Full Moon Culminating – Week of May18-24 2016


Pluto retro could be putting us in a backward spin, or downward spiral, despite the grand trine configuration, or because of it.  The ease of movement can create a sense of false security, and in some feeling a reliance on things as usual, as they have always been.

Letting the process work, we are both observers and participants. Being involved does not always take an active role, however.  As workers and citizens, we are affected also through family and community. We can perceive more clearly, and even refine our role in social interaction with Saturn retro in Sagittarius square to Jupiter in Virgo, in mutable signs, that are more likely to affect change.

Summary of major aspects of the week:  

Wednesday May 18th – While we may have become complacent, self-indulgent or down-right lazy, with an earth sign predominance, we may be jolted into awareness, as the Moon triggers Uranus in Aries in unexpected ways, demanding attention. Ingenuity can reawaken at this time.  Staying in your comfort zone may not be possible.  The Moon in Libra is sometimes at a loss, unable to find the balance and the necessary fix.  More aggressive bees, or other problems of an epidemic nature arise, as Neptune is focused by Saturn and Jupiter, in a T-square formation, to challenge the social contract and appointed officials.   

Thursday May 19th – The Moon in Scorpio can be a time to recharge your energy, your health and your relationships. The fixed water sign of the zodiac (Scorpio) prefers to increase by investment. It is who we are that matters, after all. Gain in shared finances of a partnership or marriage leads to increased status. We may be tuned to political and social welfare, helping to refine the ambiguous relationship developed between electorate and unconscious mind of humanity (Jupiter opposed to Neptune).

Friday May 20th – The Sun spends half the day in Taurus, and moves into the mutable air sign Gemini later in the day, the only air sign inhabited until Venus also moves into Gemini in a few days, leaving four planets in earth signs, three in water signs (including Chiron the asteroid) and four in fire signs (counting Ceres a dwarf planet).  The Moon opposes Mercury retro in Taurus, as we reassess our investments and financial standing. The question of material goods vs. satisfaction with life is inherent, as material comforts do bring out value in life.  The transit of the Sun in Gemini is more likely to be a time of spending. Now is the time to make a budget for the next month’s expenses. A good time to plan for the future and set goals.   


Full Moon May 21, 2016

Full Moon
                                                               May 21, 2016


Saturday May 21st – The Moon opposes Venus today, drawing out desire, and communicating depth of feeling, while the adaptable Sun in Gemini could be less sympathetic.  Look at all sides of an issue. Charitable giving can help to advance initiatives. The Moon trine to Chiron and quincunx Uranus could assist the Gemini Sun initiate or creative ventures, even with Mars in Sag doubly approaching in opposition. The Full Moon conjunct Mars later in the day offers a view of programs in educational and political fields.

Sunday May 22nd – Minute details of proposals are examined, criticized with mixed results as attempts to salvage meaning from distortion, practical from improbable, and make some respectable advantage from the destruction of intent are tenuous at best. Mercury retro is trine to Jupiter giving us a more rational view, as programs begin to take shape.

Monday May 23rdMercury turns direct today, as debate winds down or becomes gradually less contentious, as the lines are more clearly drawn.  The Moon in Sag trine Uranus in Aries gives more momentum to anticipated change in direction.  Power is more smoothly applied, and speed toward resolutions, toward goals and achievements can make the day seem futuristic. Ceres at 14 deg Aries is trine (easy) aspect to Saturn, reducing some of the hard edge of opposition and debate.

Tuesday May 24thVenus ingress Gemini, opposition to Mars, and thereby softening some of the hard driving ambitions of political figures.  Mars opposing Venus (same aspect from a different view) may try to divert the Venus opposition, or attract through a need for empathy. The Moon in Capricorn seeks higher ground, preserving honor and dignity.  The collective will is etched ever more deeply into the collective unconscious. (Saturn square to Jupiter partile i.e. exact).

Hope your week is super agreeable.

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May 17, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel



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