Grand trines and hope: December 1-8th 2013

What can be more exciting than a grand trine configuration? Well think of a grand trine involving Mars, Saturn and Uranus. It’s like a big triangle of trouble. Trouble comes easy and unasked for. Yes, and perhaps it is just that ease that gives us also the means to overcome the difficulties that arrive. You can overcome the problems if you have the resources as they arrive, but there goes long term, savings or security.

You Can’t beat City Hall

This morning, the Moon approaches the longitude of Saturn (not as seen in the sky). I know I have unmet obligations (sigh!). I have not paid a bill that I am contesting. How will this turn out? It has been more than eight years and they are chasing me. Statute of Limitations that I have invoked do not seem to effectively defeat the opponent. This, I claim, is not my bill. This, they claim, is yours because you failed to notify us. You were on strike for three months, I countered. And on and on.

I would not be so concerned about this Moon over Saturn, as it is a transit made each month during the lunar cycle, yet this time it occurs in my eighth house, and sextile to my natal Moon. Jupiter is also closing in on a trine to this conjunction. Oiy vey! Jupiter, the planet of luck! Will it help or hinder my stance. Jupiter augments, increases and inflates. With the prospect of a larger income from a severance package from one of my employers, they may gouge me more! I have many other outstanding obligations, and I don’t want to pay when its is not even my bill! It is a city tax on an apartment I left in 2003. I no longer live in that municipality. My luck (Jupiter= increased income) may also fade away in this instance due to obligations (Saturn=responsibilities, and debts). I am also under pressure from my bank to take care of this and have the lean the city office placed on my account removed. It was made benign by the government omnibus decision that I turned to a year and a half ago. The omnibus said I have to pay but do not have to pay the interest on the original amount. They did not mention the Statute of Limitations that an attorney I consulted with told me was possible to invoke. Here, Saturn has put limitations on the creditor. Also, since it is not actually my bill, (I didn’t live in that apartment for the months they are billing me for) I could turn to the then owner of the apartment for reimbursement. Of course, there I have little I can do if they choose not to reimburse. Their tenant, the party occupying the apartment after me, did not pay and left with outstanding rent. I have paid only the amount that was exceeded the seven year statute, as advised by the attorney I consulted. Although the outstanding tax owed is about $200, with the interest over 10 years, that has been increased to about $600.

I may be then forced to pay the $200 and turn to the owner of the apartment for reimbursement. Hopefully, then the matter would be settled. So I am just waiting to see how this actually is resolved. I have asked the office manager to send me a new bill, as he has not yet reduced the bill to the amount without the accrued interest. It is more than 18 months ago that the omnibus sent me their decision.

New Moon in Sagittarius

We have the New Moon this week, on Monday for most of the world. As we can enter a new cycle, search for a higher meaning. Especially concerning higher education and religion, as the trine to Uranus in Aries from the new Moon at 10 deg Sagittarius, promotes revolutionary ways to change institutionalized religions world-wide. Can religious practices adapt to a more universal code of morality? This is the football that has been kicked around for the past 10 years or so.

We still have Mercury and Saturn transiting Scorpio, with a new Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is now posited in Cancer, the home sign of the Moon. New feelings and sensitivities are awakened. The Sun rules the sign Leo, so anyone with natal Planets in Leo may be connecting to the fire grand trine between the Sun-Moon and Uranus. That should ignite some action! Creative energy or romance, whatever is your status or home base. The Internet allows us more and more to be passive to media and the events of the world at large. Maybe it is better that we don’t get out there and show our true, unbridled passions. I do not know if I am real enough to even write this. Should I write the “view from abroad” perhaps, or the “view from the Holy Land” or merely the “view from This Planet?” As a philosophical point of view, or just some convoluted meanderings?

We will see what the Moon (individual, female in this case) can do in this argument with Saturn (city hall, government).

As Mars (ruler of Aries and therefore the dispositor of Uranus) moves into Libra this week, there could be more vacillation on issues of legal or intellectual property rights. (Note: dispositor is a term used to denote the planet that rules the sign that a planet of interest is occupying). Libra is noted for balancing issues and therefore is linked to equality, however often this plays out as an unbalanced state, i.e., searching for balance, and therefore with swing of the scales from one extreme to another. As Mars is in its Fall ( the sign opposite the sign the planet rules, in this case Aries), it loses some of its energetic, goal oriented nature, perhaps trying to accommodate the partner. It is a time to slow down, meditate, and try to find that median or balance point.

Deaths seem to haunt us still. The tragic deaths, of young people and accidental or deaths called collateral damage are the most mournful. A movie star’s needless death is horrifying. More than an hour ago I wrote those words. Now I see there was a train derailment in the Bronx. Four deaths are reported and many critical injuries.


Divorce is more popular than marriage

The latest episode of Divorce Court is also a startling image of reality. Would that there be no more sorrow and tears, folks. Will it ever end?

As all astrological signs are contributing to every moment, and no one can say this sign or the other is bad or worse. No sign is on sale, and none will beat the crowd.

For star-gazers

For star-gazers the bright morning star is Venus and the evening bright star is Jupiter. You can tell the planets from stars as they do not flicker or twinkle as the stars do. The bright Jupiter is seen in the constellation Gemini, although the astrological sign is Cancer. Very confusing, as most Western astrologers are locating planets in the Tropical zodiac. The Siderial Zodaic is used in Indian and other more scientific astrologers. Siderial uses the pole star as significator, while Tropical zodiac is based on the equinox point for 0 deg Aries

A good news article on the planets this month from the Washington Post website. Venus-Jupiter will Beam Extra Brightly this Month.

Mars enters Libra on Dec 8th, and will oppose Uranus about mid-month, when Uranus is stationary and turns direct. This would be a time of high energy, and because the plants will pull against each other as well at pull away from each other. This could be a time of more violence and reversals in the economy. A very dangerous time!! The effect is being felt early, it seems, even before the New Moon. Hope my readers stay safe. Use precautions when driving and avoid crowds, would be my best advice.

Have fun and stay safe!!




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