Probing Illusion and Dysfunction — September 29 – October 5 2022


The heavy retrograde planets opposing the Sun, Mercury, and Venus presented a dominant planetary array from early August and will continue through the partial solar eclipse on October 25th. The Moon does, of course, orbit the earth and transits the full circle of the zodiac each 29 days, and is the combining communicating asset between the two halves of the sea-saw type of chart. Mercury retrograde in Virgo opposition aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces this gives an axis point in see-saw grouping for 2-3 days from September 29th – October 2nd as Mercury turns direct, continues the opposition in effect until October 4th, without having reached the exact partile opposition. Illusions abound, sensitivities are heightened, but there may also be a greater understanding developing, ferreting truth from illusion. A Saturn square aspect to Uranus continues to strengthen, with Mars challenging Saturn with an easy trine aspect over the final days of September. Economic measures to combat inflation make for an easy political target. Putin threatens more attacks on Ukraine, as his support narrows at home. The oppressive regime in Iran is under attack with a popular uprising. Then the Saturn square aspect to Uranus is another dominant aspect this week. It is an aspect that occurred two times in 2021. Currently, with both planets retrograde, the square aspect does not reach the final culminating partile, as Saturn slows to turn direct on October 24th, while Uranus continues in the retrograde fashion until 23rd of January 2023.

 Summary of Major Aspects of the Week 

Thursday September 29th — The Moon in Scorpio moves past the opposition aspect to Uranus in Taurus and square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, a T-square configuration in fixed signs, a probable stagnation of energy, although Mars in Gemini trine aspect to Saturn pushes for action. Mercury retro opposition aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces presents a pivotal opportunity, as the center of the dysfunction is observable. (e.g., immigration systems). Negotiations could reach settlements at this time if compromises are accepted. Venus in Libra seeks justice in her home sign, and semisextile to Ceres, as Ceres ingress to Virgo, denotes the urgency of making peace for the future and environmental concerns. Jupiter retro in Aries is in an opposition aspect to the midpoint of Venus and the Sun in Libra with proposals for a comprehensive settlement. One outcome can be noted as nations in the Middle East are negotiating settlements that facilitate the production of natural gas in the Mediterranean Sea area correlated with the Venus opposition to Jupiter aspect.

Friday September 30th — The Moon ingress to Sagittarius early in the day, is sextile aspect to Venus and the Sun in Libra and then trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries. There is an overwhelming indication that the time is right to settle conflicts, both large and small, as a threat of annihilation looms. Saturn continues to ply the square aspect to Uranus. As Saturn retrograde is moving very slowly, Uranus retrograde is moving with a bit more speed.  While the aspect is very close, it never reaches the partile degree and minute. Saturn is destined to return to direct on October 24th. With regards to Ukraine, although great destruction has resulted, the complete and total annihilation does not, and Russia is unable to meet its  expected victory.

Saturday October 1st — The Moon in Sagittarius transits to an opposition aspect to Mars in Gemini, sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, and quincunx aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Mars trine aspect to Saturn is moderated by the Moon, a political move that delays the implementation of an allied agreement. The retrograde planets Uranus and Saturn are forces that are again conflicting in an upset of the status quo. The are about half a degree from partile, and destined to remain for the next three weeks, with Saturn moving slightly slower than Uranus, approaching its station. Political parties (Saturn) regain cohesiveness, rejecting the radical elements, a slow transformation as radical elements within the groups, loose significance. The Moon transits to the focal point of the opposition aspect between Mercury and Neptune, as a grand-cross configuration develops. This could be in effect for individuals with planets conjunction aspect with the planets involved. While the Moon transiting in Capricorn separates from the opposition aspect to Mars.  Mars transits to a square aspect Neptune retro, developing over the next few days, while Mercury turns direct on Sunday. Alliances are regrouping for political and economic advantages in this complex scenario.

First Quarter Moon
October 2-3 2022

Sunday October 2nd — The Moon in Capricorn makes a square aspect to Jupiter in Aries and then to Venus in Libra, renewing the opposition aspect between Jupiter and Venus for significant advantages. New leadership is announced, as alliances are formalized. Mercury is stationary and will return to a forward progression, separating from the opposition aspect to Neptune without reaching the partile degree and minute. Understanding the dysfunctional systems is crucial now, as the dissolution of Neptune can also be the beginning of reform (Mercury in Virgo). The Moon reaches the square aspect to the Sun in Libra, the 1st quarter Moon phase [see image], indicating a crisis and needed adjustments. Fixing immigration systems is now imperative. Saturn retro in Aquarius square aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus sparks popular uprising in Iran, China, and Russia against oppressive regimes.

Monday October 3rd — The Moon in Cap makes a square aspect to Chiron early in the day, followed by a trine aspect to Uranus. Official proclamations are not well received. The Moon in a semi-sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius along witha quincunx aspect to Mars in Gemini indicates creative protest movements. Saturn square aspect to Uranus in Taurus signifies repressive powers combating the popular uprising. Mercury in Virgo is critical of the dysfunctional powers with publicized reports. The Sun in Libra is disposed of by Venus in Libra, an influence like that of a conjunction aspect. They reinforce the movements for individual freedoms in this cardinal sign, acting in concert to encourage reform. The Moon trine aspect to Mercury late in the day, indicates that reports of atrocities with critical assessments are authenticated.  The Moon makes a conjunction aspect to Pluto in Capricorn overnight (US time zones) early on Tuesday in the eastern half of the globe. As Mercury in Virgo approaches the trine aspect to Pluto, mobilization of power, including conscription in large numbers of fighters, prepare for expanded warfare.  

Tuesday October 4th — The Moon in Aquarius makes a quincunx aspect to Ceres in Virgo, sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries, then trine aspects to Venus and the Sun in Libra. A push for democratic reform attains some advantage. The slow-moving retrograde planets, Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus continue with harsh aspects, showing the orchestrated attempts to break resistance, and continue with oppressive measures. Mercury in Virgo has resumed direct transit, moving slowly form the opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces, perhaps formulating plans for reforming the immigration and welfare programs.

Wednesday October 5th — The Moon in Aquarius makes the conjunction aspect with Saturn and simultaneous square aspect to Uranus in Taurus — morning US time zones, afternoon in Europe and the Mideast nations. Leadership issues are opened to change, of ruling and of rulers. Authorities are questioned. The Moon trine aspect to Mars in Gemini encourages a democratic reform. Mars approaches the square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, probing the dysfunctional institutions. Mercury in Virgo approaches the trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is disposed of by Mercury, invigorating the analysis of needed reforms, critical and institutions worldwide. This could be watchdog reports or analysis of implementation of democratic freedoms according to county worldwide.

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