Political Content on the Internet — February 22- March 1 2023


Ceres in Libra makes an opposition aspect to Venus, while Mars in Gemini represents independent journalism. Issues around Internet use and censorship are in the Supreme Courts’ docket this week. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius makes the conjunction with Venus on March 1st-3rd, expanding its ruling to limit certain content shown to users some see as a form of censorship. As content is often political, the rulings may also be political. Uranus in Taurus is disposed of by Venus, a signal that financial rewards are the motivation. Mercury in Aquarius approaches the conjunction aspect with Saturn, indicating some limitations or regulations will be implemented. Ceres retro in Libra is activated. Younger generations may be compromised.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday February 22ndVenus and Moon in Aries, joining Jupiter and Chiron, make for a lesser stellium. Some astrologers consider 3 or 4 planets in a Sign or House to be a stellium. However, for a full stellium, which is rare, at least 5 planets need to be in one Sign or House. A four planet stellium occurs quite frequently. If Chiron is included, there are four planets in Aries today. Mercury in Aquarius trine aspect to Mars in Gemini, encompass all the planets except for Pluto in the arc from Aquarius to Gemini. Ceres, a dwarf planet, and retrograde in Libra is in an opposition aspect to the Moon and Venus from the sign Libra in the opposite hemisphere, forming the handle of the basket formation. Ceres holds greater importance due to this position. Here is the need to find a balance. With Venus ingress to Aries, we move from a compassionate relationship to one where personal needs are emphasized. We sense that the waiting is over. Now is the time to act to ensure that we are getting our due. Ceres, in the opposition aspect, presses for environmental awareness and rights of the youthful generation.  Mercury trine aspect to Mars indicates that the rush is on. Pressing for action to move the process forward and overcome any blocks. The Moon is in a conjunction aspect with Jupiter in the afternoon (US time zones) as personal interests are integrated with community for a general improvement in conditions.

Thursday February 23rd — With a stellium in Aries, we expect bold actions. The semi-sextile aspect of Mars in Gemini and Uranus in Taurus is separating, while the semi-sextile aspect of Venus in Aries to the Sun in Pisces approaches. The beauty of past civilizations is revived. Mercury in Aquarius is trine aspect to Mars, an indication that motivations are clearly expressed. Mars is the dispositor of the planets in Aries. Only Pluto and Ceres are outside this arc from Aquarius to Gemini. Mars moves forward to forge a new document, affecting change for massive populations. Saturn in Aquarius approaches the semi-sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, effective now through early March, as Saturn ingress to Pisces, an indication that laws may be refined to suit the present era. The Moon in Aries makes simultaneous sextile aspects to Mars and Mercury early in the day.  Strong opinions are expressed about any changed laws.  Venus in Aries approaches the opposition aspect to Ceres retro in Libra, effective over the next 3-4 days, self-interest is attractive, and may not benefit future generations. 

Friday February 24th — The Moon in Taurus makes a sextile aspect to the Sun in Pisces, as practical solutions are sought. Venus’ semi-sextile aspect to both the Moon and the Sun while in opposition aspect to Ceres in Libra, highlights an amiable compromise. The Moon in a conjunction aspect with Rahu in Taurus pushes to finalize the proposal. The Sun is quincunx aspect to Ceres, an indication that there is uncertainty, such as allowing for use or abuse of the implemented laws.
Saturday February 25thVenus in Aries reaches partile semi-sextile aspect to the Sun in Pisces, and Saturn in Aquarius to the semi-sextile aspect to Pluto in Cap, building support on issues, without common ground. The Moon in Taurus reaches the conjunction aspect with Uranus, early morning US time zones, afternoon in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, indicating a reversal of trends. The Moon semi-sextile aspect to Mars pushes the agenda forward. While alterations in legal documents seem minor, the impact could be great. The Moon makes a square aspect to Mercury in Aquarius, with major protests staged against the proposed controlling measures. The Moon is then sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces as massive demonstrations exhibit passionate commitment.

Sunday February 26th — The Moon in Taurus makes a square aspect to Saturn early morning US time zones, afternoon in Ukraine, as major conflicts are launched. The Moon is trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, with more a substantive push from international allies. It could be the decisive phase of the war in Ukraine, as Pluto will ingress Aquarius in March. Saturn ingress Pisces also in March for rebuilding after war and earthquake, fire, and flood. The Moon ingress to Gemini makes a trine aspect to Ceres retro in Libra, as care for future generations is given. Mercury in Aquarius is semi-sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces, as recognition of destructive forces impacts thought. The Moon makes a square aspect to the Sun in Pisces before midnight EST, just minutes after midnight PST, for the first quarter Moon of the current cycle.

First Quarter Moon
February 26-27 2023

Monday February 27th — The first quarter Moon phase occurs at 08:07 UT (GMT), [see chart image] later in the morning farther east. Of course, the celestial events happen at one time, although the time of day varies according to location on the planet Earth. The first quarter Moon represents a developing phase, possibly a conflict, as issues emerge. The Moon in Gemini is square aspect to the Sun in Pisces, both mutable signs, as Gemini Moon conflicts with the dissolution of the Pisces Sun.  Efforts to change the tone are met with a deepening sorrow. Efforts to rebuild are made while destruction undermines those efforts. Getting above the pace of deterioration takes increased effort. The Moon is in a square aspect to Venus in Aries, and Venus is semi-sextile aspect to the Sun. Thus, Venus in Aries is moderating the conflict, offering support when needed. The Moon then is sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries, expanding the realm of free speech against censorship. Jupiter promotes justice, and relates to court rulings, that may be under discussion. Saturn in Aquarius may limit the freedom of the Internet. The Moon transits to the conjunction aspect with Mars in Gemini, invigorating the discussion and the role of censorship in a free speech democracy.

Tuesday February 28th — The Moon in Gemini makes a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, an indication that mysteries are clarified. The Moon’s trine aspects to Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius as reports are published concerning the Internet and legal restrictions that are made. Venus approaches the conjunction aspect with Jupiter in Aries indicates that friendships are forged around common goals. Mars in Gemini is flexible and experimental. More aggressive actions (Mars) contrast with the restrictive measures (Saturn).  The Moon ingress to Cancer and square aspect to Ceres retro in Libra. Tough love or reflexive rebellions result. Venus, as the dispositor of Ceres, could indicate a large, stagged revolt. Mars is the dispositor of the planets in Aries, and Mercury is the dispositor of Mars. Mercury addresses the limitations imposed on speech and internet in the approaching conjunction aspect with Saturn in Aquarius (disposed of by Uranus in Taurus). As Uranus is disposed of by Venus, aggressive actions lead to revolt, when profits are impacted. The Supreme Court ruling in a conservative fashion (Saturn) is empowered to restrict some forms of Internet activities.

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February 21, 2023
Jerusalem, Israel

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