Mercury Retrograde Reverses Expectations – Week of December 13-19 2017


Mercury retrograde hurries back to retrace his contacts with Venus and Jupiter. Mercury retro is semi-sextile to Jupiter at the New Moon on the 18th, while conjunct with Venus on the 16th and 17th for the upcoming weekend. This is a good time to get together, and to discover friendship. However, commitments may not be lasting.  Only on the 23th of December, when Mercury returns to direct transit, should one make engagements and promises for the future. Meanwhile, if things aren’t going exactly as planned, try to enjoy the present with the Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, and conjunct Mars, old issues and underlying problems may be brought into focus. The Moon conjunct Jupiter on the 14th would help bring us together as a community or with shared feelings on a deeper level. The Moon ingress to Sagittarius occurs on the 15th US times and on the 16th in Europe and Asia for a stellium formation.  With all the fire sign planets one wonders if that arrow is for peace or conflict.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday December 13th – The Moon in Scorpio today brings out deep emotions and may promote a catharsis, as the Moon transits Mars. With four planets in Sagittarius, the inclination to overcome problems, to express philosophical ideals becomes a way to transform personal issues. Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Sag are talking through problems. Saturn in the 29th degree indicates that a shift there is imminent in the socio-political atmosphere. We sense that the need to be more focused and relevant to the time, as the world at large seems to limit continued uncertainty.

Thursday December 14th – With the Sun close to forming a trine aspect to Uranus, the powerful disruptor gets more airtime. If we thought things were becoming quieter, this approaching aspect could even now be threatening. While the trine aspect is generally an “easy” aspect, the planets involved have certain characteristics, that even in a favorable aspect, unpleasant things may result. As the Sun in Sagittarius denotes leaders of religious faith or political powers, and Uranus in Aries brings transformation in an unexpected and often violent manner. Trines are easy, but not always fun and favorable. There could be reversals in power at this time, a coup or unexpected overturn of rule. The Moon conjunction to Jupiter could trigger actions that undermine power and authority. 

December 15, 2017

Friday December 15th – The Sun trine aspect to Uranus in fire signs (see above image), Mercury and Venus conj in Sag, while the Moon is quincunx to Uranus, acknowledging the difficult situation is necessary to reaching agreements and finding solutions. Preparing for the future, the past must be put in order. Ceres in Leo is trine aspect to VenusMercury conjunction in Sagittarius. Ceres is a guardian of children, anxious for their well being, and speaks out on their behalf. The generational influence is strong, as Ceres is quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon in Scorpio is trine to Chiron and quincunx Uranus before the ingress to Sagittarius, as we prepare for the New Moon phase.

Saturday December 16th – As generational and universal revelations bring out the compulsive nature, and the hidden desires and impulses of leaders and role models, a through housecleaning is called for. As Saturn is to transit into Capricorn next week, new standards are established. The two and half years of the transit could bring powerful leaders and hopefully more moral leaders to the helm.  Idealistic and perhaps hypocritical claims are now made, as the legal apparatus moves forward with the stellium in Sagittarius.  

Sunday December 17th – The release of withheld documents, more relationship history and some greater interest in applying religious standards, as the awakening of the US collective consciousness to abusive behaviors is pervasive and indelible.  If the future is now, history is being made. There is no turning back to a more ignorant time. The Moon is trine aspect to Ceres in Leo, will then transit to conjunction with Venus, gaining personal views that have changed attitudes and will hopefully be part of a higher gestalt consciousness for the new era with the New Moon at 26 deg Sagittarius in the late hours US times, early morning in Israel and Europe. 

Monday December 18th – The Moon’s conjunction with Saturn before leaving Sagittarius is a firm reminder for instituting stricter rules for behavior.  The Moon’s first aspect, a sextile to Mars seven hours after the New Moon, helps to redirect our self-image for a more perfect humanity.  No perfection is possible but improvement is always welcome. The quincunx aspect(150 degrees, problematic) from Ceres to Pluto is as Ceres stationary transmits the need for protection of young people, especially girls, into the more global consciousness.

Tuesday December 19th – As Ceres in Leo turns retrograde the Moon transits Pluto, hopefully to transform the will of humanity in this holiday season, to greater strength in the protection of innocent young people. There could be a reversal in expectations, in the outcome of votes and public opinion of elected officials.  Venus in Sag approaches a square aspect to Chiron in Pisces, as universal self-vigilance is required and should be internalized.  Venus also is in a trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Uranus in Aries, as attractions are revealed, or put under a legal microscope. More revelations of secret relationships are likely to come out now. Restrictions (Saturn) and security (Capricorn) are also reinforced.

Enjoy the holiday season.  Happy Chanukah!
Thanks for reading my forecast for the week.

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December 11, 2017   
Jerusalem, Israel





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