Mercury Retrograde Retreats to Leo – Week of August 30- September 5 2017

Mercury in Virgo has set our minds into a practical mode, analyzing the present and preparing for the future. Mercury now retrograde (apparent) retreats back into Leo, glowing with purpose. With Jupiter and Saturn pivoting to a direct motion, the wheels for advancement are turning. The imperative route is clear. Slow down and work out the problems now. Jupiter and Saturn are in a sextile (60 deg) relationship, promoting better coordination of efforts. Uranus is in a trine (120 deg) aspect with Mars, urging immediate assistance as Mercury retro is conjunct to Mars, and stations at that degree turning direct on September 5th, as Mars moves into Virgo, for greater safety, and applying lessons learned. Finally, on the 5th also, the Sun is in opposition to Neptune, as though shinning a light on the depths of humanity and universal service efforts.

Wednesday August 30th – The Moon in Sag transits Saturn today, as we are intensely aware of our need for legislative responsibility. The Sun and Mercury in Virgo are agents of workforces in time of emergency. Rescue and repair operations are underway, regardless of social funding for services. Unpredictable Uranus is trine the midpoint of Mars and Mercury retro converging on the partile (exact) degree in Leo this week. The immediate assistance is a voluntary network of independent resources, as there is a lack of coordination in the flood stricken areas. The only strong alignments are Uranus to the MercuryMars approaching conjunction, and Ceres at 20 deg Cancer in a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Jupiter in Libra also quincunx (150 deg, problematic) aspect to Saturn in Sag. The quincunx aspect, while problematic, between Ceres and Saturn can indicate repair through purification of faults, of systemic problems (Saturn in Sag) as they relate to humanitarian issues (Ceres in Cancer).

Thursday August 31st – The Moon is trine to Mars early today as there shows rush in the processing of claims before responsibility issues are settled. This could require court action to assign responsibility for injuries and damages. The Moon in Capricorn is trine to Mercury on the cusp of Virgo early today. The assessment phase of the need for services to those afflicted has reached the bureaucratic tables of financial distribution. This may seem limited, as Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, which can focus and deny as well as rule over adversity. The Moon then proceeds to form a trine aspect with the Sun in Virgo, as a calmer, more satisfactory mood as individuals receive care and treatment. It has been slow to arrive, but at last there is more organized relief effort. Mercury at 0 deg Virgo is the final dispositor, along with Neptune in Pisces. The network of communication and service is essential to the recovery operations. One might compare the efforts to situations worldwide, of flooding and rescue operations, and be able to provide for a more effective system when nature’s disasters strike.

Friday September 1st – As the Moon advances in Capricorn to meet up with Pluto – suggesting intense conference and consultation, Mercury moves back into Leo– a return to joy and sorrow. With knowledge of losses or gains, preparations for the work ahead are made. More upsetting news can reach our eyes and ears. Many expressions of anger (Mars in Leo) due to the sudden nature of the loss, and the lack of resources to replace basic homes and business property, are made. Ceres at 21 deg Cancer opposes the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Ceres is the symbol of loss and separation as well as parental care for children. With the opposition to Pluto, the modifying influence of the Moon could help with the hope for renewal. Mars in Leo, in a quincunx aspect (150 deg) to Chiron in Pisces, admits to adversity while seeking reason and understanding with the conjunction to Mercury also in Leo. The damage cannot be wholly understood, the economic and the personal loss (Uranus in Aries) trine (120 deg, easy) to Mars in Leo (life preservation), is a rapid disruption of goals. New programs need to be implemented, with economic backing. Elsewhere, innovative projects are achieving recognition (Uranus trine to Mercury and Mars).

Saturday September 2nd– Realizations resulting from the scope of damage help to plan for future occurrences. The network of communication (Mercury conjunct Mars) is valuable (Leo, pride) as victims cope with lives forever altered, impacted by the disaster. Human interactions with nature are both the cause and the cure for the situation. Human ingenuity needs to develop a blueprint of services and emergency facilities needed. The Sun in Virgo is doubly approaching an opposition to Neptune (retrograde in Pisces and Sun-always direct motion) the opposition aspect (180 deg) brings Individual consciousness (the Sun in Virgo) to expand in empathy (Neptune in Pisces) and to bring to awareness the humanitarian aspects of survival in a more turbulent environmental era.

Sunday September 3rd – The Moon enters Aquarius overnight, and now opposes Venus in Leo. Venus is the dispositor of Jupiter in Libra, giving it a great deal of expanded impact. The loss of innocent life, the loss of family and home is impacting the consciousness of many. Venus in Leo enjoys creativity, opposed to the Moon in Aquarius, that creativity becomes more ironic. The universality of disaster (Uranus is the dispositor of the Moon) and the unexpected loss of family and friends strike close to home.

Monday September 4th – The Moon in Aquarius is trine (120 deg) to Jupiter in Libra and sextile (60 deg) to Saturn in Sagittarius, as grand schemes (Jupiter in Libra) are implemented for like minded groups (Moon in Aquarius). Mars moves ahead of Mercury retro in Leo, as goals are reformatted to the situation. Mars proposes goals for immediate action. The Sun is opposed by Neptune today, as urgent services are needed for psychiatric emergencies, with the Full Moon approaching. Mercury is partile (exact) to the trine (120 deg, flowing) with Uranus, as more interruptions and unexpected communications are received for emergency related services.

September 5, 2017
Full Moon in Pisces

Tuesday September 5thMercury in Leo returns to a direct  motion, to reform the conjunction aspect with Mars. The conjunction was never completely dissolved, as Mercury returns to pressure the action of emergency and welfare workers’ services (Mars in Virgo) or vice versa, Mars presses Mercury into action, with a more precise report. Mars moves into Virgo as increased services are needed, with the Moon in opposition aspect to Pisces, greater tension and urgency is demanded. The goal-orientation is towards repairing the damage and finding safety for those in peril. Uranus trine (120 deg, rapid) the Mars and Mercury pair continues the sense of emergency. The Moon will transit Neptune before the Full Moon is completed tonight at 13 deg Virgo. We are reminded that we are all vulnerable in this world.

Hope you have a fun and safe week!

Jerusalem, Israel
August 29, 2017

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