How the Moon Helps Heal Discord – Week of September 28-October 6 2016


This post covers nine days, rather than seven days, due to observance of the holiday on the 3-4 of October. During this nine days, the Moon transits from Virgo (practical views) to Sagittarius (theoretical views). How we view the world during this time, with Mars ingress to Capricorn, may become more standardized or even arranged into political groups that are more formally recognized. Mars, as a co-ruler of Scorpio, is disposited by Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a transformative time in the cycle of the month and year, as new political views are coalesced in the national and international forums. We can re-asses our political allies and our views on national leadership during the coming 2-3 months, with Mars and Saturn in Capricorn and Sagittarius respectively.  Mars moves into Aquarius in mid-November, while Saturn stays in Sag until December 2017.   Saturn in Sagittarius (fire, mutable) is more adaptive than in other signs, and more likely to be a time where alliances are shifted to suit evolving philosophical positions. When Saturn transits into Capricorn, into the sign of rulership, a new era or more fixed power is attained. For now there is a shift going on in many parts of the world, a shift in national identity (migration) and national priorities (UK leaves the EU nations), a changing role for nations with regard to identity (Saturn) and leadership (Mars).

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday September 28th – The Moon in Virgo is sextile to Venus in Scorpio, as new identity and gender roles are emerging, then, opposing Neptune in Pisces and square (a harsh 90 deg aspect) to Saturn in Sagittarius. This indicates a time-frame of a few days where roles are shifting in national and universal consciousness. A tsquare is a major configuration in astrological technical terminology, although fleeting with the lunar transit as one of the planets in the current process. Toward the end of the day (morning on the 29th in the E. hemisphere), the Moon is trine to Pluto and then conjunct to Mercury. Thus, roles that were imagined begin to be actual. The struggle represented by the tsquare config in mutable signs resolves into accepted policy and role models.

Thursday September 29th – With Mars in Capricorn the present task and goal is to reach a consensus on national and international building of alliances. The Moon in the 3rd decant of Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces, and will then be in the quincunx aspect to Uranus in Aries. This could be worries about the ability to repair broken or inadequate institutional programs (Chiron), and a shaking up of the system with an unconventional approach (Uranus in Aries).  The system can either repair itself or lead to a further breakdown.  This would also be a good time to open a business, start anew venture, depending on the house placements in the native’s chart. Mars can initiate new policy now, policy that can be further substantiated in time. The New Moon is at 12:20 GMT today.

Friday September 30th – The Moon in Libra today, the sign of a partnership or legal contract and with Jupiter and the Sun in line, the Moon will help cement the proposed partnerships or legal agreements.  With Venus the dispositor of the three planets now in Libra, and Venus in Scorpio, the agreements and partnerships are arranged with marriage in view. Joint ventures, as well as passionate decisions are made, resulting in financial documents, especially favored at this time. The Moon helps to blend the favorable JupiterSun energy. This could lead to further benefits and profits. A rosy view is projected.

Saturday October 1stSaturn is in a sextile aspect with the New Moon, as we work to complete agreements.  Mercury opposes Chiron (in Pisces), as the interests of the wounded or forgotten are related to, and the working class is buoyed by promise. The Moon square to Pluto could intimate that there are strong undercurrents unleashed, while Mars has the exact trine aspect (120 deg) to Ceres, with a graceful and hopeful sign for humanitarian efforts. These may be contradictory and working against one another in social and governmental influences. Venus trine to Neptune in water signs (water=emotionally based) and harmonizes through music or selfless service.

Sunday October 2nd – The Moon in the final decant of Libra, with the ingress to Scorpio later in the day. The opposition aspect of the Moon to Uranus in Aries (180 deg negative impact) can show emotional objections and a profound effect that triggers aggressive actions. With Mercury in a quincunx aspect (150 deg) from Virgo to Uranus, could help to explain or justify decisions. The Sun is quincunx to Neptune (150 deg aspect) with more distrust of analysis, or a lack of security in decision making. However, with Venus the dispositor of the SunMoon and Jupiter, harmony can be maintained through a respected agreement or contract.  

Monday October 3rd – The Moon in Scorpio is sextile ( 60 deg aspect – favorable)to Mars early in the day, as achievements can be produced by working together, with Neptune trine the Moon (120 deg –favorable), more harmony is achieved. Issues are worked out for more cooperation. Saturn, as the dispositor of Mars in Capricorn, is in Sagittarius, and with a favorable (semi-sextile – 30 deg) aspect from the Moon and also conjunct Venus – opening up opportunity for expression of feelings, and then approaches a semisextile aspect (30 deg) to Pluto, the results are for political expediency. Mars with a square aspect to Jupiter forming, could show greater motivation and aggressiveness in action.   The Sun sextile to Saturn aspect (60 deg) is closer today, as more focus in religious, philosophical matters, is achieved. Charting a course for the future is important now.

Tuesday October 4th – The Moon trine (easy aspect) to Chiron and quincunx (150 deg-complex aspect) to Uranus, promises change, repair and retribution. The Moon sextile to Mercury (60 deg-favorable aspect) could further persuade through discussion and analysis those who are lacking in agreement. The Sun reaches partile with the sextile aspect to Saturn, as a working arrangement is made. The Moon has the ability to attract, moderate and blend feelings and achieve agreements for cooperation of opposing groups. Promoting integration and giving way to the power for the greater good of all achieves more harmony and progress.

October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016

Wednesday October 5th – The Moon in Sagittarius sextile (60 deg –favorable) to Jupiter mitigates the conflict, with Mars square to Jupiter today (harsh aspect -90 deg).  Political agreements are made that defuse potentially explosive issues.  The receptive, nurturing quality of the Moon becomes active in promoting balance and working to achieve stability.

Thursday October 6th – While the Sun is in the harsh square (90 deg) aspect to Pluto, personal issues (Sun in Libra) may conflict with standard policy (Pluto in Capricorn). The Moon in Sag is conjunct to Saturn and semisextile (30 deg aspect) to Pluto. Venus sextile aspect (60 deg-favorable) to Pluto helps to smooth the way with profit and comforting perks. We can enjoy some satisfaction and a greater sense of political stability now.

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September 27, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel






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