Prime Pisces – January 4, 2017


Jupiter is quincunx the Moon in Pisces today. Mars and Moon conjunct Neptune was quincunx my natal Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday. The fascinating concurrence is this post from my new Tablet as I wait for my monitor to be replaced. It crashed – but it is on a warranty – so it will  most me nothing. I had acquired the Tablet about two weeks ago . managed to set-up the Wi-Fi today. Very quincunxy.

The quincunx (150 deg aspect) is neither an aspect of ease nor of hardship – actually it contains elements of both. Therefore, while the monitor failed, I get a replacement at no cost! 

Creativity is by some definition combining the in combinable – the totally dissimilar qualities as an art form or life experience it offers opportunity and brings out greater depth. 

Libra works hard to balance on a thought,intellectual level, while Pisces disperses all. 

Saturn is sextile to Jupiter and will also be in a square aspect to the Moon. While legal issues (Saturn in Sag) are blocking progress, laws and traditions become more flexible, more adaptable to the situation. Jupiter in Libra represents an expansion of political and legal positions to accommodate the times. 

We start to understand, to forgive, and maybe move forward.

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January 3, 2017   
Jerusalem, Israel




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