Heavy Planetary Signatures

Week of December 8-14, 2013

We all have difficulties in life, some difficult times, and some easier times. These are well indicated in transits to important planets and significant points in the natal chart.

While solar-lunar cycles are important for matters initializing and unfolding, reaching points of conflict and resolution, the transits of significant planets, especially the slow moving planets, indicate difficult matters on hand. Of course, the way one deals with any situation can lead to a positive or negative outcome.

In astrology, the planets are considered beneficent or malific. Mercury and the luminaries are generally considered neutral, and take on the qualities of the sign they occupy and how they are relating to other planets at the time of interest. Mars and Saturn are the traditional great malifics, to which we can add Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, although these universal signs usually indicate group actions and involvement, they are especially significant when aspecting personal planets and natal houses. The beneficent planets are Venus and Jupiter. Uranus and Neptune can go either way, depending on the ability of the native to seek a more evolved expression. The most important points on the astrological chart are the ascendant and the midheaven.

Currently, we are entering a time phase of Uranus opposing Mars. When these two power-inducing planets are aspecting significant natal planets and axis points, there will be action. You will be acting to protect your interests, if not your life. Beware and be forewarned, dear Reader!

Of course, I am concerned about my own situation, and just to make a point of description, I would say that the two planets Uranus and Mars are siting on a very crucial point, my 1st and 7th house cusps, that is the ascendant and the descendant. The point here, as I see it, is to seek a resolution to the difficulties, and find a way to transformation. Maybe it will take publicizing a story to gain attention. Maybe it will be resolved diplomatically. I may suffer loss or emotional distress. The emotional distress is already apparent.

The passing of the liberator Nelson Mandela, is a time of grief, at the loss of this great man, and a time of honoring his life and accomplishments. I am re-reading his autobiography while I await the change that is coming into my life. I hope it will give me courage and forbearance.

Dec 8th– The week opens with a quick pass of the Moon over Neptune in Pisces. This can be both a sorrow and an inspiration. The Moon then heads on to the square aspect with the Sun in Sag, the 1st quarter phase, signifying a conflict in development. Just before reaching the square aspect with the Sun, the Moon squares Mercury, initiating talk and reflection, especially in the two cadent (expressive) signs of Sag and Pisces. This is giving on opportunity for the developing conflict to defuse, to reflect and to empathize with view-points. This is a good sign for me, and hopefully for many others.

Dec 9th – the continuing trine (easy) aspect between Jupiter and Saturn becomes exact and strengthens in its influence, just as the Moon reaches the point of trine aspect to the two planets. This is a very positive sign that things will start to move quickly! However, it will only last for a few hours, so the results may be significant or perhaps simply a mirage, a hope that is later deflated.

Dec 10th – Today marks the seriousness of the problem, as the Moon enters Aries and will transit Uranus later in the day. This is sure to ignite some actions, but again we have a friendly trine from Mercury in Sagittarius, opening a way for a diplomatic settlement of the issue at hand. Lets wish them luck! Mars has entered Libra this past Sunday, and may be also wanting to settle the issues diplomatically, in this air sign, known for seeking peace and justice. Mars rules Aries, where Uranus is stationary, and thus Mars is is the dispositor of Uranus at this time, giving the Mars more power over the oppressor Uranus. Uranus’ actions, whether it seeks a forced solution or a way out of the situation will depend to a large extent of the ability of Mars to negotiate a solution. Mars is the actor on the stage trying to nudge Uranus into a more agreeable relationship. Mars may increase tension in doing so in order to move Uranus in another direction. In another 10 days, Uranus changes its apparent direction and begins to move forward again in Aries. The Sun, the center of person-hood, individually or collectively, is making a quin-cunx aspect (150 deg) to Jupiter, the greater beneficent. Insight and ability only can make the successful outcome. Again, we can hope for progress in the resolution of the crisis that is developing. We have a lot of foresight, and have gathered support and knowledge along the way. This is encouraging!

Dec 11th– Mars has reflected some individual will and has empowered the Moon in the opposition aspect prior to the Moon’s meeting with Uranus. So this day is also important so that some significant goalis acheived in diffusing the Uranian power to disturb peace. The Moon now moves to form a square (hard aspect) to Jupiter and trine the Sun. This is complex, as the Moon can increase its aggressiveness as the message is conveyed and the Sun’s influence is expressed. The two sides are not yet at peace, it seems. Again, the conflict may begin to be resolved. The full Moon phase will illuminate what has been achieved.

On the 12th, the Moon forms a hard square aspect with Venus, again expressing displeasure with the circumstances. Meanwhile, Mars is moving closer to the exact opposition point to Uranus, where sparks will fly. Mars, the actor and the action, is dissatisfied, and the quin-cunx aspect it has formed with Neptune, may increase discontent, and may even create illusions, or dissolve some of its aggressiveness.

It’s been an intense week, and Jupiter and Saturn are maintaining a hold-off by their friendly trine, Mars closing in on the opposition to Uranus, and a power-struggle is threatening to explode, or hopefully, it can be transcended to avoid tragedy. It will take awareness, if not brilliant diplomacy to diffuse this situation.

As the week draws to a conclusion, the harshest consequences seem to be delayed or even modified, as the Moon opposes Saturn, on Friday the 13th forming a sextile- aspect with Jupiter, creating a success through a wealth of complementary actions.

On the 14th, the Moon in Taurus will trine Venus in Cap, so again there is a feeling of achievement at the conclusion of the week.

I am feeling more hopeful, having gone through this process, and reassured that the issues of the week will end well.

Have a successful week!




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