Mutable Signs of Major Transition — November 30 — December 7 2022


The Moon in Pisces joins the slow-moving planets Neptune and Jupiter in the mutable-water sign.  With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the mutable-fire sign of Sagittarius, Mars in the mutable air sign Gemini, and Ceres in the mutable-earth sign Virgo, there is a lot of flexibility in transitions. Uranus and Saturn are in fixed signs, while Pluto and Chiron are in the cardinal sign Capricorn. Pluto has a universal impact through the cardinal – earth sign, while Chiron retro in Aries may tend to reflexive inner healing. The universal transition that is evolving with Neptune and Jupiter preparing to transition the Aries point, is triggered by the Moon this week, with Neptune changing to a direct motion.  A major transition in worldwide social contracts is in process. During the year from March 2023 to January 2024, Pluto is transitioning from Capricorn into Aquarius. As protests rage against authoritarian regimes, the transitional process is undeniably in evidence.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

First Quarter Moon
November 30, 2022

Wednesday November 30th — The first quarter Moon in Pisces, square aspect to the Sun in Sagittarius, represents a crisis in implementing universally transformative programs. The World Cup tournament in a Middle Eastern Muslim nation is a shift in awareness in the sporting event (Sagittarius). Cultural conflicts inevitably have arisen, as western visitors may conflict with strict Muslim requirements. However, this is an opening event for East-West cultural exchange. Protests in China as well as in Iran threatened to force regime change. The Moon in a sextile aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus encourages revolution. Overnight in the western hemisphere, early on Thursday in the eastern half of the globe, the Moon transits to the sensitive pressure focal point to the opposition aspect Mars in Gemini to Venus in Sadge.  Some protests are being exploited and others suppressed.

Thursday December 1st — The Moon is in a conjunction aspect with distant Neptune early today, for the Western Hemisphere, midday for Europe and the Middle East, evening hours for China, and midnight for Australia. A bit of empathy goes a long way, as Neptune stationary changes to direct motion along its route around the Sun. Mercury in Sadge is square aspect to Neptune/Moon conjunction aspect, augmenting strife and dissolution. Mars retro in Gemini is in an opposition aspect to Venus in Sadge, with Venus’ sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn separates slowly from the trine aspect to Mars. Trusted relationships are under stress, as Mars retro in Gemini tends to stir-up controversy. Saturn in Aquarius seeks to limit discord, holding traditions to the highest ideals.

Friday December 2nd — The Moon in Aries makes a trine aspect to the Sun in Sadge, a focus on resolving conflicts, as Venus approaches the square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Mars retro in Gemini separates from the trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. Painful experiences can be exploited as guard rails are removed. The Moon transits to the conjunction aspect with Chiron retro in Aries, as grievances are aired.

Saturday December 3rd — The Moon in Aries is disposed of by Mars in Gemini indicates advancement through advocacy as the Moon is sextile aspect to Mars and also sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. Limitations may be adjusted to suit the flag of the contestants. Saturn is disposed of by Uranus in Taurus, Mars is disposed of by Mercury in Sadge. Violent means may be used to maintain national identities. The Moon transits to trine aspect with Venus and Mercury in Sadge. Fair play in sports events is maintained. The Moon is disposed of by Mars retro in Gemini, aggressive rallying for contestants in sports and armed conflicts. A square aspect from the Moon to Pluto in Capricorn forcefully eliminates aggressive interaction, as the guards are called out.  Chiron retro in Aries is trine aspect to the Sun in Sadge, for legal action to take precedence over discord.

Sunday December 4th — The Moon ingress to Taurus, and Jupiter at 29 deg Pisces seems to seek to calm the air with a possible token to relinquish power. New goals are set, as Mars retro in Gemini remains flexible. Ceres in Virgo is square aspect to Venus and Mercury in Sadge, challenging the environmental effects of armed conflicts, and the further deterioration of air and sea quality as the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are disposed of by Jupiter in Pisces. Ceres is in opposition aspects to Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, drawing the two planets of expansion into an effective conjunction aspect. Activism against travel and excessive use of non-renewable resources gains momentum.

Monday December 5th — The Moon in Taurus is quincunx aspect to the Sun in Sadge, then transits to the conjunction aspect with Uranus retro. Economic and political unrest, a revolution not likely to be smooth. Three major oppressive regimes, led by Putin, Xi, and Khamenei, are threatened by mass demonstrations demanding freedom, as major confrontations build.  More explosive incidents are likely now. Economic turmoil follows. Seismic eruptions have increased since the powerful New Moon in Sadge (parallel by latitude as well as conjunction by longitude), while the Moon conjunction aspect with Uranus signals more eruptions, physical earth eruptions and economic reversals. The Moon in a square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius represents challenges to democratic authorities. Mercury in Sadge is square aspect to Jupiter in Pisces. The chaos has a goal to reform governments, while random actions during protests result in oppression.

Tuesday December 6thMercury in Sadge ingress to Capricorn. Authorities announce measure to regain order. The Moon in Taurus makes a quincunx aspect to Venus, a trine aspect to Pluto and then a quincunx aspect to Mercury. Concessions could be made in efforts to quell demonstrations. Venus in Sadge is semisextile aspect to Pluto in Cap, attempts to challenge leadership are rebuffed. Women face persecution under the Iranian regime. Uranus retro is quincunx aspect to the Sun in Sadge indicating possible travel disruptions, also disruptions related to the World Cup tournaments and other sports events, leading to the Full Moon aspect late in the day.

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