Honor and Reward are Elevated – August 21-28 2019

The Moon in Taurus transits Uranus, with a possibility of challenging health or physical strength. With 5 planets and the 2 luminaries in earth signs, environmental issues are a focus. Mercury in Leo is in a trine aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius, and in a quincunx aspect to Saturn retro in Capricorn. Connections with loved ones are enhanced with communication. Venus in Virgo the dispositor of Uranus in Taurus, elevates our sense of honor and service.  Service for love and honor, craftsmanship and expertise brings rewards. The Moon trine aspect to Venus and Mars in Virgo on Wednesday, when there is legal recognition of worker’s rights to equal pay and benefits, and the rights of immigrant laborers. The Sun ingress to Virgo on the August 23rd as the Moon transits Gemini for more debate on conditions and economic concerns. With Mars in a trine aspect to Uranus on the 28th risk taking seems inevitable. The rewards include love and honor, with the Sun and Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo. This might be a sporting event with records broken and honors given.  

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday August 21st– the Moon in Taurus as Venus ingress to Virgo has a calming effect early in the day, and the trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Mars in Virgo, makes for good companionship and respect in work. Mercury in Leo in a trine aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius is an aspect of great creativity, and expression of love on a higher level of artistry.  Mercury in a quincunx aspect to Saturn retro in Capricorn presents limitations. A cautious approach regards the respectful nature of communication to achieve goals.

Thursday August 22nd – The Moon in Taurus is trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Saturn in Cap early in the day, and quincunx aspect (150 deg, complex) to Jupiter, as a shadow effect of Wednesday’s actions, and the Moon is square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Mercury in Leo, meaning a possible denial or rejection.  The Moon is then trine aspect to Pluto retro in Capricorn evoking universal or constitutional standards. Mercury in a quincunx aspect to Neptune and the Moon sextile aspect to Neptune with a defensive stance taken signifying complex issues of human rights opposed to police actions.  

3rd Quarter Moon
Aug 23, 2019

Friday August 23rd – The Sun ingress to Virgo as Venus and Mars are in a conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) in Virgo, with the Moon ingress to Gemini in the 3rd quarter Moon Phase (see image). The Moon continues in Gemini to a square aspect (90deg, harsh) to Venus and Mars in Virgo, creating a combined energy of Venus and Mars, as co-workers repair controversy to achieve goals with a common interest. The Moon then forms an opposition aspect (180 deg, polarized) to Ceres in Sagittarius. The interest in agriculture and environment motivate cooperative measures taken to help preserve the future. The Sun in Virgo, the mutable earth sign, is a time of harvest, a second earth day. Ceres trine aspect (120 deg, flowing)to Chiron in Aries evokes the wisdom of transformation. Ceres is a symbol of harvest and care for the environment, while Chiron imparts inner wisdom, stirs interest in organic and sustainable packaging.

Saturday August 24th – The Moon forms an opposition aspect (180 deg, intense) to Jupiter in Sagittarius and quincunx aspect (150 deg, complex) to Saturn in Capricorn. Personal benefits are accompanied by restrictive measures. There’s a catch to all that seems rosy, bringing responsibilities with the greatest joy. Venus conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) with Mars in Virgo as working relationships form close friendships. The Moon is square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Neptune later in the day, as we need to balance joy and sorrow. Inspiration may also result.

Sunday August 25thVenus in Virgo transcends Mars, and trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Uranus retro in Taurus. This easily moves into a transformative phase, with Venus the dispositor of Uranus retrograde, the reversals have an upside. Rapid change in circumstances, in financial and work relations opens possibilities for creative expressions. The Sun, Mars and Venus in Virgo are disposed of by Mercury (and Ceres) the messenger in magnetic Leo. The Moon moves from a sextile aspect to Mercury and is also disposed of by Mercury, finding communication open, and then the Moon ingress to Cancer by afternoon. The Moon in Cancer is in the sign of its rulership. Here it is comfortable with tending to personal amenities. Aspects to the Moon later in the day are the sextiles (60 deg friendly) to Sun, Mars and Venus in Virgo, and a sextile to Uranus retro in Taurus, for active participation with colleagues or friends, and whomever.   However, the square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Chiron gives pause for reflection. Health issues may force reclusiveness.

Monday August 26thVenus conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) with Mars and trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Uranus brings to attention exceptional relationships. While unusual, the contract is strong and durable (earth signs).  Venus in the conjunction with Mars brings a measure of grace to the more erotic drive of Mars in adaptable Virgo. The Moon in Cancer confronts Saturn in Capricorn, with the opposition aspect (180 deg, tension).  This, depending on your stage in life, could open issues of parenting, of social oppressiveness or other limitations. There are rules and regulations to abide by. Role taking in partnerships and marriage are regulated by basic inbred rules of propriety and authority. A trine aspect to Neptune from the Moon (water signs) enhances sensitivity and emotional connectedness with partners, groups and community. The swiftly moving lunar orb past the waning phase, gains insight in emotional preparedness as the opposition aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, a generational connection, is formed.

Tuesday August 27th –   The Moon in the final degrees of Cancer is in the balsamic phase, approaching a New Moon (Aug 29-30), when we assess the past lunation and prepare for the next. The seeds of the new cycle are, thus, consciously or unconsciously, the result of this stage in development of affairs, as preparations are underway for the coming days and weeks. We can feel that we have passed the test after the opposition to Saturn and Pluto, a test of maturity and a generational assessment. The trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) of Mars and Uranus continues in effect over several days, boosting vitality and giving a focus to advancing goals. 

Have a great week! Thanks for reading this preview of the week ahead.

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August 20, 2019
Jerusalem, Israel

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