and new rules are needed to transform socially into the new world order. Venus in Cancer is trine to Mars, today as well, which is some relief for many, as we can enjoy a more relaxed day after some days of intensity. Chiron is also trine Venus and Mars, so the grand-trine in effect gives an ease of movement. A measure of experience accompanies relationships, such that caution is applied. The Moon in Leo transits with a quincunx to Neptune in Pisces, also gives a sense of humor, as we deflate expectations of power. If nothing is lost, nothing is gained. Expanding wisdom, MarsUranus quincunx is strong, although hopefully less violent energy is propelled outward.

Thursday July 7th – As the Moon is in a square aspect to Mars today, Venus is trine to Uranus. As the unexpected is quite expected, a harsher hand is raised. As the Moon moves to a trine with Uranus, another round of violent, purposeful acts is ignited. Mercury opposed to Pluto may put delays on publications, or even prevent communication. Electronic and Internet communications can be affected.  Jupiter in Virgo opposes the mid-point of Uranus and Chiron. Social issues, issues of homelessness and incarceration levels are addressed. Help is proposed with a balanced view of caution and compassion. If, in fact, we are a mirror image of our opponents, criticism can easily be deflected and ignored. We need to be able to see ourselves in the guise of the oppressor, as the hardest lessons strike home.     

Friday July 8th – The Moon ingress to Virgo today, opposing Neptune and Chiron while in a square aspect to Saturn. Mercury in Cancer is sextile to Jupiter in Virgo, calling for greater understanding and tolerance. As focused political power is upset, illusions swirl around. The status quo is undermined, as reversals in policy gain favor.  Subversive powers are opposed, as political opponents are felled. Sun opposes Pluto and with Mercury is sextile to Jupiter.  The will of the electorate, the worker or common man and woman, conflicts with established policy. A remake of the rules is in order.

Saturday July 9th – The signals of the planetary arrangements continue to indicate a process of undermining status quo, disintegrating power structures, and working out a new political and cultural order. The Sun is sextile to Jupiter, highlighting programs that are developed to assist indigent populations. It is imperative remedy social ills. The warning is to not let the repressive authoritarian regressive powers take over in a void created by discord. Reason itself must prevail. Progress on solving major social issues is a necessity if the powers of repression are to be delegitimized. (Jupiter opposes Neptune, the Moon progresses to a trine aspect with Pluto). There is hope for lifting the organized power – Pluto in Capricorn, through a process of analysis and reorganization.

Sunday July 10th – The Moon enters Libra, seeking balance and acceptance, while Mercury in Cancer is trine to Mars in Scorpio, with efforts to dig into emotional support, loyalty and political realities of the hour. With 3 planets in Cancer, the Moon’s sign, security and protective measures are reinforced.  Mercury trine to Mars and Chiron, indicate swift communication that may benefit program, defensive or destructive powers can gain influence.

Monday July 11th – A contest for the balance of power can be triggered later in the day, as the Moon reaches a focal point between Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer. The preparations made earlier with a sextile aspect between the Moon and Saturn are all important to the outcome. The observance of guidelines is all important now. By transferring the role of police to a role of social awareness is basic to the outcome for future generations.  The first Quarter Phase of the Moon with a developing crisis aligns as the Moon in opposition to Uranus.

Tuesday July 12thVenus moves into Leo, a fixed fire sign, known for creativity, enhances beauty and recreational enjoyment. The opposition to Uranus could indicate unexpected announcements or reversals in policy. With Mercury in Cancer conjunct the focal point, watchful communication can guard innocents at home, and Mars quincunx aspect to Uranus remains strong.

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Hope you have a safe and productive week!

July 5, 2016

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