Jupiter Promotes Emerging Transformation – Week of September 7-13 2016


Mercury’s reversal and return over Jupiter’s path in the elliptic cycle of the planet, as we see new photos of Jupiter taken by the Juno space craft upon reaching Jupiter’s inner space, is a symbolic recognition of the exploration of the solar system we inhabit. Mercury communicates and transfers information, while Jupiter is appreciated for its size and beauty. The qualities of the physical planet are indeed recognizable in our astrological lore. As we discover our neighbors, we in fact learn about ourselves.

As Saturn and Neptune are reaching an exact square aspect, we are seeing this in many issues of the year. The Brexit issue, where the UK seeks to disassociate itself from the EU and stand in a more independent form, weighs on the Saturn function, of self declaration and political and philosophical (Sagittarius) independence from a union that would potentially dissolve (Neptune) many aspects of independent national entities. We see the presidential race in the US, where one candidate wants to dissolve (Neptune) recent actions taken by the executive branch of the government, and turn back the nation to an earlier condition,  with more distinct and well-defined (Saturn) in terms of national character. We have also the phenomena of ISIS in the Middle East, seeking to absorb (Neptune) sovereign nations, moving in an amorphous fashion to swallow other states and demolish borders (Saturn). 

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday September 7thJupiter is in the final degree of Virgo, disposed of by Mercury, and will move into Libra, ruled by Venus before the weekend. The final revelations of expanded issues (Jupiter) are the strongest and the sweetest (29th degree of Virgo).  We may feel inexplicably jittery; develop nervous reactions at this time. However, this will pass soon, as the two planets separate, and Jupiter leaves the sign of Virgo. At the same time, many issues more strongly affect people with planets at 10 deg of an air, fire sign, or water sign this week. Neptune and Saturn are at 10 degree of the respective signs as is Venus at 10 deg Libra today.   While Saturn and Neptune are conflicting and seeking to overcome one another, Venus in Libra seeks to balance the issues, to find solutions. To go with the flow (Neptune) and yet maintain individuality and sense of purpose (Saturn) seems to be the more evolved viewpoint. Those who want to demolish or erase (Neptune) existing structures (Saturn) with no real idea of anything better to replace the current systems, but none-the-less feel that they are not in to their own liking or advantage, are working from the small ego based mind. The Sun in Virgo is trine aspect to Pluto (easy 120 deg aspect). We can now work on details (Virgo) of the emerging plan; combine our efforts with the group (Pluto) we are a part of.

Thursday September 8th – With the Moon in Sagittarius today, we can feel energized and more empowered by the social and political reality around us. We may take part in activities related to the political process. Mercury opposes Chiron in Pisces, as we may be in a conflict concerning health or relevant information about health or have worries regarding health issues. Getting the correct information about details can save worry now. Work to resolve issues that are persistent and debilitating. Mercury is approaching a quincunx aspect with Uranus, which could then bring unexpected, unanticipated or undesired results.  The resolution of issues in a creative adjustment can be the positive outcome here.  As the Moon approaches Saturn we may witness or be part of a political or social process (Sagittarius) that differentiates and tests various issues (Moon), argument s or standards of judgment (Saturn).

Friday September 9th – Having become stronger and more unified with the lunar contact to Saturn, we can now chart the goals for the future, as the Moon and Mars reconnoiter, or propagandize (Mars in Sag).  Jupiter now in Libra, ruled by Venus, will find a way to accept the conditions and work for unity. As the Sun in Virgo is in a square aspect (90 deg) to the Sagittarius pair (Moon and Mars), a conflict may erupt now. You may, then, feel at odds with workers or those who are more earthbound in their goals. Envisioning what is right for the world may conflict with what you feel is your just entitlement. While Mercury retro is still opposing Chiron and quincunx to Uranus, reversals and backtracking are likely to mark this week’s news, or stated positions on major issues.  Advanced technology enables us to be more active participants in personal health care, (Mercury in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces) as we can draw from a large pool of knowledge.

September 10, 2016

September 10, 2016

Saturday September 10th – The Moon moves into Capricorn where it is square (90 deg) to Jupiter for a couple of hours this afternoon.  This can help expand pride, feelings of achievement or even false self-aggrandizement.  A Review can be required to regain lost ground or to find solutions to personal problems. Recovery or even unexpected gain may be the beneficial outcome of Mercury retro in Virgo and quincunx Uranus in Aries.  Health is improved by following advanced technology recommended regimens and improving mental activity. The wisdom within (Chiron) helps to set one (Mercury) on the right path. The Sun (ego center) in a square aspect to Mars (goals) could produce a setback (conflict in a harsh aspect). Saturn square to Neptune continues and strengthens as confusion and disarray could result from difficult situations that present this week.  A lack of resources (Neptune) or too harsh a standard (Saturn) could result in open conflict. Battles with weather or adverse elements as well as open enemies (Saturn) could result in destruction (Neptune). Later in the day, Moon trine to Ceres in Taurus as we try to comfort the wounded and distribute aid to the needy.

Sunday September 11th – With Venus in a harsh (square 90deg) aspect to Pluto today, and the lunar transit of Pluto, we could be made aware of hidden or subversive elements that promote discomfort (difficult 90 deg aspect). However, the unconscious (Pluto) element may be prompted to act. Depending on the individual, of course, and the level of psych-spiritual attainment, this can be used to advantage. The use of charm (Venus) may attract many followers (Pluto– group gathering). The Moon sextile (60 deg moderately favorable aspect) to Neptune earlier in the day may awaken latent empathy or add a sense of mystery, enchantment or spirituality to the aura of the day. Saturn in the continuing square aspect to Neptune now can represent the deepening bonds of political and religious communities.

Monday September 12th – As Mercury retro retraces its path in Virgo, work on technical issues, health and employment related issues, and agreements concerning the overall social-economic and political contract continue. The conjunction with the Sun over the next two or three days is trine the midpoint of the Pluto and Moon conjunction in Capricorn.  This requires concentrated and heavy lifting, although it may be the efforts of the leaders that are most concerned with as a new platform for the future economic and political proposals. Sensitive issues are explored, as Saturn begins to separate from the square aspect with Neptune.  The SunMercury pair is square to Mars in Sagittarius, as conflicts arise with political opponents. 

Tuesday September 13th – The Moon is transiting Aquarius today, as we get a more idealize view of the future taking shape.  A sextile aspect to Saturn indicates the results of a greater trust in political figures and leaders for the coming years. The Sun in Virgo is yet in a square aspect to Mars in Sagittarius, producing action in the relationship between the everyman individual (Virgo) and the political arena. Action to address the issues of the common man, blue collar workers and the political process that takes place, as the voter in totality is the electorate (Pluto).  Action can promote reversals, as Mars progresses toward a trine with Uranus in Aries (doubly approaching trine aspect). Transformation (Uranus) takes time, but some discrete steps are noticeable, for the record (Pluto and Saturn).

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September 6, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel




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