Interactive Holidays and the Elements

November 24-30 2013

As a natural element Fire is as basic as Earth, Water and Air. In astrology, the symbolism can provide for warmth, merriness, and energetic qualities and actions. The sun in Sagittarius and waningmoon in Leo, provide the basis for a week beginning with enthusiasm and for a creative spirit of holiday fun, with a bit of spice from Uranus in Aries. the three

planets in Fire signify activity and pleasure, although of a more unconventional sort, with Uranus standing apart and stationary in a position of power, this unpredictable force is a wild card.  So let’s not overdue it,  as the wide grand trine could spark rebellion! No, seriously, put reasonable limits on the pranks and mischief. With the announcement of a preliminary agreement between Iran and the 6 world powers to freeze its nuclear program there is reason to rejoice. yet, as the culture, language difference produce  subtleties that  are enormous, in impact and long range views.


             Δ         waningmoon


On Nov 23rd the  Saturn – Venus sextile aspect later in the day can provide the inspiration for a nice friendly chat, or a get-serious talk with your mate.

November 24th:   A Jupiter – Venus aspect forms, and whenever this pair get together, there is charm and luck abounding, however in the opposition as it is today,  it can be friendly banter even with opposing points of view.

November 25th:    On Monday the plan is the issue, and depending on your long-term goals, you may view a gathering of friends or comrades as the ideal. Keep yourself occupied with a tough issue, or a puzzle, so as not to frazzle yourself at this early time. The waning square of the luminaries is bolstered by Neptune’s ominous, murky presence. You’ll need to offer a hand to those in need to really fill out the day. You’ll also want to look your best for the holiday with a bit of cheer and charm.

November 26th:    Tuesday – It becomes clear that the puzzle is to put Thanksgiving and Chanukah into one word! Is it Thanksanakah or Chanugiving?

November 27th:   Wednesday is the day to finalize your plan. Invite a stranger or include your neighbor, a needy soul or just us two, it is a day for anticipating the best in all.

November 28th:  A day to breath freely and enjoy every minute. May all be blessed with the best. the moon’s opposition to Uranus can cause temporary displacement of feelings, or heighten the experience with originality. The elusive point is to overcome differences of opinion, as Pluto strives to hold the midpoint.

November 29th:  The Moon square to Venus may be the headache or hang-over from the festivities of the day before, moving on the trine Neptune to the Moon is the healer and all dissolve in the afterglow of a time well spent with friends and family.

November 30th: As we are pushing ahead to the busy week and month ahead, time waits for no one and December will bring winter days. Prepare for the elements: cooler air and rain or snow, and maybe a bit of ice to cover the sleeping earth.

May all be well and enjoy!




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