How the President Shows his Mettle

The balance of power is undergoing a remarkable adjustment. While his aides are sleeping, the President tweets. That will prove that he is the one making the decisions. So tonight as the Moon transits Jupiter in Libra, the irresistible urge to tweet reaches the fingers of the Twitter in Chief. Uranus is opposed and Pluto in Capricorn is at the focal point of the opposition, blended in by the transiting Moon.  The ability to upset the nation with only a simple thought, expressed so discreetly, surges power to his nimble fingers.  Journalists will be writing lengthy analysis for a week or longer.  The signs involved are Cardinal (Aries, Libra and Capricorn), the sins are waiting to be exposed. The Mad Twitter is at work.

Donald Trump
June 14 1946
10:53 am

Venus is retro at 10 deg Aries (aggressiveness), and that is trine to Trump’s natal Pluto in Leo and in the 12th house (universal unconscious). Venus in Donald’s chart is conjunct Saturn in Cancer and the 11th house. With his powerful Moon (relationships) in Sagittarius (he can choose the beautiful import), opposing the Sun-Uranus conjunction in Gemini (freedom of expression) as dispositor of the Venus-Saturn pair in Cancer, the inhibited silent Venus (suppressed creativity ) the tweeting is compulsive. The Natal Pluto is active as a volcano about to erupt. 

There should be a school for presidents, as there is a school for judges. The unvetted president is vetting all who venture abroad or set foot on the tarmack. Power corrupts absolutely. Trump’s dream of unbridled power is evidenced in his tweets. Venus (natal Venus in Cancer conj Saturn) has been corrupted. The voters were misled. One more tweet and you are out!