Giving Peace a Chance – Week of October 21-26 2015


As the Moon, our earthly natural satellite, moves from Pluto in Capricorn to Neptune in Pisces this week, we become a more significant part of the global community. Affirming that the protection of the citizens is a right and obligation of the government in a democratic society, with rights of individuals as enshrined in the UN Charter. Attacking citizens, of its own or of a neighboring state is not a right. Saturn in Sagittarius could represent international law, and the limitations or structure of this law, not necessarily its effectiveness. The role of world peace and monitoring organizations is to determine where there are issues of illegal (according to International Law) actions and force against individuals or nations become enforced. Without the standards that are agreed upon internationally, there would be no way to curtail actions that involve civil rights violations of nations.

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Wednesday October 21st – With the Moon in Aquarius, we have, as individuals, a more global feeling. There is a sense that we are all in this together, a community with domestic problems to solve. While individuals have suffered, and continue to suffer from powers that are controlling daily life, collectively, steps must be taken to correct injustices. A focus on a religious or philosophical (Sagittarius) contract (Saturn) emerges. Practical measures taken now, could limit the destructive side of evolutionary change in legal system, and systems with absolute power limited to a few. In a quincunx (inconjunct = creative) aspect to Uranus, Mars here represents a more conscious action, and this could be a more innovative approach. Leaders must seek guidance (Chiron), finding strength to draw together actions and define goals that will empower (Mars) productive change (Virgo).

Thursday October 22nd – Discussions among peer groups could also suggest practical measures for communal strengthening, with Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (earth signs) as concrete and practical measures (Virgo) are considered on a wide scale. Petitions to world governing bodies, the UN, EU or NATO alliances are made. A more global approach (Pluto) is needed to help migrants, refugees, poverty stricken nations and segments of populations in developing nations. The practice of slavery, and the treatment of women as property or chattel remains in many areas of the world, becomes more visible.

Friday October 23rd – Actions against aggressive, politically motivated or nationalist motivated violence remains ineffective ( Chiron and Moon in Pisces). There is a gap in understanding and compliance to the International standards stated in the UN Charter, for example. The means to prevent violent crimes taken by individual (Uranus) with a revolutionary or political motivation is ineffective (Chiron in Pisces). Pisces is ever expanding and is in fact boarderless. The Sun ingresses Scorpio today. Motivations are hidden in the unconscious, and not obvious until aggression is performed. MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres) has taken a few hits that are contrary to International Law and standards for medical stations. As a charity treating victims of war and terrorism, MSF would be ruled by Neptune, and also Pluto for the and danger and healing involved in their mission. Incidents of tragic errors, damage from weather and unforeseen threats, (Neptune and Chiron retro in Pisces) reaches a new high-point The active trans-Saturnian planets bring instability and unexpected reversals.

Saturday October 24th – Moving into the fixed sign of Scorpio, the Sun shines its influence into darker quarters. The pace slows, and more in-depth analysis and considerations are made. Voting in America is a party or group involvement, as the nation divides into supporting the Democratic or the Republican candidate. Thus, a sense of belonging to one or the other parties is created. It has to be a shared, group choice, therefore very much in the realm of Scorpio, with the voting day in November. As the Moon has transited into Pisces, where it was first conjunct to Neptune and then Chiron, the mood has changed from conflict to dissolving power, while in opposition to Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Virgo, the power struggles of the week are still vibrant, although personally charged and will become more focused with the opposition to Mars, before mid-day in Europe and the MiddleEast, while early morning hours in the US. Absolute power seems to dissolve, as even persistent conflicts seem to lose strength. Honor and respectability (Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Virgo) are opposing a lack of limits inherent in the Piscian arena. Meanwhile, Mercury in Libra is approaching an opposition aspect to Uranus in Aries, as exchanges of ideas and rhetoric sharpen.

Sunday October 25th – With the Moon now in Aries, the verbal conflict sharpens, and with Mercury in Libra opposing Uranus, A war of words ensues. This could bring greater instability in some quarters. The approaching lunar transit is first in a trine aspect to Saturn, a sobering influence, and more likely to direct interest to political or philosophical issues. Having set the stage, the basic rules of interaction, the Moon moves ahead to approach Uranus. Charm and luck (Venus and Jupiter), disguised in the protocol, ( Virgo) pay off in the end, helping to release captives or stateless people from the grips of abandonment, starvation and aimlessness.

Monday October 26th – Disagreements arise today, as the Moon conjuncts Uranus in opposition to Mercury. While struggle is apparent, the Universal awareness of history (Pisces) and the collective unconscious mind of humanity (Neptune) cannot be ignored. The dangers are great, but the overall and overwhelming awareness and arising necessity to end conflict motivates a continued progress, with the feminine and the masculine uniting in the universal psyche to bring about a resolution.

Full Moon in Taurus October 27, 2015

Full Moon in Taurus
October 27, 2015

Tuesday October 27th – The Full Moon indicates fulfillment and in Taurus opposing Scorpio, the balance is a vital security achievement. The Moon is in a square aspect to Ceres as it moves into Taurus, giving the possibility of significant gains for transfer of power, and for the benefit of populations with greater personal security. With the Moon and Mercury in signs ruled by Venus (Libra and Taurus) and the Moon trine apect to Venus, while Venus is escorted by Mars in advance and Jupiter to follow her, she is glowing with beauty, enhanced in yet a modest way (Virgo). This is a very significant day, bringing the role of diplomacy to a victory for humanity.

Peace comes in stages, and with hard work. Kudos to those who have worked to bring peace.

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October 21, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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